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Come and Listen

by Allison Hencke on 12/3/2016
Team Furious Love (Squad Leaders)

Reckless Abandon

by Leigh Anne Westra on 12/3/2016
Team Reckless Abandon

My Dad: A Truly Manly Man

by Devin Withrow on 12/3/2016
Team Grace Alone


by Taylor Becvar on 12/3/2016
Team Meek and Mighty


by Taylor Becvar on 12/3/2016
Team Meek and Mighty

Life in Nepal...

by Victoria Dokter on 12/3/2016
Team Meek and Mighty

Stay or Go?

by Victoria Dokter on 12/3/2016
Team Meek and Mighty

Don't Let Me Forget

by Donovan McCloskey on 12/3/2016
Team Tolmirós

ocean tides and dreams

by Ruby Young on 12/3/2016
Team Wildflowers

Steep Hills and Lots of Mud

by Silas Westers on 12/3/2016
Team The Edge

May We Never Lose Our Wonder!

by Clarisse Eldridge on 12/3/2016
Team Radiance


by Andrew & Alyssa Stapley on 12/3/2016
Team Enabled


by Stephanie Prinz on 12/3/2016
Team Nos Amis

I'll Be Back

by Racquel Rossbach on 12/2/2016

The T Word

by Jackie Halyard on 12/2/2016
Team Suggies

I’m a Work in Progress

by Rosa Leite on 12/2/2016

Peace, Love, & Flower Crowns

by Samantha Cook on 12/2/2016
Team WILDroots

New Teams, New Continent!

by MariClaire Lake on 12/2/2016
Team Galilee

Why I choose me

by Kat Wilder on 12/2/2016

Jesus LOVES Lincoln Logs

by Maggie Higginbotham on 12/2/2016
Team Remas

Guatemala - 4am Firecrackers

by Heather Seetaram on 12/2/2016
Team Joy Meets World

Welcome to the Jungle

by Ryan Griffin on 12/2/2016
Team Relentless

You Play What?!

by Marybeth Roberson on 12/2/2016

People First

by Ali Sinclair on 12/2/2016
Team Meek and Mighty

Heart Check

by Michelle Cupp on 12/2/2016
Team Ahava Chara

Spirit Lead Me...

by Lindee Anderson on 12/2/2016
Team Septum Parabalani

The Party in Heaven

by Chloe Green on 12/2/2016
Team Rahab

Where are the Men in Missions?

by Jed Barnes on 12/2/2016
Team ELE

Falling Victim

by Jackie Marquez on 12/2/2016
Team Same Same, but Different


by Austin & Faith Fowler on 12/2/2016
Team DOGGS of Zion

Ready but Waiting

by Shannon Brown on 12/2/2016

Life in the Mountain Kingdom

by Brandon Klever on 12/2/2016
Team Team Revenant

listen to the song of creation

by Callie Harmon on 12/2/2016
Team Edifly

Travel day: Guatemala to El Salvador

by Annie Manning on 12/2/2016
Team ELE

My Dear Friend, Adventure

by Drew Dahlsten on 12/2/2016

Learning to Love the Painting

by Lauren McLemore on 12/2/2016
Team Rahab

To be Known

by Kimmy Laumann on 12/2/2016
Team Gentle But Fierce

My God is not a Rapist

by Katelyn Earhart on 12/2/2016
Team Meek and Mighty

10 Things The WR Has Taught Me Thus Far.

by Teagan MacKnight on 12/2/2016
Team One Pulse

Cracking My Heart Open

by Meagan Dooney on 12/2/2016
Team Querencia

How do you say T H A N K Y O U. . . .

by Kendra Hixenbaugh on 12/2/2016
Team Power House

Adopt an Ornament

by Colleen Smith on 12/2/2016
Team Kaleo

The Reality of the Worldrace

by Anna-Bonita Reynosa on 12/2/2016
Team Korban

Give us today our daily bread

by Lauren Welsh on 12/2/2016
Team Quinoa

Through the Looking Glass

by Mariah Paden on 12/2/2016
Team Anchor Depths

suppose we were meant to meet

by Kendra Hixenbaugh on 12/2/2016
Team Power House

The One Where I Got Peed On Everyday

by Katie Johnston on 12/2/2016
Team EmpowHER

Adventures in Nicaragua. . .

by Kendra Hixenbaugh on 12/2/2016
Team Power House

It's Been Rad Hyderabad!

by Joni Wiley on 12/2/2016
Team EmpowHER

I have to say good-bye?

by Kendra Hixenbaugh on 12/1/2016
Team Power House

Eye of the Tiger

by Jonathan Loudermilk on 12/1/2016
Team Nos Amis

Grateful, Excited, Expectant

by Carmen Eby on 12/1/2016

From Mountains To Valleys

by Jonathan Loudermilk on 12/1/2016
Team Nos Amis

God gave me a vision

by Emily McIver on 12/1/2016
Team Twined By The Vine

How Did I Get Here?

by Taylor Ryals on 12/1/2016

Why I'm NOT Doing the World Race

by Hannah Reid on 12/1/2016
Team Manna

Why I like My Sensitivity...

by Shara Mullenix on 12/1/2016
Team Radiance

An open letter to my Niece and Nephew.

by Vivi Oliveira on 12/1/2016

COVI Project

by Savannah Bauer on 12/1/2016
Team Tetelestai

Fun Fact - I Really Don't Like Flying

by Sara Neville (SaraLou) on 12/1/2016
Team Kindred BOW

Closing Out Month TWO!

by Chelsea Gehring on 12/1/2016
Team Power House

India, I Love You

by Stephanie Prinz on 12/1/2016
Team Nos Amis

What Is The Point.

by Teagan MacKnight on 12/1/2016
Team One Pulse


by Gabbie Ueberroth on 12/1/2016

Life With Only Two Pairs of Pants

by Jennifer Pepin on 12/1/2016
Team United Zeal

Day 85

by Shelby Laber on 12/1/2016
Team Adonai Amor

My Prideful Unmentionables

by Olivia Dabbs on 12/1/2016
Team Rooted

Cabin Restaurants

by Audrey Keith on 12/1/2016
Team Daughters of Peace

India at its finest (Month 4 WR)

by Amy Baltensperger on 12/1/2016
Team Nos Amis

The BEST last day

by Irene Miniard on 12/1/2016
Team Ethereal Flames

A Story of Hope

by Hillarie Sweeney on 12/1/2016
Team Daughters of Peace


by Clarissa Johnson on 12/1/2016
Team Sisterhood

Is God a Liar?

by Jessica Ganci on 12/1/2016
Team Ahava Chara

A Week Home and Some Thoughts

by MacKenzie Hutchins on 12/1/2016
Team Wildflowers


by Morgan Stewart on 12/1/2016
Team One Pulse

Thanksgiving in India (VIDEO)

by Brittni Wisner on 12/1/2016
Team Heliocentric

Fully Funded!

by Morgan Foldes on 12/1/2016
Team Gentle But Fierce


by Sara Pandolfino on 12/1/2016
Team Themelios

My Team Shaved Their Heads!... Here's Why

by Monica Barbour on 11/30/2016
Team Rooted

The Blind Shall See

by Morgan Stewart on 11/30/2016
Team One Pulse

Are You Qualified?

by Jess Hines on 11/30/2016
Team Sisterhood

Unstoppable God

by Betsy Gottsacker on 11/30/2016
Team Sisterhood

Loving Orphans in Nepal

by Kimberly Armentrout on 11/30/2016
Team Korban

Our Ministry in the Philippines

by Abigail Johanson on 11/30/2016
Team Tetelestai