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Don't Let Fear Stop You


Kayla Krynski was nervous about sharing her faith through evangelism on the Race. Then finally, she decided to just do it. 

I Am Wrong with the World


Race Alum Andrew Chambers proposes a new way to change the world and bring Kingdom to earth: from the inside out. 

There's a Good Chance You Don't Know This About Our August Exped Route


So you might have known that our August Expedition Route is headed to Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Cyprus, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and China to spread the Gospel, but we're betting you didn't know about a new feature we have introduced to give you an inside look at what Racers do in these nations.


When God Asked Me to Be Homeless


Teresa was on a run when she realized she was too comfortable in life. She felt the Lord calling her to do bold and risky things, like be homeless for four days. This is the story that resulted from having the boldness to follow God, no matter where it called her.

A Woman Named Ed.


Alexis Burrmann and a teammate were on a prayer walk late at night in Malaysia, there they met a woman named Ed who seemed to be waiting for them.

What She Wore Around Her Neck Had the Power to Change Her Life


Victoria Bolduc spent a night in the bars of Phuket, hoping to connect with the women who were trapped in the sex trade and point them toward a better life. When she met a woman named Mae wearing a gold cross, she never expected this to happen.

New Quiz: What Kind of Missionary Are You?


Who doesn't love quizzes? We know we sure do! That's why we created a new one for you! Find out what kind of missionary you are and share it with your friends

What Kind of Girl Would You Like?


Jami Williams shares about her evening in a Romanian brothel. This is the story of the woman she met within its walls, a woman forced by her husband to sell her body.

March Madness- All App Fees Waived For October WR Routes


For the month of March, we're doing something crazy: waiving application fees for ALL October Routes. Just use the code marchmadness when completing your application.

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