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Missions In Malaysia

by Calin Medeiros on 12/11/2018
Team Vessels of Joy

Rwanda ---> Uganda

by Rachel Cavender on 12/11/2018
Team 42 Deep

My Story

by Chandler Adams on 12/11/2018

When the Leaves Change

by Morgan Penshorn on 12/11/2018
Team Radiance


by Vickie Pantle on 12/11/2018

The Wine Chapter

by Laney Culp on 12/10/2018
Team YOJ

Jesus is Lord

by Joseph Cronin on 12/10/2018
Team Rahkma Rua

I Still Have Insecurities

by Megan Small on 12/10/2018
Team Trios Amigos

3:2 I ruined our friendship

by Brynna Hilton on 12/10/2018
Team Vessels of Joy

Judging the U.S

by Micaela Bickel on 12/10/2018
Team C3


by Tiffany Huss on 12/10/2018
Team Sweet 'N' Low


by Allison Bodle on 12/10/2018
Team Joy Riders

Packing Blog #W180103

by Kelly Morimune on 12/10/2018
Team Las Chiquitas


by Taylor Krueger on 12/10/2018
Team Squad Leader

Just Like God

by Re` Hollingsworth on 12/10/2018
Team Magic Treehouse

Shadi- What Am I Doing Here

by Brenna Conklin on 12/10/2018
Team Fierce Five

Resting in the goodness of God

by Kailey Mattarella on 12/10/2018
Team Taza

I'm ready to go home

by Kaylin Starbuck on 12/10/2018
Team Lit

I’ve been busy making VLOGs!

by Wesley Chandler on 12/10/2018
Team Lit

Daddy Daddy

by Tori Field on 12/10/2018
Team Dandy-Lions

Month 3:Peru/ Mes 3: Peru

by Oscar Romo on 12/10/2018
Team Lit

Friendly Faces

by Steph Peltier on 12/10/2018

Hello, My Name Is Naledi!

by Cimone Ortega on 12/10/2018
Team 1010 Fierce

Seeing in Color

by Brandi Griffith on 12/10/2018

Water in the Drought

by Kasey Dunlap on 12/10/2018
Team Decided

It’s Raining Men

by Frieda Renee on 12/10/2018

This Is The Way; Walk In It

by Lyndsee Landon on 12/10/2018
Team Akeidah Faith

Preparation and What I'm Learning

by Hannah Harris on 12/9/2018

I'm Numb

by Hannah Greene on 12/9/2018
Team The Way

Unexpected Calling’s for ATL

by Shiloh Bullard on 12/9/2018
Team Tercules

Support Letter

by Khurry Bullard on 12/9/2018

Full-Time for God?

by Tee Nguyen on 12/9/2018

thank u, next

by Mallory Price on 12/9/2018
Team Ahava

What is Dressember like on the Race?

by Breanna Alverson on 12/9/2018
Team Joy Riders

Reasons I am NOT Going On the World Race

by Zachari Bultman on 12/9/2018

Sex-Trafficking Next Door

by Kaylin Starbuck on 12/9/2018
Team Lit


by Abby Eades on 12/9/2018

Lessons Learned

by Shelby Downing on 12/9/2018
Team Squad Leaders

150 USD in Rwanda

by Abigail Jernigan on 12/9/2018
Team Dandy-Lions

Writing a new story

by Lauren Kelly on 12/9/2018
Team Freedom Runners

Thanks for walking with me

by Cassie Dunning on 12/9/2018
Team The Saltines

Just a Bunch of Tools.

by Megan Gabrielse on 12/9/2018
Team Fiercely Loved

A Day in the Life: Quito, Ecuador

by Maddie Hungate on 12/9/2018
Team More Amor

Dear Momma

by Ashley Paulson on 12/9/2018
Team Relentless Love

Amy Lynn

by Claire McIntosh on 12/9/2018
Team 1010 Fierce

The Field

by Nicole Murray on 12/9/2018
Team Squad Leaders


by Marissa Anderson on 12/9/2018
Team Squad Leader

Raffi- What Am I Doing Here

by Brenna Conklin on 12/9/2018
Team Fierce Five

To My Kiddos

by Paige Holness on 12/9/2018
Team Tigress

To my first team

by Mantha Reilly on 12/8/2018
Team Decided

What Does God Say?

by Ben Skaar on 12/8/2018
Team Rahkma Rua

Video Summary of Vietnam

by Caitlyn Buell on 12/8/2018
Team BoB

Finding Joy in the Journey

by Lacy Vollmuth on 12/8/2018

Here I go!

by Ellie Williams on 12/8/2018

3:1 I didn't expect this

by Brynna Hilton on 12/8/2018
Team Vessels of Joy

The One with the Stats

by Erin Cummings on 12/8/2018
Team Squad Leader

What’s Been Happening Since I Decided to Go

by Rachael Santaniello on 12/8/2018

The Cat Demon

by Rebecca Harper on 12/8/2018
Team Dandy-Lions

Home in Guatemala

by Caleb Callaway on 12/8/2018
Team Squad Leader

God's Plan, Not Ours

by John and Victoria Quinata on 12/8/2018

5 Senses of Honduras

by Brooklynn Graybill on 12/8/2018
Team Relentless Love

Yusef- What Am I Doing Here

by Brenna Conklin on 12/8/2018
Team Fierce Five

Dear Team Decided,

by Alexa Baratucci on 12/8/2018
Team Decided

Fully Dependent

by Jacob Colter on 12/8/2018
Team Freedom Runners

Next Steps

by Taylor Mastin on 12/8/2018
Team Dreamworks

Bye Honduras // HUMBLED

by Kaitlin Church on 12/8/2018
Team Surrendered

I Don't Need This Anymore.

by Megan Oliver on 12/8/2018
Team Freedom Writers

The Fake-est Fad Ever.

by Jeorgianna Pulford on 12/8/2018
Team Vessels of Joy

Sweet Billy

by Macy Shepard on 12/8/2018
Team The Way

Dear Freshman-Year Me

by Shelby Kaplan on 12/8/2018
Team Poiema


by Vickie Pantle on 12/8/2018

What a Lady!

by Miguel Gonzalez on 12/7/2018
Team Tercules

Welcome to Community, Kids

by Ashley Butterfield on 12/7/2018
Team Agape

Ecclesia & Huzzah

by Hannah Pauwels on 12/7/2018
Team Alumni Team Leader

World Race Reading List

by Kristy Keprta on 12/7/2018
Team Fuego

Follow the Prompt

by Lauren Higbee on 12/7/2018

I Lost my Faith in God.....and my jacket.

by Aundraya Wynne on 12/7/2018
Team Ahava

The Art of Vulnerability

by Tyler Inman on 12/7/2018
Team Rahkma Rua

A Story About a Unicycle

by Andrew Hershey on 12/7/2018
Team Relentless Pursuit

My Testimony

by Brianna Rice on 12/7/2018

There Are No Mistakes

by Grace OHara on 12/7/2018
Team Undefined

Italy Adventures

by Kailey Mattarella on 12/7/2018
Team Taza

How many times have we been over this?

by Michaela Card on 12/7/2018
Team C3

Training Camp

by Jennifer Sweitzer on 12/7/2018
Team Rak Pak

Power in the name

by Carla Nava on 12/7/2018
Team Fierce Five

Cheap Substitutes

by Alyssa Boss on 12/7/2018
Team Sweet 'N' Low


by Christian Cudworth on 12/7/2018
Team Kingsmen

To My Sisters

by Gisele Marie Buenaventura on 12/7/2018
Team 1010 Fierce