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by Laura Kolander on 11/19/2019
Team Opal


by Sydney Nunley on 11/19/2019
Team Cafe

Street Ministry with Zenith and Jorge

by Adrianna Daniels on 11/19/2019
Team Selah

to my Ohana PART 2

by Shannon LaRocque on 11/19/2019
Team Chosin

your kindness is welcome here.

by Bailee Thomas on 11/19/2019
Team Chosin

Worship stinks

by Emily Schmalz on 11/19/2019

No Matter Where

by Morgan Rubosky on 11/19/2019
Team Cru Quito

Knit Us Togther

by Jen Summy on 11/19/2019
Team Lavender

"Get out of my way!"-God

by Carolyn Miller on 11/19/2019
Team World Race America

Zimbabwe pt. 1

by Elaina Schnelle on 11/19/2019
Team Tribe of Judah

A Letter to My Teammates Future Teams

by Kenz Meadows on 11/19/2019
Team HKS

the things I missed

by Mady Riedlinger on 11/19/2019
Team ATL Team

Moni Moni onse from Malawi!

by Autum Clark on 11/19/2019
Team Overflow

Country Words - Part 1

by Ben Skaar on 11/19/2019
Team Manistry month

4 days!!!!!

by Alyssa Miller on 11/18/2019
Team Base Misionera Antioquia

Who is Infiltrating My Thoughts?

by Katlyn Hodges on 11/18/2019
Team Agua

Love is still the answer<3

by Lauren Carpenter on 11/18/2019
Team Swirl Girls

Spiritual Journeys in Fundraising

by Kellie Schlangen on 11/18/2019
Team TNT

Only Jesus

by Brent McGill on 11/18/2019

Run the Race

by Laura Leigh Armstrong on 11/18/2019
Team Opal

Remembering Month #8: Kenya

by Tabitha Simmons on 11/18/2019
Team Branded

Out with the Old, In with the New.

by Megan Gabrielse on 11/18/2019
Team Camino Quatro

Meet My Teammate Kristen

by Kelly Fahnestock on 11/18/2019
Team Torch/Fresh girls

Zambia... Phew....That is all.

by Khurry Bullard on 11/18/2019
Team Overflow

A matchless God

by Hannah Baird on 11/18/2019
Team Shine


by Esther Pinto on 11/18/2019
Team Shine

Marvelous Collision

by Erin Johnson on 11/18/2019
Team Koinonia

Why Me?

by Kenz Meadows on 11/18/2019
Team HKS

MTV Cribs world race edition (video)

by Haley Vaughan on 11/18/2019
Team Overflow

Why the World Race?

by Micah Torgerson on 11/17/2019

Change and Become Like Children

by Rebekah Basily on 11/17/2019
Team Canvas and Clay

Squad Prophecy

by Erica Jenkins on 11/17/2019
Team Canvas and Clay

Training Camp - What is that?

by Bethaney Sjoquist on 11/17/2019
Team TNT

Remembering Month #7: Uganda

by Tabitha Simmons on 11/17/2019
Team Branded

A New City, A New Home (Pictures!)

by Kaci Larick on 11/17/2019
Team J Walkers

A Family Forever

by Ronny Sison on 11/17/2019
Team Americanos

Guest Blog by Chad Starbuck

by Kaylin Starbuck on 11/17/2019
Team Agua


by Austin and Ally Roeda on 11/17/2019
Team Koinonia

A hard day, from a candid heart

by Kenz Meadows on 11/17/2019
Team HKS

Behind the Scenes

by Steph Peltier on 11/17/2019
Team AMAZEd by You

What Remains?

by Jen Summy on 11/17/2019
Team Lavender

The Heart of Worship

by Jen Summy on 11/17/2019
Team Lavender

11 Things I Learned In 11 Months

by Kelly Fahnestock on 11/17/2019
Team Torch/Fresh girls

bless us and splash us

by Shannon LaRocque on 11/17/2019
Team Chosin


by Calvin Herrmann on 11/17/2019
Team Squad Leader

What's next?

by Sarah Ann Allen on 11/16/2019
Team Titan

Life on Mission

by Frieda Renee on 11/16/2019
Team Alumni TL Team

What The Lord Taught Me in Colombia

by Hannah Hughes on 11/16/2019
Team Valiant

Game Night

by Jonathan Thorstad on 11/16/2019
Team LIT

A Person and a Prayer

by Lindsay Podhajsky on 11/16/2019
Team Salt

Remembering Month #6: Rwanda

by Tabitha Simmons on 11/16/2019
Team Branded

17 Girls vs 1 Evil Dog

by Averie Armbrust on 11/16/2019
Team Wildfire

Remembering Month #5: Nepal

by Tabitha Simmons on 11/15/2019
Team Branded


by Hannah Frauenstein on 11/15/2019
Team Squad Leaders

When a walk in the park isn't easy...

by Ashley Smith on 11/15/2019
Team Branded


by Liv Moncrief on 11/15/2019
Team ATL Team

The Hard Stuff

by Mady Riedlinger on 11/15/2019
Team ATL Team

Death of the Music Goddess

by Lindsey Pruitt on 11/15/2019

Fighting the World in Racism

by Laura Kolander on 11/15/2019
Team Opal

Love Where You Live

by Morgan Fangman on 11/15/2019
Team ICJesus Team


by Caroline Smith on 11/15/2019
Team Fierce Five

The Camino Was LIT!

by Jen Summy on 11/15/2019
Team Lavender

I'm Going Back to Asia!!

by Hannah Busch on 11/15/2019
Team Phoenix

The World Race isn't for me

by Hannah Sahatoo on 11/15/2019
Team Opal

// it was all yellow

by Liz Bredberg on 11/15/2019
Team Fall 2019 SEA Team 1

Great Is Thy Faithfulness!

by Kelly Fahnestock on 11/15/2019
Team Torch/Fresh girls

Remembering Month #4: Asia

by Tabitha Simmons on 11/14/2019
Team Branded

More on Training Camp

by Sasha Lambert on 11/14/2019
Team Future Vision

Freedom Reigns in this Place

by Erica Jenkins on 11/14/2019
Team Canvas and Clay

2 Months

by Delaney Bronosky on 11/14/2019
Team Blaze Trailers

Zimbabwe: A Month of Firsts

by Adam Hickerson on 11/14/2019
Team Wildfire

She’s a Dancer

by Arianna McMonagle on 11/14/2019
Team Squad Leaders

Alpacas and protests

by America Lascano on 11/14/2019
Team Salt

All things training camp!

by Samantha Dillon on 11/14/2019
Team Sinha

Perfect Love

by Rebecca Gutierrez on 11/14/2019
Team Mariposas

"Child-like faith Kenz"// Training Camp

by McKenzie Alexander on 11/14/2019
Team Culturevate

Expectation vs. Reality: India!

by Aspen Kelley on 11/14/2019
Team Mariposas

way maker

by Kierin Churchman on 11/14/2019
Team Valiant

What is Next: A Sequel

by Morgan Penshorn on 11/14/2019
Team ATL Team


by Nora Cox on 11/14/2019
Team Taza

The Book of Daniel

by Christy McFarland on 11/14/2019
Team Cafe

Want To Dance?

by Jenny Feicht on 11/14/2019
Team Squad Leader