The Awakening

The Awakening is a gathering of people that want to mobilize a generation to be His will and bring about His kingdom. Join us from September 15-17, 2011, in Gainesville, GA, for a time to remember...

To remember, as a community, the stories of the Race.
To remember, as a generation, what the Lord has done.
To remember, as a movement, what we are called to be.

The Awakening 2011 registration is now closed. Download the Awakening Info Guide.

Jonathan and his wife, Melissa Helser are worship leaders, songwriters and photographers whose dream is for a generation to see who God really is and to worship him with every sound, color and beat of their hearts. They live in Sophia, NC, at "A Place for the Heart" where they lead summer camps and schools centered on worship and creativity.

Michael has been married to Kathy for 28 years, and they have 3 wonderful sons. Michael and Kathy are Emergency Room Nurses by trade. After leaving the E.R., Michael served for twelve years as a Senior Pastor. He began working with the World Race in 2007 and coached the January ’08 squad. He turned around and coached again for the October ’08 squad and now has nearly seventy alumni including his son Nicholas serving with him at the AIM headquarters office. Michael and Kathy are native Michiganders but now call Gainesville, GA home.

As Bio's can often be the preachers opportunity to stroke his or her own ego and propel the legend, which is themselves, beyond the boundaries of their own mind, Anth prefers to simply say; he is man loved by God and touched by Grace offering his contribution to this great conversation about the divine, hoping to say something that will have eternal significance to somebody and make his presence on this planet mean something.


Video from last year's Awakening in Dublin, Ireland:


It reignited that fire, passion and desire in my heart for Him and for His Kingdom. Katie Hannon

The speakers...opened my mind and spirit to encounter God in a way I never knew was possible. Brad Baldwin

Having been a member of the first squad, it was incredible to see hundreds of Racers...uniting together in worship and with a mission to see God's Kingdom come to this earth. Ashley Musick

The Awakening is a unique time to not only rekindle relationships, but also to meet, greet, sing, pray, play amongst a body of believers, a community, that is united in serving the least, living out their faith, and sharing the hope that is not bound by time or borders. Weston Belkot