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Embrace the intensity!

by Rashidat Odeyemi on 8/26/2016
Team Team Valor

My First Vlog!

by Katy May Stefanoff on 8/26/2016

Hope in Depression

by Jacelyn Bendel on 8/26/2016
Team R&R

He's waiting

by Irene Miniard on 8/26/2016
Team Ethereal Flames

Fully Known & Fully Loved

by Shara Mullenix on 8/26/2016

This isn't Ministry

by Leigh Anne Westra on 8/26/2016
Team United Pursuit

Hello, My Name is Roosevelt

by Elizabeth Chapman on 8/26/2016
Team Ethereal Flames

I Am Called - training camp

by Lyric Housman on 8/26/2016

Finding Comfort in the Discomfort

by Emily McIntyre on 8/26/2016

Life Learned: Ecuador Edition

by Dee Dee Peters on 8/26/2016
Team Team 1

PSL, what is it good for?

by Annaka Welty on 8/26/2016
Team One Hope

Ten Days With the Creator of the Universe

by Christen Brown on 8/26/2016

Botswana Recap (February)

by Leticia Tafolla on 8/26/2016
Team Carolina Reapers


by Lindsay Anderson on 8/26/2016
Team Eden

After Church

by Pat Jarratt on 8/26/2016
Team Nos Amis

Crossing the River

by Kris McKinney on 8/26/2016
Team Pow

Aftermath of a Merciless Beating

by Anna Lapp on 8/26/2016
Team Meta

Fighting to let go

by Bekah Jackson on 8/26/2016
Team WILDroots

She Will Be Healed

by Abby Nass on 8/26/2016
Team Kingdom Seekers

He Is Good

by Sara MacIntosh on 8/26/2016

One Month Home: Project Searchlight

by Allana Drianis on 8/26/2016
Team BAB

Hitchhiking to the beach

by Danielle Parks on 8/26/2016
Team Daughters of Dignity

Who are these people?

by Molly Grusenmeyer on 8/26/2016
Team Raising the Bar

"Please Like Me..."

by Ashlyn Brady Aycock on 8/26/2016
Team Wildflowers

Pressing Forward

by Mariah Lower on 8/26/2016
Team Blue Barracuda

My Battle Cry

by Katie Needles on 8/26/2016
Team Steadfast Pursuit

May I Hava A Class Today?

by Anna Street on 8/26/2016
Team Squad Leader

Romania Recap

by Lucie Vanderpyl on 8/26/2016
Team Meta

All the Feels

by Mallorie Ramsey on 8/26/2016
Team Ethereal Flames

I will choose JOY

by Kimmy Laumann on 8/26/2016
Team Gentle But Fierce

The World Race Is Not What I Expected

by Geneva O'Brien on 8/26/2016
Team One Pulse

That 4 Letter Word

by Alesha Shatley on 8/25/2016
Team No Ragrets

Holding onto what holds you back

by Monique Morris on 8/25/2016
Team Fire Followers

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

by Alisha Allen on 8/25/2016

Adopt-A-Box Fundraiser

by Lauren Stephens on 8/25/2016

How to help

by Megan Anderson on 8/25/2016

Car Ride Conversations

by Courtney Neigh on 8/25/2016

who-what-when-where-why: AIM

by Joanna Sorensen on 8/25/2016

Why in the World Race am I doing this?

by Megan Anderson on 8/25/2016

Allowing God to take me Deeper

by Lisa King on 8/25/2016

Training Camp Video

by Audrey Keith on 8/25/2016
Team Daughters of Peace

Why Me?

by Andy Ramirez on 8/25/2016

Coloring Outside the Lines

by Jamie Boespflug on 8/25/2016
Team Unreserved Pursuit

I Thought I Had Forgiven You.

by Victoria Bolduc on 8/25/2016

training camp!

by Joshua Garcia on 8/25/2016
Team 7 Watchers

Subject to Change...

by Kat Olson on 8/25/2016

Our Host family and The Street Kids!

by Sydney Hindrichs on 8/25/2016
Team The Toolbox

When the Enemy is Throwing Stuff

by Sara Neville on 8/25/2016

Where is all your donated money going??

by Bailey Swartzenberger on 8/25/2016
Team Beloveds

The craziest thing about training camp

by Elisa Figueroa on 8/25/2016
Team Enabled

I survived Victory Week!

by Becca Oakley on 8/25/2016

I can't do this alone. :)

by Mariah Dunkin on 8/25/2016

Life on the farm

by Mallory Stater on 8/25/2016
Team Team Tied

To the church who built me

by Sydney Johnson on 8/25/2016
Team Edifly

Training Camp

by walker woodward on 8/25/2016
Team River Dancers

Don't Hold Back

by Crysahna Suarez on 8/25/2016
Team Querencia

Oh Training Camp...

by Chloe Green on 8/25/2016

Photos From My Race!

by Kacie Tillman on 8/25/2016

India-A Short Post

by Allyson Tenney (Ally) on 8/25/2016
Team Spinning Arrow

Thoughts on Homesickness

by Mike Fiene on 8/25/2016
Team Umbrella

Speaking With Demons

by Mike Fiene on 8/25/2016
Team Umbrella

This Is Really Happening

by Claudia Haak on 8/25/2016
Team Team Tied

Tents and Ditches

by Crystal Avery on 8/25/2016
Team Squad Leaders

Eastern European Packing List

by Sarah Snyder on 8/25/2016
Team Rafiki

IN DEPTH (& personal)

by Jennifer Pruitt on 8/24/2016

Dancing, Laughing, Crying, Playing....

by Amy Baltensperger on 8/24/2016
Team Nos Amis


by Emily Foor on 8/24/2016

WR Training Camp Vlog

by Blair Grace Guerry on 8/24/2016
Team Sisterhood

A Letter to My Church Family

by Allison Kennelly on 8/24/2016