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New Quiz: What Kind of Missionary Are You?


Who doesn't love quizzes? We know we sure do! That's why we created a new one for you! Find out what kind of missionary you are and share it with your friends

What Kind of Girl Would You Like?


Jami Williams shares about her evening in a Romanian brothel. This is the story of the woman she met within its walls, a woman forced by her husband to sell her body.

March Madness- All App Fees Waived For October WR Routes


For the month of March, we're doing something crazy: waiving application fees for ALL October Routes. Just use the code marchmadness when completing your application.

I'll Never Forget Her Face: The Refugee I Couldn't Help


Kayla Zilch of 2015 Y Squad had just arrived in Lesvos, Greece to help with the thousands of refugees that poured in on a daily basis.

She shares an encounter with a Syrian mother after they ran out of sweaters to keep families warm.

Be the Church


Do you want to be part of the living church? Check out Miriam's experience of what it's like on the World Race!

He Used to Buy Girls, Until He Met Jena


While on a Beauty for Ashes trip in Thailand, World Race Alum Jena Foster met three Chinese tourists while waiting for the rain to pass. She had no idea her conversation would lead to one of them becoming an advocate against human trafficking - just days after he purchased a girl for the night.

We Are Not Animals


Rosie Lawrence worked in a refugee camp, and she couldn't stop seeing them as her family. 

Their Stories Are Real.


Taryn Kilpatrick worked in a refugee camp near the South Sudanese border. There she listened to their stories, and it awoke a new passion in her.

Christ, Ladyboys, and the Sex Trade: A Night in Chiangmai's Bars


February is typically known as a month of love, but in this world, true love can be hard to come by. So we thought we would focus on God's true, redeeming, and unstoppable love this month.

Joshua Gill and his team befriended a ladyboy and young woman at a bar in Chiang Mai, what he learned gives you a glimpse into their world.

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