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World Race: Gap Year Routes are almost Here!


Soon we're revealing six NEW World Race: Gap Year Routes launching in September 2019 and we want you to be a part of it!

This event is FREE, save your spot here!

5 Reasons to Take a Gap Year Before College


The U.S. is waking up to the benefits of taking an intentional gap year before college. For those on track for university, this hasn't traditionally been part of the plan. The transition after high school is one of the most formative times of your life: what is the right pathway for you? 

January 2019 Routes OPEN NOW


The wondering, waiting, and anticipation is OVER... 
The January 2019 routes are officially open, and you can apply RIGHT. NOW. Next year you could be growing closer to the Lord while serving others in …

This Team Prayed, and God Healed a Man of Cancer


One of Adventures Core Values is Listening Prayer—the belief that God does speak to us and we can hear what He is saying. Many of our trips have set-aside times of listening prayer ministry, called "Ask the Lord," or ATL. 

While listening for God's leading on a family trip to Appalachia, Vici saw different images: a pastor, an ugly boil, and the words "extravagant healing". She knew God was going to do something awesome; but she had no idea He would use her in the miraculous way He healed Pastor Bo's cancer.

God Is Taking Me Deeper Into What It Means to Trust Him


While on the World Race, Drew Ferguson saw firsthand the power of prayer. Now that she is on a Kingdom Journeys trip in Nepal, God is taking her deeper in what it means to trust Him with everything.

Share the Gospel in Cuba after 50 Years of Closed Doors


For 21 years, we have waited for Cuba to open, and for the last four years, we have been carefully laying the groundwork to take you and your group to Cuba. The door may have been closed for a long time, but today it is open. The time to share the hope of Jesus in Cuba is NOW.


The Life Changing Lesson I Learned in Haiti


Elizabeth Wood went to Haiti hoping to make an impact, but she didn’t expect the powerful lesson she would learn from the very people she went to serve.

She Shared the Gospel Hundreds of Times Before She Believed It Herself


Sometimes it's really surprising who is impacted most by a missions team. Adventures staff Nicole Ricketts saw this firsthand while leading a youth group trip to Nicaragua. Their translator was a young woman, Fresia, who wasn't a Christian, and though she didn't realize it, she was hungry for God's love. 

By the end of the week, Fresia had shared the Gospel hundreds of times. She'd translated testimonies and she'd shared her own story with the team. And then something amazing happened!

She Heard about Jesus and Wanted to Know More


For first time in over 50 years, it is safe to openly share the Gospel on the streets of Cuba. When Neila Betancourt and her team went prayer walking in Santi Spiritus, she met a woman named Maria and told her about the local church. 

Maria wanted to know more. Then Neila told her about Jesus, and Maria heard the Gospel—perhaps for the first time.

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