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»  The Year of Jubilee by Kimberly Parker (9/20/2017)
»  Purging my Wardrobe and my Heart by Kimberly Parker (4/23/2017)
»  Practical Tips for Traveling on the Race by Maddie Grimm (4/17/2017)
»  FINAL WORLD RACE UPDATE: Helluvah Year by Maddie Grimm (3/11/2017)
»  100 Yards Back to Jesus by Jackie Halyard (3/6/2017)
»  His Glory in my Valley by Jackie Halyard (1/30/2017)
»  Poverty Showed Up on my Front Door Step and it Brought me to Tears by Kimberly Parker (1/19/2017)
»  What Happens When God Calls You to the Ordinary by Kimberly Parker (1/15/2017)
»  I Will Not Be Moved by Kimberly Parker (12/11/2016)
»  The T Word by Jackie Halyard (12/2/2016)
»  This beautiful year is coming to an end.. by Monique Morris (11/10/2016)
»  Have Grace: tips to help your Racer re-enter into American society by Kimberly Parker (11/10/2016)
»  I Lost My Beauty in 8 Months by Kimberly Parker (11/5/2016)
»  I'm Coming HOME by Kimberly Parker (10/5/2016)
»  Silenced for sex by Monique Morris (10/2/2016)
»  Ladies Only---Imperfection: God's Idea of Perfection by Maddie Grimm (9/21/2016)
»  Turning anger into passion. by Monique Morris (9/14/2016)
»  Let's Talk About What Happens in the Dark: Sex, Pornography, Rape by Kimberly Parker (9/7/2016)
»  Help Bring Hope to Exploited Women Without Leaving Home by Maddie Grimm (8/26/2016)
»  Holding onto what holds you back by Monique Morris (8/25/2016)
»  Well Sh!t by Maddie Grimm (8/24/2016)
»  Let's Talk About Sex by Jackie Halyard (8/21/2016)
»  I Had No Idea What Community Was by Kimberly Parker (8/17/2016)
»  This is Africa by Monique Morris (8/6/2016)
»  Don't trade The Lord's goodness for a lie by Monique Morris (7/31/2016)
»  The Call to Love a Demon Possessed Man by Kimberly Parker (7/23/2016)
»  I'm Tired of the World Race by Kimberly Parker (7/16/2016)
»  He Was Possessed By A Demon & I Learned To Love Him by Jackie Halyard (7/14/2016)
»  This blog is CRAP by Maddie Grimm (7/5/2016)
»  You're a Missionary, and Here's Why: by Maddie Grimm (7/3/2016)
»  Girls: What Does it Mean to Guard Your Heart? by Kimberly Parker (6/30/2016)
»  The Month I've been praying for.. by Monique Morris (6/30/2016)
»  I Went to Prison Today by Kimberly Parker (6/22/2016)
»  African Church: Outside a Hut in the Mountains by Kimberly Parker (6/21/2016)
»  Where Are You Men of Courage? by Kimberly Parker (6/18/2016)
»  In Prison for His glory by Monique Morris (6/18/2016)
»  Mokhotlong, Lesotho by Alyssa Quini (6/11/2016)
»  When God Changes Your Plans by Alyssa Quini (6/11/2016)
»  Sinakekele by Alyssa Quini (6/11/2016)
»  Where does my strength come from? by Monique Morris (6/11/2016)
»  I Saw the Blind See by Kimberly Parker (6/10/2016)
»  What If This Is As Good As It Gets? by Jackie Halyard (6/2/2016)
»  God doesn't have good plans for me by Carissa Church (5/30/2016)
»  When Adventure Stops Being Fun by Jackie Halyard (5/26/2016)
»  We Bring the Rain by Kimberly Parker (5/15/2016)
»  The Jesus Film by Kimberly Parker (5/13/2016)
»  Culture Shock and Conga Lines by Jackie Halyard (5/13/2016)
»  Changing Seasons by Alyssa Quini (5/8/2016)
»  Embracing vs. Striving by Monique Morris (4/21/2016)
»  Lets talk about love. by Carissa Church (4/18/2016)