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I've been arrested too.

by Jasmine Jaurigue on 12/18/2018
Team Ahava

the golden state

by Carolyn Miller on 12/18/2018
Team Cool Wise Guys That Are Cool

Oh Christmas Tree

by Mackenzie Ropka on 12/18/2018

Fully Fundraised!!!!

by Katelyn Webb on 12/18/2018
Team Young Royalz

Changing seasons

by Talia Stoddart on 12/18/2018
Team Squad Leaders

Daily Awakenings #2...

by Mallory Garrett on 12/18/2018
Team Peace of Freedom

Marriage On The Race

by Matthew Ledford on 12/18/2018
Team Rapha

being ENGAGED while on the world race

by Chloe Clendinning on 12/18/2018
Team Squad Leader


by Nashiely Aguilar on 12/18/2018
Team Chosen to Reveal

Wanna Hear A Dad Joke?

by Taylor Stamp on 12/18/2018
Team Possible

An Unexpected Friend

by Madison Goforth on 12/18/2018
Team The Way

Micheal B. Jordan is FINE!!

by Amber Smith on 12/18/2018
Team Chosen to Reveal


by Nashiely Aguilar on 12/18/2018
Team Chosen to Reveal

Chosen to Reveal

by Hadassah Tillotson on 12/18/2018
Team Chosen to Reveal

Life is sometimes uncomfortble

by Lindsey Brown on 12/18/2018
Team Possible

Travel Day to Africa!

by Lindsey Brown on 12/18/2018
Team Possible

Hope for Restoration

by Kelly Cunningham on 12/18/2018
Team Chosen to Reveal

M U D D Y, pt. 1

by Vickie Pantle on 12/18/2018

Spending More Time in God’s Word

by Shiloh Bullard on 12/18/2018
Team Tercules

Rwanda was...

by Morgan Feldt on 12/18/2018
Team RAD

Meet Yoj! (My New Team)

by Makayla Barlow on 12/18/2018
Team YOJ

God was that you??

by Ashley Jones on 12/18/2018
Team Tigress

Viêt Nam...If you haven’t been...GO!!

by Andrew Lewis on 12/18/2018
Team BoB

Where is your Nineveh

by Sarah Oliver on 12/18/2018
Team Peace of Freedom

Home For Christmas

by Mallory Price on 12/17/2018
Team Ahava

I Never Could Have Asked for More

by Colby Wayenberg on 12/17/2018
Team Resurgent

Kids on Fire

by Madison Goforth on 12/17/2018
Team The Way

First Sick Day on the Race

by Kyndal Broome on 12/17/2018
Team Ahava


by Bekah Minnette on 12/17/2018
Team SCP

Daily Awakenings #1

by Mallory Garrett on 12/17/2018
Team Peace of Freedom

What I've Learned About Fundraising...

by Bailee Thomas on 12/17/2018

Stoked To Be A Storyteller!

by Cimone Ortega on 12/17/2018
Team Eve

God Told Me To Be Creative

by Daniel Kiraly on 12/17/2018


by Caitlynn on 12/17/2018
Team C3

Doing Coffee

by Tess Leeder on 12/17/2018

The Truth about World Race Packing

by Nicole Wittmann on 12/17/2018
Team Refuge 91

I Know Whose I Am

by Meghan Murray on 12/17/2018
Team Invictus

FAQs Part Two:

by Jessica Velez on 12/17/2018
Team Rak Pak

Welcome to America

by Kristy Keprta on 12/17/2018
Team Fuego

Who are these people??

by Kasey Dunlap on 12/17/2018
Team Eve

The Boy In The Green Shorts

by Zach Davis on 12/17/2018
Team Rooted

The Identity Project // Sandy Katebe

by Emma Williams on 12/17/2018
Team Possible


by Michael Williams on 12/17/2018
Team Resurgent

¡Adiós! ¡Chao! ¡Hasta Luego!

by Jessie Bunting on 12/17/2018
Team boiRD

Hondo P.

by Courtney Calhoun on 12/17/2018
Team Rooted

siem reap

by Genevieve Dalence on 12/17/2018
Team BoB

Meet Team YOJ

by Laney Culp on 12/16/2018
Team YOJ

adopt a box for Christmas

by Annie Harris on 12/16/2018


by Erin Johnson on 12/16/2018

Slobber on My Face

by Brook Landt on 12/16/2018
Team Fiercely Loved

A Time to Remember

by John David Goins on 12/16/2018
Team Squad Leaders

That’s impossible

by Court Yerkes on 12/16/2018
Team More Amor

Where I Am

by Bradley Leichter on 12/16/2018

Rwanda Wrap Up

by Taylor Flickinger on 12/16/2018

5 Mistakes I'll Never Make Again

by Tamara Vicovan on 12/16/2018
Team Redeemed

The Real World Race

by Breanna Van Dellen on 12/16/2018
Team More Amor

Cookbook Conversations

by Patricia Ladd on 12/16/2018

Team T.A.M.M.Y.

by Riley mchenry on 12/16/2018

Here They Come

by Tyler Burke on 12/16/2018
Team Powerhouse

Chao Costa Rica!

by Emily Adams on 12/16/2018
Team Squad Leader

In Case You Didn't Know

by Steph Peltier on 12/16/2018

ATL - Normal Christianity

by Ryan O'Keefe on 12/16/2018
Team Tercules

Rwanda Wrap up

by Tom Pond on 12/16/2018

love is enough

by Ashton Paige Mueller on 12/16/2018
Team RAD

Expedition: Cortnie Edition

by Haley Lowe on 12/16/2018
Team Mosaic

PART 1: I’m surrounded.

by Brandi Teeney on 12/15/2018
Team Bloods of Christ

Own your life!!

by Zack Sharp on 12/15/2018
Team Mike and Ike

Forever Grateful

by Kayla Kincaid on 12/15/2018
Team YOJ

I'll be home for Christmas.

by Michelle Jamison on 12/15/2018

Lifting my Face

by Joanna Phillips on 12/15/2018
Team Americanos

God is Dead and We Killed Him

by Nate Wasnich on 12/15/2018
Team Rahkma Rua

Calm Down, Control Freak

by Amy Johnson on 12/15/2018
Team Talia

God, prepare my heart

by Chelsea Vaglica on 12/15/2018
Team Lowin Warriors

Believing for a miracle.

by Lauren Kelly on 12/15/2018
Team Freedom Runners

Camp #220

by Cortnie Robbins on 12/15/2018
Team Squad Leaders

The battle with Satan

by Erika DeBruyn on 12/15/2018

A Childlike Faith

by Julia Piecka on 12/15/2018
Team Perresia

Broome Girls in a Blog

by Kyndal Broome on 12/15/2018
Team Ahava

Aryne in Africa!

by Nicole Murray on 12/15/2018
Team Squad Leaders

Does Helping Hurt?

by Emily Ann Burger on 12/15/2018
Team RAD

A Brief History on Piercing

by Angie Moore on 12/15/2018
Team Selah

count your blessings

by Sarah Beth Geis on 12/15/2018
Team RAD

Fully Funded and It Feels So Good!

by Frieda Renee on 12/15/2018

The Cry for Cambodia

by Kathryn Hamilton on 12/15/2018
Team Sozo