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The words I wanted to hear

by Sarah Hoss on 10/28/2016
Team The J-Walkers

The Boy in the Blue Chair

by Alexis Leon on 10/28/2016
Team Esta Bien

Nsoko, Swaziland

by Mariah Weingarten on 10/28/2016
Team Meraki

Is it happiness or joy?

by Aubrey Webster on 10/28/2016
Team Aubious

Living God's Story

by Toni Cheney on 10/28/2016
Team Tolmirós

Redefining The Dream

by Lauren McLemore on 10/28/2016
Team Rahab

Finding the joy in dependence

by Courtney Dobbs on 10/28/2016
Team Kintsu

Month Eleven

by Jessica Doffing on 10/28/2016
Team Meta

Recap of Jordan

by Chad Borg on 10/28/2016
Team Legion of BOOM

Satisfied without Seeing

by Clarissa Johnson on 10/28/2016
Team Sisterhood

Fully Known

by Betsy Gottsacker on 10/28/2016
Team Sisterhood

I fell in love with loving hard

by Morgan Pratt on 10/28/2016
Team Cubs of Judah

The Case of the Mysterious Pumpkin

by Sarah Perkinson on 10/28/2016
Team EmpowHER

When I Lost My Heart To Him

by Ashley Soto on 10/28/2016
Team Tolmirós

Update from India!

by Audrey Keith on 10/28/2016
Team Daughters of Peace

Let the Redeemed Tell Their Stories

by Ashley Miller on 10/28/2016
Team Mellow

Intimacy is Hard

by Jared Celosse on 10/28/2016
Team Meraki

I Can't See

by Jonathan Loudermilk on 10/27/2016
Team Nos Amis


by Monica Barbour on 10/27/2016
Team Rooted

Month 8 Malaysia video

by Emily Richardson on 10/27/2016
Team Squad Leaders

What About The Men?

by Emily Gates on 10/27/2016
Team Kaleidoscope

Here I am, send me.

by Ashley Guinn on 10/27/2016

Traveling on the Amazon River: Part 1

by Fabian Cortez on 10/27/2016
Team Sons Out

Before you donate

by Melanie Hock on 10/27/2016
Team The Toolbox

Unwanted & Unqualified

by Kendra Hixenbaugh on 10/27/2016
Team Power House

After the Flood

by Courtney Vlaun on 10/27/2016
Team 431Influence

God:The Ultimate Backpacker

by Liz Bredberg on 10/27/2016
Team Adonai Amor

Traveling The World With Your Best Friend

by Gretta Hoglund on 10/27/2016
Team Meraki

Not Just Good

by Emily Weeks on 10/27/2016
Team Kingdom Seekers

TBT: Botswana, October 2015

by Taylor Duggan on 10/27/2016

God does not want to heal me.

by Bailey Swartzenberger on 10/27/2016
Team Beloveds


by Danielle Parks on 10/27/2016
Team Daughters of Dignity

15 things I've learned

by Ciera Stevens on 10/27/2016
Team Steadfast

Roosters Crowing

by Paul Mendola on 10/27/2016
Team Relentless

Overcoming my Fear: My first Vlog

by Tori McCrite on 10/27/2016

The Light We Carry

by Dylan Borst on 10/27/2016
Team Misfits

Confused but Joyful

by Savannah Stoker on 10/27/2016

When I went to prison

by Lindsay Sullivan on 10/27/2016
Team QADASHians

You Don't Know You're Beautiful?

by Katherine Pittman on 10/27/2016
Team Gentle Embers

It’s Not About You

by Claire Zwetzig on 10/27/2016
Team Beloveds

11 Things: Chile

by Michelle Mason on 10/27/2016
Team R.A.M.S.

One night I went clubbing in Nepal

by Natalie Staniewicz on 10/27/2016
Team Gentle Embers

Team Edifly: a day in the life

by Lauren Emily Tysdal on 10/27/2016
Team Edifly

His Love

by Zoe Torres on 10/27/2016
Team Hinematov

The Moment of Truth

by Michelle Bergeron on 10/27/2016
Team Clawfinger


by Alicia Lannom on 10/27/2016
Team Kintsu

The Power of the Parable

by Holden Hargrave on 10/27/2016
Team Korban

Community, ehh?!

by Gracie Fueston on 10/27/2016
Team SOUL Sisters

When in Cambodia

by Lindsey Sharp on 10/27/2016
Team Anthos

This is War

by Madeline Jackson on 10/27/2016
Team Ekklesia

Living so Others Ask, "Why?"

by Nora Meyer on 10/27/2016
Team Radiance

Spanish Doesn't Work in Cambodia

by Carly Bias on 10/27/2016
Team Rooted

Procrastination at it's finest... Pave

by Ashley Ferdon on 10/26/2016

bananas in pancakes

by Jenna Frey on 10/26/2016
Team Rooted

Jesus Will Be At A Bar Tonight

by Brittni Wisner on 10/26/2016
Team Kaleidoscope

Why Race?

by Leah Van Someren on 10/26/2016

Who is Leah?

by Leah Van Someren on 10/26/2016

Que Fue?

by Jordan Logan on 10/26/2016
Team The Front Line

There is no language barrier

by Elizabeth Rowland1 on 10/26/2016
Team Comeback Kids

When the Spirit Moves Without Words

by Jennie Kate Clark on 10/26/2016
Team Sonflower

Finding Abundance in Having Nothing

by Katie Meredith on 10/26/2016
Team Sonflower

Month 5 China Recap Video

by Justin Becker on 10/26/2016
Team The Whey

259 to 1

by Molli Caite Hughes on 10/26/2016

New Beginnings

by Marcus Wiersma on 10/26/2016

What Have I Done?

by Devin Withrow on 10/26/2016
Team Regnum Dei

Dear 'John',

by Quincy Taylor on 10/26/2016
Team Ethereal Flames

Memories from Africa

by Bethany Hawk on 10/26/2016
Team Worthy Warriors

Half Dead

by Crystal Avery on 10/26/2016
Team Squad Leaders

I have lice.

by Abigail Mullis on 10/26/2016
Team Junayuh

The Joy a Little Rain Can Bring

by Hannah Erickson on 10/26/2016
Team 7 Watchers

Lighting a Candle in the Night

by Ashlyn Morrison on 10/26/2016
Team Alegre

I have an announcement to Make....

by Oriolyne Lubin on 10/26/2016

This Matters ;]

by Katelyn Lokey on 10/25/2016
Team Quinoa

Mountains Bow Down

by Darcy Callaway on 10/25/2016
Team Ethereal Flames

Beautiful Feet

by Brandon Moorer on 10/25/2016
Team Misfits

The Average Day Off

by Trey Summers on 10/25/2016
Team The Front Line

Standing in the Gap

by Jessica Robbins on 10/25/2016

Malaysia 101

by Rachel Wenger on 10/25/2016