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Testifying Love to an Unbelieving World


What does it take for a person to feel loved? Do our words “I love you” and “You are loved” hold enough influence to actually convince a person of their lovability?

When we look at scripture (1 John 4:7-8, Luke 6:35, 1 Corinthians 13:13) we find that love is our greatest tool to build the Kingdom of God. Within the beautifully unique Body of Christ there are countless ways for people to give and receive love.

A Day in the Life of a World Racer


The World Race is more than a mission trip – it's about living life on mission. 

We're often asked, "What do you actually do on the Race?" 

This video below shows a day in the life of one of our current World Racers, Will. Will takes us along for a day while he serves with our international base in Antigua, Guatemala.

Our Swaziland Base is Growing!


Did you know that Adventures in Missions has an international base in Swaziland?

This year, we are building on the momentum we have in Nsoko and hoping to build a more fully functioning community and vocational training center. Follow this link to view all the details of the building project. 

A Perspective Shift of Fundraising


I want to empower you to control the narrative you give to fundraising. Whether you are fundraising for your next mission trip, your job, a church event, or an entirely new ministry. Take all the feelings you have around the amount of money you need to raise, and filter them through an expectant heart.

Pioneer with Us – World Race October Routes


Now is the time to go! October 2019 Routes are open and ready for your application.

We released theses routes yesterday in a fun webcast — Watch the replay now and find out how you can SAVE on your application fee!

Last Chance to Launch in 2019


Are you free Tuesday evening, the 23rd? If so, make plans to join us for the October 2019 Route Reveal celebration!

Nine Months, Three Countries — Join Us!


Next year you could be stepping into a more intimate relationship with God while serving with us on one of these World Race: Gap Year Routes!

World Race: Gap Year Routes are almost Here!


Soon we're revealing six NEW World Race: Gap Year Routes launching in September 2019 and we want you to be a part of it!

This event is FREE, save your spot here!

The Wait is Over. August 2019 Routes are HERE!


Our August 2019 World Race Routes are open — begin your application today! There are 4 incredible options for you to explore!

The World Race is an 11 month mission trip to 11 countries, and next August you could be setting off on this adventure, will you say yes?

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