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Meet My New Team

by Sarah-Kate Lowe on 2/7/2016
Team 3-Chainz

I Am A Wave of the Sea

by Chelsea Kramer on 2/7/2016

Moving To Nepal

by Natasha Ritsema on 2/7/2016

Moving To Nepal

by Natasha Ritsema on 2/7/2016

There is no chain this love can't break.

by Janelle Ross on 2/7/2016


by Andrew & Alyssa Stapley on 2/7/2016

I Met Poverty

by Claire Patterson on 2/7/2016
Team Team Silver Linings

Life in the Bush of Africa

by Kristina Kalmikov on 2/7/2016
Team Parrhesia

It's Kinda Crazy

by Molli Caite Hughes on 2/7/2016
Team Team Silver Linings

Meet Alex

by Jennifer Bryan on 2/7/2016
Team Fearless Abandon


by Erin Waggoner on 2/7/2016

Let's Dance

by Ariel Evans on 2/7/2016

What if?

by Clarissa Johnson on 2/7/2016


by Teagan MacKnight on 2/7/2016

Cut the Crap

by Mike Ward on 2/7/2016
Team Undertow

Trust the Process

by Jillian Martinelli on 2/7/2016
Team Indomitable

My Expectations Weren't Met

by Jackie Halyard on 2/7/2016
Team Worthy Pearls


by Meg Georges on 2/7/2016
Team Favor

Faith Like Potatoes

by Maria Todd on 2/7/2016
Team Rhema

Feeling The Fight

by Kacy Clark on 2/7/2016
Team Xena

In the mountains

by Paul Koenen on 2/7/2016
Team Los Picantes

You Aren't Trash

by Anna Street on 2/7/2016
Team Worthy Pearls

My Playdate with an Angel

by Alyssa Raymer on 2/7/2016
Team Agape Rooted

Jeffrey's Bay Ministry

by Maria Garcia on 2/7/2016
Team Team Zion

Month One Wrap-up

by Paige Moeck on 2/7/2016
Team Rivers

A Simple Touch...1Corinthians9:22 (1C922)

by Salvador Gallegos on 2/7/2016
Team Trotos

Morning Madman

by John Horton on 2/7/2016
Team Foverós

Albania Highlights

by Kristen Ozmon on 2/7/2016
Team Green Harbor

Leaving the Cold Behind

by Nikki Arends on 2/7/2016
Team Rooted

Time for a Catch-Up!

by Kristen Ozmon on 2/7/2016
Team Green Harbor


by Janee Banks on 2/7/2016
Team Indomitable

Oh My World!

by Christina Main on 2/7/2016
Team Rooted

Adopt-A-Box fundriaser

by Dee Dee Peters on 2/7/2016
Team Brave Hearts

Chronicles of a Fine Diner: Nepal

by Hannah Lin on 2/7/2016
Team Amala

The Unmaking

by Dylan Ledford on 2/7/2016
Team Machaceh

Zambia Video!

by Kim Rathod on 2/7/2016
Team Squad Leaders

Sunburns and Machetes

by Jayshree Thomas on 2/7/2016
Team Uncertain Affinity

God of Abundance.

by Jeremi Joel on 2/7/2016
Team Highly Flammable


by Hallie Banish on 2/7/2016
Team Ezer

Journal Entry #140

by Rachel Clarkson on 2/6/2016

Vietnam Month 5 (Video)

by Mason Smith on 2/6/2016
Team Sco Ducks

When Dreams Come True

by Jordie Deal on 2/6/2016


by Natalie Gale on 2/6/2016
Team Casa Roca

empty the junk drawer.

by Madison Poulter on 2/6/2016

To The Girl I Once Was

by Peyton Rector on 2/6/2016
Team Girasol

How do you like them apples

by Brittany Chaffee on 2/6/2016
Team Dauntless

Back To Simplicity

by Erika Michael on 2/6/2016


by Racquel Rossbach on 2/6/2016

First Blog Post !

by Anouk Beuerle on 2/6/2016

It Is More Than A Hobby

by Wes Sanders on 2/6/2016
Team SurrendeR121

One Moment of Permanance

by Megan Williamson on 2/6/2016
Team Stained Glass

Undeniable Provision

by Dylan Borst on 2/6/2016

An Ancient Voice

by Pat Jarratt on 2/6/2016

When the Tears Come

by Britney Meyer on 2/6/2016
Team Eklektos


by Leighton Teague on 2/6/2016
Team Rooted


by Jenn Taylor on 2/6/2016
Team Maverick

Planner turned Discerner, hopefully.

by Kristen Hamilton on 2/6/2016
Team Hot Rod

Costa Rica: Generoso (Part 2)

by Erika Paul on 2/6/2016
Team Maverick

Journey To Jaco

by Luke Garmon on 2/6/2016
Team Maverick

What is happening?

by Taysha Walker on 2/6/2016
Team Ezer

He Knew

by Marybeth Roberson on 2/6/2016
Team Uncertain Affinity

Attitude is everything

by Alyssa Posthuma on 2/6/2016
Team Jump

Where is the Beef?

by Shannon Connelly on 2/6/2016
Team Machaceh

Nepal Recap

by Shannon Connelly on 2/6/2016
Team Machaceh

hey I'm still here

by Lauren Barfield on 2/6/2016
Team Epinephrin

Welcome to Fall Club

by Bethany Witte on 2/6/2016
Team Stay Salty

The Choice Is Yours

by Malorie Finley on 2/6/2016
Team Captivating

Falling Down and Looking Up

by Kelly Anne Broderick on 2/6/2016
Team Haya

The Last Leg

by Meraia McDaniel on 2/6/2016
Team Captivating

Sweet, Sweet South Africa

by Alexis Martin on 2/6/2016
Team Team Waff


by Daysi Wilkinson on 2/6/2016
Team Epinephrin

Welcome to Month 1

by Eric Salgado on 2/6/2016
Team Redemptive Fire

I'm building an altar

by Bronwyn Delport on 2/6/2016
Team Warriors of Peace

Devine Appointment

by Becca Mitchell on 2/6/2016
Team Captivating

Nepal. The Most Adventurous Month

by JoCelyn Medina on 2/6/2016
Team Machaceh

Month 1

by Mary Forster on 2/6/2016
Team Rhema

Standing on My Own Mount Moriah

by Jamie Baxley on 2/6/2016
Team Ascension

Just an Ordinary Day on the Race.......

by Shannon Connelly on 2/5/2016
Team Machaceh

Central America...VIDEOS

by Tiffany Johnston on 2/5/2016
Team Uncertain Affinity

Boycotting the Superbowl

by Keighty Patton on 2/5/2016
Team Xena

World Race T-Shirts

by Morgan Stewart on 2/5/2016

Travel and Discipleship

by Sarah Snyder on 2/5/2016
Team Lift