Training Camps

Once you’'ve decided to embark on the World Race, you and your teammates will come together for a week of intense preparation for your journey. Throw away your expectations, because what you think you may need for a trip of this magnitude is probably not what you will end up experiencing at Training Camp.

The first thing we are going to do is shrink your world.
  • Who are you?
  • Who does God intend you to be?
  • How has your journey brought you here?

After we shrink the world down to just you and God, we'll widen it back out through the lens of his kingdom.

The world is so much bigger than we give it credit for. We'll discuss the underground church, the legitimate travesty that is human trafficking, the AIDS epidemic in the countries of Africa, and the desperate need for churches around the world.

Training Camp week is not for the faint of heart. Come ready to rough it, get your hands dirty, encounter the unexpected, and live in close quarters with people that will soon be considered family. Come ready to allow the Spirit of God to move in a new way.

Training Camp is so exciting, because we finally get to meet you face to face! Although we know you through phone calls and emails, Training Camp is where we can really connect. Because of this, Training Camp is considered the last stage of the interview process. During camp if we determine that participating in this trip would be detrimental to you or your team, we reserve the option to send you home or schedule you for a later trip. While this seldom happens, you do need to be aware of this possibility and understand that we never make such a decision without prayerful and careful consideration.

God broke me. It was the most horrifying, yet amazing, thing I have ever experienced. He knew that if I did not allow healing for the pain in my heart now, I would be of no use to him out in the world. I would always have this part of me I could not turn over to him, and he wants all of me.