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I'm Surviving and I Hate It

by Jordan Tarant on 10/1/2016
Team Team Pilgrim

Grace is Greater

by Megan Cohill on 10/1/2016

Breaking Through The Barrier

by Bailey Pittman on 10/1/2016
Team Meraki

How to Read This Blog

by Rachel Kois on 10/1/2016
Team Daughters of Peace

traveling while you are loved

by Kendra Hixenbaugh on 9/30/2016
Team Power House

Our little home

by Abigail Swanson on 9/30/2016
Team Edifly

Fully Funded!!!!

by Taylor Becvar on 9/30/2016
Team Meek & Mighty

Be rad. Faith isn’t a hobby.

by Kamiren Passavanti on 9/30/2016

I'm Not Ready

by Paul Duesing on 9/30/2016
Team Charismata

A Day With Dom

by Tina Sakers on 9/30/2016
Team Squad Leader

Saying Goodbye

by Sarah Weatherford on 9/30/2016
Team SOUL Sisters

I love you a latte

by Maddie Lewis on 9/30/2016

This is For Real.

by Hannahmarie Heismann on 9/30/2016
Team Tetelestai

Cambodia Funding!

by Victoria Finlay on 9/30/2016
Team Speed Riders

Abandoning my Plans!

by Maryah Fields on 9/30/2016

So, Why Go?

by Christian Goldsmith on 9/30/2016

A Mess of a Blog

by Kaitlyn Crosby on 9/30/2016
Team The Edge

Need To Address Some Things (Part 1)

by Sam Watson on 9/30/2016

Life in Kombinat

by Kaitlin Gonzalez on 9/30/2016
Team The Edge

Who is your boss?

by Molly McDonald on 9/30/2016
Team Centurion

I Said Goodbye

by Kayla Krynski on 9/30/2016
Team Team Valor

I Live in the Jungle

by Maddy Lee on 9/30/2016
Team Papa's Girls

I Am Wrong

by Sara MacIntosh on 9/30/2016

What Comes Next

by Tammy Moye on 9/30/2016
Team Squad Leader

What Young Life Has Taught Me

by Regina Russo on 9/30/2016
Team Rover

Silence is DEATH

by Alyssa Neyer on 9/30/2016
Team Eyes of Grace

Video Update from GHANA!

by Jenna Watson on 9/30/2016
Team Worthy Warriors

It's Up to You

by Maya Kuipers on 9/30/2016
Team The Front Line

The World Race Explained in One Word

by Evan Bobbitt on 9/30/2016
Team PSL

Travel Daze

by Maggie Nelson on 9/30/2016
Team Wildflowers

You Can Call Me Kafui

by Kelsey Robertson on 9/30/2016
Team Worthy Warriors

Mia Familia: Day Nine

by Sydney Newland on 9/30/2016
Team Rahab

This Little Light of Mine

by Hannah Beth on 9/30/2016
Team QADASHians


by Cat Hartsell on 9/30/2016
Team Worthy Warriors

The 'Dirt' on Swaziland

by Sue Kafoglis on 9/30/2016
Team QADASHians

Expression of Gratitude

by Bethany Hawk on 9/30/2016
Team Worthy Warriors

A child-like love

by Brooke Clevenger on 9/30/2016
Team Shalom

Video: Pictures from Training Camp

by Rashidat Odeyemi on 9/30/2016
Team Team Valor

Giving Up In Swaziland

by Katie Crofford on 9/30/2016
Team Kintsu

September 29th, 2016

by Amy Wagner on 9/30/2016
Team Shalom


by Jessica Marie Taylor on 9/30/2016


by Cristen Page on 9/30/2016

A new kind of adventure

by Melanie Hock on 9/29/2016
Team The Toolbox

¿Que Pasa? Costa Rica

by Abbey Wyatt on 9/29/2016
Team Wildflowers

No Turning Back

by Christen Brown on 9/29/2016
Team Authentic Daughters

First Goal Met - Training Camp Bound!

by Kalie Stier on 9/29/2016

100 Days Til Launch

by Saraya Stewart on 9/29/2016

"Dream Passionately, My Darling"

by Eric and Krystal Frias on 9/29/2016

I'm A Witness: Day Eight

by Sydney Newland on 9/29/2016
Team Rahab

Thy Will Be Done

by Harmony Houston on 9/29/2016
Team ELE

TBT: Swaziland, September 2015

by Taylor Duggan on 9/29/2016

I am strong & full of life.

by Taylor Baker on 9/29/2016
Team Eyes of Grace

Sandy Shores

by Tanna Becker on 9/29/2016
Team Misfits

Camp Fire Cooking

by Abbigail Lambert on 9/29/2016
Team AO1

Sometimes I Talk About It

by Tiffany Castro on 9/29/2016
Team Junayuh

The Blessing of a Swingset

by Devin Withrow on 9/29/2016
Team Regnum Dei

Why the World Race?

by Emma Parker on 9/29/2016

Discontent yet Satisfied

by Taylor Camplin on 9/29/2016
Team Relentless

How did I get here?

by Katelyn Earhart on 9/29/2016
Team Meek & Mighty

Sowing Seeds

by Dylan Borst on 9/29/2016
Team Misfits

When Rest Look Different

by Katie Horst on 9/29/2016
Team Gentle Embers

Dear End of World Race Me, Part 9

by Dee Dee Peters on 9/29/2016
Team R.A.M.S.

We Keep Getting Kicked Out

by Brittni Wisner on 9/29/2016
Team Kaleidoscope

Imagine this. . .

by Thomas Ruhland on 9/29/2016
Team Team 3

I Gave My Bible Away

by Morgan Mahan on 9/29/2016
Team EmpowHER

Good Times and Lessons Learned

by Caleb Jones on 9/29/2016
Team The Edge

The One where Its Not Easy

by Katie Johnston on 9/29/2016
Team EmpowHER

A Letter to my Work Family

by Elizabeth Weber on 9/29/2016
Team Charismata

I Saw Jesus on the Cross

by Monica Barbour on 9/29/2016
Team Rooted

A Story On Discouragement

by Emily Cashion on 9/29/2016

Travel Days are NEVER Fully Planned

by Sarah Snyder on 9/28/2016
Team Rafiki

The Unexpected Beginning

by Hannah Cassidy on 9/28/2016

Racing To The Starting Line

by Aaron & Gina Hafer on 9/28/2016

We Cry Out

by Paige Deur on 9/28/2016

best 10 days of my life

by Catie Rogers on 9/28/2016
Team Rooted