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9/3/2020 – Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

As COVID-19 continues to restrict international travel, and as state and local governments continue to issue guidelines and regulations, we are committed to making COVID risk management a top priority as we look toward the future. Our expectation at this point is that we will be able to resume international trips in early 2021.

Our commitment is to remain fully compliant with government mandates and to go above and beyond those by implementing best practices as recommended by the CDC, the infectious disease experts we have consulted, and the advice we have received from conversations with camps who operated this summer (some who made it through the summer without an outbreak and some who had to close due to outbreaks).

Fuller details of our Campus Covid Plan can be found here. Our plan includes increased cleaning protocols, distancing and isolation guidelines, daily health assessments and more.

As we look forward to resuming international travel we are evaluating possible locations in several ways, including:

  • The ability to enter the country – whether or not their borders are opening to Americans
  • The quality and capacity of the health care system in the country
  • The ability to provide food and necessities to our teams in a time when the global food supply chain has been seriously disrupted
  • The practical reality of what ministry would look like and whether we can truly add lift to our partners there

Over the course of the summer we have made the following decisions:

  • All international trips have been cancelled, or modified to be a domestic trip, through the end of 2020.
  • Individual programs are creating options which allow us to continue our mission, even without international travel.

    • Our Ambassador program (high school age), which operates in the summer, offered a month-long domestic mission trip in Gainesville, GA.
    • Our Semesters program (college age) offered month-long domestic trips to Asheville, NC and Wisconsin Dells, WI this summer. Our 3-month fall Semesters trips have just launched in those same locations.
    • Our 9-month Gap Year World Race program is launching with a 4-month training camp on our main campus on September 2. We expect them to head overseas in January.
    • Our 11-month World Race program will attend training camp in Gainesville, GA in October. One squad of World Racers will launch from Training Camp on a domestic route, with the expectation that they will go overseas in January. Three squads will wait and launch directly overseas in January.
    • Our Short Term trips are looking forward to options for 2021. To check those out, visit this link. Covid-specific information will be provided as part of the application process.
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What is a World Race mission trip?
The World Race is a life-changing mission trip where you will learn to seek first the kingdom of God, so you can experience a deeper life with Jesus, live in authentic community, serve others and share the love of Jesus. Not just on this mission trip, but for the rest of your life.

"Through the World Race, everything that Christ talked about can be experienced every single day." - Colleen Widmaier | World Race alumna
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Jesus took His disciples on a three-year journey of mission trips to prepare them to carry out His mission for the rest of their lives. In the same way, our desire is to prepare you to seek first the Kingdom of God for the rest of your life.

Mission Trips

You have a heart for the Gospel. We have Christian mission trips designed to help you answer God’s call.

Not able to serve on a World Race mission trip right now? Check out our other Christian mission trips to answer God's call on your life.

How to Serve on a Mission Trip

Select a 2020 or 2021 mission trip and apply to reserve your spot.
Fundraise and Train with our team to prepare you for the World Race.
Love and serve others on a life-changing mission trip!

See Reviews From Past Mission Trips

Gap Year Racer 2019

Drew Davidson

I loved my time on the Race! Doing World Race Gap Year opened my eyes and heart to more of who Jesus is. There were endless opportunities to see Him move through and in me over my time on the field! I became more confident in who He has called me to be and experienced a deeper hunger for Jesus. I was surrounded by such an encouraging squad and built so many beautiful relationships. I am beyond thankful for the Race and how it provided a strong foundation for my faith for the rest of my life.
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World Racer 2016

Jordan Field

The World Race changed my life, it has singlehandedly been the most impactful thing I've ever done. I witnessed God do incredible things around the world, and grew so much in my identity in Christ. I highly recommend the race to anyone wanting to grow and experience missions!
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Gap Year Racer 2019

Ellie Miller

On the Race I learned what it looked like to have consistent character through refinement by the holy spirit and the community around me. I was pushed to greater dependence on the father through living out ministry as a lifestyle, not simply a mission trip. It is a season where acts 2:42 wasn't merely a scripture to look up to, but was lived out every single day in everything we did. A place of genuine intimacy and connection with the father that will act as a catalyst for the rest of my life and into eternity.
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World Racer 2017

Madison Goodwin

I’m getting to live out revival on a daily basis through teaching, preaching, evangelizing, ministering to the lost. Everything I do is important because it’s important for the Kingdom’s work.
Gap Year Racer 2019

Morgan McCrary

The World Race Gap Year held some of the most challenging months of my life but also some of the most life giving! Before I went on Gap Year I thought I knew Jesus, but after living as a missionary for 7 months, I quickly realized that there was so much more to learn! Gap Year gave me a safe community to ask hard questions about my faith. Questions that I had been “given” the answers to all my life, but never actually sought out truth for myself! We were able to sit down and read scripture about the Lord’s character and the way he loves but then everyday we’d go out and get to experience it for ourselves! Not only did we get to see some beautiful places and go on some crazy adventures, we also got to build some long lasting relationships with some really special people overseas. Gap Year taught me that anywhere and everywhere is a ministry opportunity and some of what seemed like the smallest, most mundane moments ended up becoming some of my favorite memories! I know the Race meant a lot to me because coming home was one of the hardest parts, but i’m thankful that my “Race friends” have become real life friends, and that the “Race” didn’t have to end when I got home, but instead I get to continue living for the Kingdom for the rest of my life!
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World Racer 2017

Matt Chisenhall

Being a Christian isn’t just about going to church on Sunday morning, but it’s about following God every day and being Obedient to him in every situation and every single day we have the opportunity todo that on the World Race.

What Racers are saying:

You’re at a pivotal point in your life. You want to be who God created you to be and make the right steps that will impact the rest of your life. You’re not alone!

That's why we created World Race and Gap Year, We have sent over 115,000 people on mission trips all over the world. The World Race has helped them begin to live in the calling God has for them.

The World Race sounds pretty awesome, right? So what’s stopping you? Here are the most common concerns we hear:

I have to raise HOW MUCH MONEY?

Yeah, it sounds like a lot. We’ve led thousands of people on this journey of fundraising, and even though it’s hard work, it’s totally possible. We’ll guide you through the process! Don’t let this fear stop you from pursuing the Lord’s call on your life!

Each World Race program is priced separately according to the trip and route; you can find the price of each trip by visiting the “Trips” tab.

We encourage Racers to connect with a community of supporters for both prayer and financial support. We understand raising money can be intimidating, so we have Admissions Advisors committed to help you through the support raising process. (For more information, Fundraising 101.)

If you’re worried about finances, don’t be. Over the years, we’ve learned time and time again when God calls, He provides. Still concerned? Check out this video for Our Top 5 Favorite Ways to Fundraise.

I’ve heard mission trips and evangelism can be harmful to the communities.

Yeah, we’ve heard that too! And sometimes, it can be true. We’re committed to doing mission trips well. In truth, both the long-term missionary and the short-term mission team bring a gift to the throne of our Lord. Long-term missionaries bring direction. Short-term missionaries bring velocity. Often our long-term partners are greatly encouraged by the infusion of life and resources into their ministry that short-term teams bring. It is the person with a long-term commitment to a community who plants a church and disciples its members. The relationships and vision they provide are essential. They are like the rudder on the ship, providing direction, steering the course. Short-term missionaries can be the wind in the sails which give velocity and thrust to the enterprise. They bring with them resources, a prayer base, and tremendous enthusiasm.

Check out this two-part series on the case for short term missions:

Part 1

Part 2

What is the application process for the World Race?

There is an online application process for all our World Race programs. Once you’ve submitted an application and paid the $49 fee, you can select your trip and route preference and schedule a phone interview. We prayerfully review applications and look forward to learning more about you during the phone interview.

By completing this interview, you are not committing to participate in a World Race program. However, as you complete these steps, it will help you decide if the Race is for you.

If accepted, you will secure your spot with a deposit, which also serves as your first donation.

After committing to a route, you’ll be connected with an Admissions Advisor. All of our Advisors on staff are alumni Racers, and their job is to help you with the planning, fundraising, and logistical information you need to prepare to go.

Can a non-US citizen apply for the World Race?

Yes! We do accept international applicants. However, due to the many obstacles including increased cost and complex, varying visa requirements, non-US applicants must coordinate additional logistics, including travel to and from Training Camp, and visas for each destination country.

All trip fees and charges must be paid in US dollars and tax deductions are only available for US residents. Non-US applicants must be fluent in English. Contact us for more details and to determine if you are eligible to apply.

What do we actually “do” on the Race?

Each day on the World Race looks a little different. Some days will be packed full with construction, VBS, evangelism outreach, relationship building, or praying for the sick. Some days could be slower — shopping for groceries at the market or spending time in prayer for the community and ministry.

Check out this video about what a Day in the Life of a World Racer looks like:

Regardless of the pace or the activity, every day will be focused on being a part of God’s Kingdom work. Just Contact Us and we’d be happy to share our stories about life on the Race!

Is the World Race affiliated with any particular denomination or organization?

The World Race is a program of the interdenominational mission organization Adventures in Missions (Also known as Adventures).

Our staff and leaders come from a wide range of Christian churches and denominations. Read our statement of beliefs for a deeper look at what we believe.

With the different backgrounds of our staff, our Racers, and the ministry partners we serve alongside, you will most likely experience worship styles, Bible teachings, and Christian community different than you’ve previously experienced. We encourage you to dig into Scripture and have ongoing conversations about these things. We love this picture of the body of Christ coming together, united in purpose to bring Jesus to the nations.

How safe is the World Race?

We recognize travel brings risk. We have worked hard to put extensive safety protocols in place. But, all Racers need to consider things happen that we can’t predict. People get sick and accidents happen. It is likely you will meet people suffering from a variety of diseases.

To address the issues we face, we have an experienced risk management team. They monitor political, health, weather, and other risks in the regions where we serve. This information includes the U.S. State Department travel warnings. All Racers have a travel insurance policy. The insurance company works closely with us to ensure you will receive the care you need. For more information about the insurance policy, click here.

We have external consultants who assist us in designing and managing our training and field implementation for safety protocols. Our internal risk management team creates contingency plans as needed so we are ready to move teams quickly if the need arises. We also have an extensive network of ministry partners and ministry connections worldwide who provide us with “eyes on the ground” as we assess situations.

World Race: Gap Year and World Race: Semesters operates with lower risk margins than the World Race trips. Expedition routes have a higher risk margin due to their work in closed countries and more remote locations.

For more information, please see our Safety and Communication Protocols Video, prepared by our external risk management team for parents and loved ones.