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The Family Gardening Business

by Re` Hollingsworth on 10/19/2018
Team Magic Treehouse

My Heart Has Been Stolen

by Macy Shepard on 10/19/2018
Team The Way

Would You Rather: World Race Edition

by Hannah Gustafson on 10/19/2018
Team Fuego

Walk and Be Still: A Spirit-led Story

by Meagan Kennedy on 10/19/2018
Team Agape

Week One

by Breanna Van Dellen on 10/19/2018
Team More Amor

Journey On

by Averi Wing on 10/19/2018

Frustrated & Yet filled with Hope

by Kailey Mattarella on 10/19/2018
Team Taza

Worship and Prayer

by Anna Fasl on 10/19/2018
Team Squad Leaders

The 436-Day-Old Blog

by Hope Ogle on 10/19/2018
Team Squad Leader

these mountains

by Hadassah Tillotson on 10/19/2018
Team Joy Riders

Cusco...New Groove

by Frieda Renee on 10/19/2018
Team Agape Vita


by Gina Marie Stull on 10/19/2018
Team Daughters of the Light

Battery Power Low

by Ryan and Megan Bueche on 10/19/2018
Team The Saltines

Day in the life of a missionary

by Madison Goforth on 10/19/2018
Team The Way

The Stones Of Sweet Refuge

by Alicia Franzen on 10/19/2018
Team Burrito

Would You Rather World Race Edition

by Nicole Wittmann on 10/19/2018
Team Refuge 91

Would You Rather World Race Edition

by Nicole Wittmann on 10/19/2018
Team Refuge 91

Jurassic Park

by Malysa Napoli on 10/19/2018
Team The Way


by Ashley Jones on 10/19/2018
Team Tigress

Life in the Philippines

by Shiloh Bullard on 10/19/2018
Team Tercules

Comparison is a Thief

by Laney Culp on 10/18/2018
Team Vathos

Colombia: A Sweet Surprise

by Jezie Pelayo on 10/18/2018
Team Lit

Would you Rather - F squad Style

by Heather Fuller on 10/18/2018
Team Refuge 91

Jesus the Bread of Life

by Rocky Esquibel on 10/18/2018

Week One Highlights

by Kyndal Broome on 10/18/2018
Team Ahava

Video of Typhoon in Philippines

by Hannah Greene on 10/18/2018
Team The Way

What Can I Say About Belize?

by Sarah Ann Allen on 10/18/2018
Team Surrendered

Would You Rather: World Race Edition

by Kristy Keprta on 10/18/2018
Team Fuego

It's Been 1 Week

by Bonnie Bakewell on 10/18/2018
Team Surrendered

Confession Time - I Freaked Out

by Patricia Ladd on 10/18/2018

clearing the debris

by Kelly Cunningham on 10/18/2018
Team Daughters of the Light

A Day in the Médina

by Joelle Urquhart on 10/18/2018
Team Daughters of the Light

Wrestling match with God

by Sarah Oliver on 10/18/2018
Team Peace of Freedom

Quick Glimpse

by Kayleigh Richards on 10/18/2018
Team Squad Leaders

Coming Home & What's Next

by Sara Owen on 10/18/2018
Team JBWs

My People, My Tribe

by Tyler Inman on 10/18/2018

15 Things I've learned from Rawanda

by Courtney Steele on 10/18/2018
Team Waka Waka

You’re So Entitled

by Adria Johnson on 10/18/2018
Team The Way

Letter to Misha

by Kasey Dunlap on 10/18/2018
Team Decided

Dare to live FREE, Pt. 1

by Stella Udeozor on 10/18/2018
Team Tercules

The World Race

by Caitlin Casey on 10/18/2018

I'm Alive Somehow

by Stacy Vega on 10/18/2018

Officially Launched!!

by Ris Runnals on 10/18/2018

"We're not in Kansas anymore."

by Steph Peltier on 10/18/2018


by Regan Horn on 10/18/2018
Team Soldod


by Vickie Pantle on 10/18/2018

Elle Can’t Blog

by Elle Luly on 10/18/2018
Team Gospel Girls

Hello from Swaziland!

by Davante Jones on 10/18/2018
Team Squad Leaders


by Caroline Jenkins on 10/18/2018
Team Submerge

The Fourth Wise Man

by Emily Orlich on 10/18/2018
Team Submerge

What Stories Lie On The Floor

by Alicia Franzen on 10/17/2018
Team Burrito


by Hannah Voros on 10/17/2018
Team Squad Leader

Life can be full of Unknowns sometimes

by Sabella Kuehn-Gafford on 10/17/2018

Introducing GRIT.

by Michelle Jamison on 10/17/2018

Meet the Team!

by Isaac Sanders on 10/17/2018

When it rains, it pours :) - Belize

by Samuel Saucedo on 10/17/2018

Words, Deep Meanings and Keys

by Jenny Feicht on 10/17/2018
Team Fiercely Loved

Phacing Phears in the Philippines

by Miguel Gonzalez on 10/17/2018
Team Tercules

I Let Go & I Let God

by Calla Wier on 10/17/2018

Closed Country Context: A New Brother!

by Breanna Alverson on 10/17/2018
Team Joy Riders

mark of obedience

by Suze Rinks on 10/17/2018
Team Fiercely Loved


by Gisele Marie Buenaventura on 10/17/2018
Team 1010 Fierce

I still can't BELIZE I'm here!!

by Jasmine Jaurigue on 10/17/2018
Team Ahava

Bogor, Indonesia

by Jesse Martinez on 10/17/2018
Team F4 Harvesters

See the journey

by Kristine Riden on 10/17/2018
Team Half and Half

Angkor Wat Temple

by Taylor White on 10/17/2018
Team Squad Leader

Missing My Sweet Gramps

by Megan Gabrielse on 10/17/2018
Team Fiercely Loved

INDIA: A Million Dreams {Music Video}

by Jamilyn Cummings on 10/17/2018
Team SCP

Goodbye North Africa

by Niki Dean on 10/17/2018
Team Redeemed

Of Dirt & Grace (& Tarantulas)

by Mallory Price on 10/17/2018
Team Ahava

Walking Through Spain?

by Shelby Downing on 10/16/2018
Team Squad Leaders

My First Time "Preaching" in America!

by Catherine Choquette on 10/16/2018

Mud Puddles and Waterfalls

by Jenny Feicht on 10/16/2018
Team Fiercely Loved

Ooo Ooo I can't Belize it!

by Aundraya Wynne on 10/16/2018
Team Ahava

A Leap of Faith

by Ashley Spickler on 10/16/2018

Same, Same but Different

by Alleigh Welgoss on 10/16/2018
Team Team 1


by Jacob Martinez on 10/16/2018


by Britt Lara on 10/16/2018
Team Ahava

Where in the World is Kaylin?

by Kaylin Starbuck on 10/16/2018
Team Lit

The Room

by Jessie Bunting on 10/16/2018
Team Kintsugi

My heart breaks for them

by Lindsey Brown on 10/16/2018
Team Mamacitas