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Month 3 - Cambodia

by Emily Cate on 6/17/2018
Team Frontline

a piece of training camp

by Abigail Jernigan on 6/17/2018

The Power of Our Words

by Shelby Ross on 6/17/2018

Good Good Father

by Elisabeth Sage on 6/17/2018

I got a New Team!!

by Marah Laramore on 6/17/2018
Team International Harvesters

Identity Crisis

by Lauren Luttrell on 6/17/2018

Turning Three!!!

by Laura Catherine Kibler on 6/17/2018
Team Ghila Gavriela

Training Camp Reflections

by Talia Stoddart on 6/17/2018

John "the beloved"

by Heather Russell on 6/17/2018
Team Dior

What? Why? Who? Where? When? World Race!

by Dominique Marlin on 6/17/2018

Your questions answered here!

by Kristen Coughlin on 6/17/2018
Team Lil' Seizers

Father’s Day 2018

by Shannon Sears on 6/17/2018
Team Squad Leaders

It's Your Day Daddio!

by Brittany Smith on 6/17/2018
Team Dior

be present

by Sarah Geis on 6/17/2018

Who Wants to Line Dance?

by Caley Bass on 6/17/2018
Team Wailua

Jumping into the Arms of God

by Wade Wiita on 6/17/2018
Team 43 19

The Beauty of the Spirit

by Cameron Lezman on 6/17/2018

Que Chévere

by Ashley Guinn on 6/17/2018
Team 6 Chicas Plus 1

Hola de Panama

by Melanie Stoll on 6/17/2018
Team Empower Rangers

Training Camp

by Carla Nava on 6/17/2018

training camp

by Ashton Mueller on 6/17/2018

El Camino - A Pilgrim's Heart

by Rebecca Spires on 6/17/2018

Empty Beds

by Adrian Riney on 6/17/2018
Team Relentless Pursuit

Will You Know Who I Am?

by Leah Van Someren on 6/17/2018
Team Fresh

Asking the Lord

by Lauren Walker on 6/17/2018
Team Lightsabers

Will you join me?

by Katie Mathews on 6/17/2018
Team Son Shine

Adventure Day to Wenchi Crater Lake!

by Cassie Walton on 6/17/2018
Team Sisters

Dear Daddy

by Niki Ables on 6/17/2018
Team Testify

Ethiopian Coffee

by Vivi Oliveira on 6/17/2018
Team Sisters

L A M E N T…. say what?

by Rashelle Newkirk on 6/17/2018
Team Son Shine

month eleven // morocco

by Carly Miers on 6/17/2018
Team Akeidah Faith

We’re working at a refugee camp:

by Sarah Landsman on 6/17/2018
Team Sisters

Days of Doubt

by Alli Burnison on 6/17/2018
Team Son Shine


by Jaclyn McAlester on 6/17/2018
Team Son Shine


by Alyssa Smith on 6/17/2018
Team Sisters

My Heart Broke Today

by Bry Veith on 6/17/2018
Team Sisters

NEPAL recap

by Nora Cox on 6/17/2018
Team Fellowship of the King

Training Camp

by Kathryn Hamilton on 6/17/2018

6 Favorite Pics

by Liz Morton on 6/17/2018
Team Overflow

For Dad...

by Brooklynn Graybill on 6/16/2018

The Beautiful Mess in Saying "Yes"

by Brittany Brackbill on 6/16/2018

My yes

by Jessie Lirios on 6/16/2018

What Does Serving Christ Look Like?

by Whitney Munro on 6/16/2018


by Emily Odom on 6/16/2018

I'm getting married

by Dylan Mathis on 6/16/2018
Team Atlas

I don't know how to answer that.

by Tyler LeBeau on 6/16/2018

Quick Fundraising Update

by Rachel Cavender on 6/16/2018

A blessing in disguise

by Suzanna Moreland on 6/16/2018
Team Wildflowers

10 things I learned at training camp

by Julia Piecka on 6/16/2018

The One about ATL Round 2

by Erin Cummings on 6/16/2018
Team Squad Leader

To The Ones Back Home

by Kayla Norwood on 6/16/2018
Team Marvel

Kingdom Life

by Shela Chan on 6/16/2018

17 Days In Ethiopia

by Calli Bigham on 6/16/2018
Team Fun Bunch

World Race Bucket List!

by Caleb Dawson on 6/16/2018

A Love Letter

by Courtney Taylor Harrington on 6/16/2018
Team Legacy

Training Camp... Thank You

by Tyler Burke on 6/16/2018

Training Camp!

by Carson Shock on 6/16/2018

I Need a Haircut

by Summer Meche on 6/16/2018

My Joy Is Not Circumstantial

by Jonathan & Kelsey Shears on 6/16/2018
Team Cool Wise Guys That Are Cool

you asked, I answered

by Mack Kraemer on 6/16/2018
Team Wildflowers

Coming Home to Ben

by Shannon Brown on 6/16/2018
Team Delta

Thailand in Photos // Month Three

by Shelby Robinson on 6/16/2018
Team Seven Wonders

Weird foods of the Race

by Emmy Hendrix on 6/16/2018
Team Serendipity

Just when you thought you were home...

by Janine Brannis on 6/16/2018

The Last Two Weeks

by Matt Turner on 6/16/2018
Team Fun Bunch

Don't Be a Lame Ass Missionary

by Lindsay Davis on 6/16/2018
Team Frontline

Failing Forward

by Amanda Cadenhead on 6/16/2018
Team Frontline

My Ministry Reality

by Alex Goad on 6/16/2018
Team 43 19

Final Sleeps and Final Debrief

by Sara Graham on 6/16/2018
Team Testify

Season of Change

by Vickie Statler on 6/16/2018
Team Ghila Gavriela

Training Camp (in Photos)

by Haley Lowe on 6/16/2018

Parent Vision Trip

by Catherine Read on 6/16/2018
Team Tercera

When You Feel Called, But Inadequate

by Caroline Jenkins on 6/16/2018

Happy Fathers Day

by Zach Lambert on 6/15/2018
Team Fuerte All Day


by Kristi Smith on 6/15/2018
Team Empower Rangers

I Met My Husband

by Danielle king on 6/15/2018
Team Empower Rangers

Ministry Update: Panama

by Ashlyn Hermann on 6/15/2018
Team Fuerte All Day

Is it Well?

by Averi Adams on 6/15/2018
Team Fuerte All Day


by Kristie McFadden on 6/15/2018
Team Common Grounds

I C Jesus in Panama

by Jonathan Anthony on 6/15/2018
Team Fuerte All Day