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»  Update from Uganda: Sole Hope, Chipati, Pythons and the Source of the Nile by Kara Kirtley (4/28/2019)
»  Humanity: A Video That Kept Me Up Until 3AM by Kara Kirtley (12/8/2018)
»  We're All Peter Sometimes: Or at Least, We Should Be by Kara Kirtley (12/6/2018)
»  The Problem with Passivity by Kara Kirtley (12/4/2018)
»  Minimalism on the Race // A Packing List for Living Out of a Daypack by Kara Kirtley (8/24/2018)
»  Catching My Breath in the Foggy Georgia Mountains by Kara Kirtley (8/23/2018)
»  Fighting over Fans and Chasing the Ghost in a Cambodian Seminary by Kara Kirtley (8/23/2018)
»  He Knew Us Before Time Began by Kara Kirtley (5/22/2018)
»  I'm Sorry, It's Too Late to Help Him by Kara Kirtley (1/30/2018)
»  I Refuse to Compromise Who I Am for Someone Else's Comfort by Kara Kirtley (11/4/2017)
»  "It Makes No Sense Why You're Invited" by Kara Kirtley (11/2/2017)
»  To Keep From Being Polluted by the World by Kara Kirtley (10/13/2017)
»  Check it: The New World Race Promo! by Kara Kirtley (10/7/2017)
»  "The Moses Effect:" God Will Part Your Red Sea, Too by Kara Kirtley (10/5/2017)
»  Finding a Spacious Place in the Midst of Distraction and Busyness by Kara Kirtley (9/27/2017)
»  A Look Back: "How Do You Prepare for an Experience You Know Will Change You?" by Kara Kirtley (9/22/2017)
»  What Happens When You Land Your Dream Job (AKA My Life Working at Adventures) by Kara Kirtley (9/19/2017)
»  The Day We Almost Didn't See the Solar Eclipse by Kara Kirtley (8/25/2017)
»  There's an Anchor on the Beach: A Year and a Half After Getting Robbed in South Africa by Kara Kirtley (8/5/2017)
»  Yes, You Can Have Culture Shock in Your Own Country (the Current State of Affairs) by Kara Kirtley (6/12/2017)
»  No Other Gods but Me: Miracles Among the Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu in Malaysia by Kara Kirtley (3/31/2017)
»  The Deaf Man in the Bakery by Kara Kirtley (3/27/2017)
»  Visiting Iris Ministries in Madagascar (the 'Ask The Lord' Adventure We Didn't Expect!) by Kara Kirtley (3/27/2017)
»  Madagascar Update: The Day the Lady in the Grocery Store Invited Us to Dinner by Kara Kirtley (3/24/2017)
»  Taking Marriage Off its Pedestal: a 34 Year Old Reflects on the Complicated "Gift" of Singleness by Kara Kirtley (3/15/2017)
»  An Unexpected Life by Kara Kirtley (2/25/2017)
»  Video | the smile project | 11 months of smiles by Kara Kirtley (1/23/2017)
»  Closing One Chapter and Starting Another: Why Project Searchlight Turned my World Upside Down by Kara Kirtley (1/21/2017)
»  Getting Off the Spinning Teacup: What Happens When the Race is Over by Kara Kirtley (1/21/2017)
»  He asked if I would..... And of course I said Yes! by Denise Dede Thomas (12/2/2016)
»  The "Secret Thread" That Binds Us: My Post-Race Plans by Kara Kirtley (11/28/2016)
»  Overflowing with Abundance: Miracles Through Fundraising and a Heart of Gratitude by Kara Kirtley (11/12/2016)
»  Books I've Read on the Race by Kara Kirtley (11/10/2016)
»  Christ Died For Our Righteousness, Not Our "Rights" by Mariah Lower (11/9/2016)
»  Seeking God in the Fog of Social Media by Kara Kirtley (11/6/2016)
»  Rewind: When I Think Of Malaysia by Mariah Lower (10/20/2016)
»  Rewind: Take Me Back To Thailand by Mariah Lower (10/16/2016)
»  My life's purpose. by Bronwyn Delport (10/1/2016)
»  VIDEO | A Little Bit of Sass, a Whole Lot of Laughs - Legacy of Hope Honduras by Kara Kirtley (9/30/2016)
»  Pressing Forward by Mariah Lower (8/26/2016)
»  Insecurities, Intentionality, and Social Media by Mariah Lower (8/22/2016)
»  An unexpected encounter by Bronwyn Delport (8/20/2016)
»  Feeding the Homeless in Malaysia: The Day the Fish Multiplied by Kara Kirtley (7/18/2016)
»  The one's I do it for by Bronwyn Delport (7/13/2016)
»  Jesus in disguise by Bronwyn Delport (7/12/2016)
»  VIDEO | Thailand in 25 Seconds by Kara Kirtley (6/30/2016)
»  VIDEO | The Real World Race: Cambodia Part Two by Kara Kirtley (6/20/2016)
»  VIDEO | The Real World Race: Cambodia by Kara Kirtley (6/17/2016)
»  I heard God speak and I felt His peace by Bronwyn Delport (6/10/2016)
»  Facing death abroad by Denise Dede Thomas (6/8/2016)
»  Not MY joy! by Bronwyn Delport (6/8/2016)
»  You Have a Story Worth Telling: The Day the Holy Spirit Took Over my Classroom in Cambodia by Kara Kirtley (5/31/2016)
»  Month 4- Vietnam in color by Denise Dede Thomas (5/31/2016)
»  UPDATE: These Last Couple Months by Mariah Lower (5/9/2016)
»  The Man in the Jungle: Releasing Fear's Controlling Grip on Our Lives by Kara Kirtley (5/7/2016)
»  Putting on the Armor of God by Kara Kirtley (5/5/2016)
»  Living for VS Living from approval by Bronwyn Delport (5/5/2016)
»  Madagascar- The movie was for giggles, but the reality of the living conditions weren't. by Denise Dede Thomas (4/29/2016)
»  3 month race recap by Bronwyn Delport (4/17/2016)
»  Bush'n it on the Delta- Picture Update (Month 2) by Denise Dede Thomas (4/10/2016)
»  Madagascar: A Mix Between Haiti and Harry Potter by Kara Kirtley (3/19/2016)
»  Get up, dress up and show up by Bronwyn Delport (3/17/2016)
»  Botswana recapped and revisited by Bronwyn Delport (3/17/2016)
»  For Such A Time As This. by Mariah Lower (3/2/2016)
»  The loss of a sister by Denise Dede Thomas (3/2/2016)
»  VIDEO | Worship Through Dance and Starting a Church in Botswana by Kara Kirtley (2/29/2016)
»  VIDEO | Kingdomcity Gaborone Events | A Marketing Video by Kara Kirtley (2/28/2016)
»  Living With No Cell Phone and Other "Essentials" - A Luke 10 Journey on the World Race by Kara Kirtley (2/25/2016)
»  How will they know unless we show them? by Bronwyn Delport (2/21/2016)
»  VIDEO | Botswana: Combis, Bedbugs, "Hello" Mashup and Botswana Friends by Kara Kirtley (2/20/2016)
»  Challenges of Community by Kara Kirtley (2/16/2016)
»  VIDEO | Sanctuary in Pretoria, South Africa: The Beauty of BEAM House by Kara Kirtley (2/12/2016)
»  BEAMAfrica Fundraising Video by Kara Kirtley (2/10/2016)
»  I was robbed in South Africa by Kara Kirtley (2/10/2016)
»  I'm building an altar by Bronwyn Delport (2/6/2016)
»  Month 1 Photo Recap- South Africa by Denise Dede Thomas (2/3/2016)
»  Break my walls down.. by Denise Dede Thomas (2/2/2016)
»  VIDEO: South Africa by Kara Kirtley (1/29/2016)
»  WOP today, WOP tomorrow...All day for Jesus! by Bronwyn Delport (1/26/2016)
»  Just the Beginning. by Mariah Lower (1/22/2016)
»  What did I sign up for? by Bronwyn Delport (1/17/2016)
»  Hello, van Kaapstad, Suid-Afrika by Denise Dede Thomas (1/17/2016)
»  Painting through the Pain: Sharon's Story (A Look Back to South Africa) by Kara Kirtley (1/12/2016)
»  The Rains Down in Africa by Kara Kirtley (1/11/2016)
»  Oh, the Places You'll Go ! by Bekah Moye (1/8/2016)
»  Counting the Cost by Kara Kirtley (1/7/2016)
»  World Race Training Camp: Video by Kara Kirtley (1/4/2016)
»  Trying my Hand at Vlogging: Fitness Challenge by Kara Kirtley (1/4/2016)
»  VIDEO: My Route! by Kara Kirtley (12/21/2015)
»  Choosing Homelessness Pt 2. by Denise Dede Thomas (11/30/2015)
»  Choosing Homelessness Pt 1. by Denise Dede Thomas (11/30/2015)
»  Guest blog: God chose all of us by Kara Kirtley (11/30/2015)
»  My declaration of dependence by Bronwyn Delport (11/19/2015)
»  To every supporter... A humongous thank you! by Denise Dede Thomas (11/14/2015)
»  The Battle of Worth by Mariah Lower (11/14/2015)
»  A freed slave is a demon's worst nightmare. The night they fled at the sound of broken shackles of sexual sin. by Denise Dede Thomas (11/8/2015)
»  The Freedom Step by Kara Kirtley (11/8/2015)
»  Training Camp: Just A Glimpse of What Is To Come by Mariah Lower (11/7/2015)
»  Giving Up the American Dream: From TV News Anchor to Missionary by Kara Kirtley (11/6/2015)
»  Walking in Freedom: What God taught me at Training Camp by Bronwyn Delport (11/2/2015)
»  New FUNdraiser Alert: Adopt-A-Block by Denise Dede Thomas (9/27/2015)
»  Abiding In Jesus. by Mariah Lower (9/18/2015)
»  Update by Denise Dede Thomas (8/24/2015)
»  True Vulnerability by Mariah Lower (7/18/2015)
»  The Journey Up Ahead by Mariah Lower (6/25/2015)
»  Playing in God's playground. by Bronwyn Delport (6/22/2015)
»  Join me on the World Race for a day! by Bronwyn Delport (5/5/2015)
»  Traveling without baggage by Bronwyn Delport (3/8/2015)
»  I'm desperate. by Denise Dede Thomas (2/18/2015)
»  Jesus you're all I want and need by Bronwyn Delport (1/28/2015)
»  New year. New Adventure. One Mission. by Denise Dede Thomas (1/5/2015)
»  This is not MY World Race by Bronwyn Delport (12/8/2014)
»  Even though we have to wait - help always comes! by Bronwyn Delport (10/25/2014)
»  How you can support me by Bronwyn Delport (10/7/2014)
»  "You're going!" - WHOO HOO!!!!.....Now what? by Bronwyn Delport (9/30/2014)