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We hope you find this page helpful as you begin to navigate your journey as a WR parent. There's a lot of information in the Parent Guide, but we know you may be eagerly awaiting information about two things in particular.

  • Invitations to the official WR Parent Facebook Group for you will be sent 8-10 weeks prior to your Racer's departure date. If you have not received an invite by the time your Racer has finished Training Camp, please notify
  • Registration information for Parent Launch (including location and schedule) will be sent to your Racer at the end of Training Camp. Since this is a "Racer invite" event, please wait for their invitation before making plans.

The World Race is an amazing adventure. We’ve seen incredible transformations in the lives of young men and women who choose to face the hardships, the joys, the growth, the community and the discipleship of the Race.

It is also a journey for you as parents. You may have questions or fears or concerns. We want you to get to know us. We want you to have a glimpse into how and why we do what we do. We want you to hear our heart for your sons and daughters. Be sure to check out the comments from past parents at the bottom of this page.

You may have spent their lives praying that they would grow up and wholeheartedly follow Jesus. They may be ready to implement at a new level the trust you have talked about and modeled. Or they may sense a pilgrimage related to their destiny. You are a part of them being here.

And they want your support.

You may find yourselves being stretched. Parenting adult children can be a wonderful challenge. You may need to trust at a new level. Or let go in new ways. In the process, you will find a community in the parents of other World Racers and you’ll find that the Lord wants to do new things in you as well as in your Racer.

Start by reading through the Parent Guide. It will give you some of the “big picture” of the World Race as well as answer a lot of the most common questions. You’ll discover that we have a full-fledged ministry to you as World Race parents – ways for you to connect to each other and to us, and opportunities for your Racer to invite you into the process. As the Parent Liaison I’m also happy to talk with you about the Race.

In Him,

Betty Means
Betty Means
Parent Ministry
Adventures in Missions 6000 Wellspring Trl.
Gainesville, GA 30506
P: 800.881.2461, ext. 2233

What other parents are saying about The World Race:

What would you tell parents whose children are interested in going on The World Race?

An amazing experience for both my child and myself. It was beyond anything I could have expected.

Susan F.

This is one of the most important things you can do to support your kids/young adults/twenty somethings. It will grow them in ways neither you nor they imagined (but God knew all along).

Bob C.

When you know God is working in your child’s life, trust Him to work out the details. Consider it a privilege to have your child experience walking by faith and standing for God.

Deanna T.

Listen to your children so you can really understand what is motivating them, and be open to all the changes that are likely to unfold with the Race. One of the great benefits of having been in the parent program is that I am much more eager to share the story about my daughter with other people. Just sharing her stories has touched or inspired so many others.

Michele H.

Both of my children came back so much more Christlike than they were before. The one who came back in June 2010 continues to grow strong in the Lord. It will change their lives completely. You will also be changed as you live vicariously through their period of growth in those 11 months and thereafter.

How did The World Race change your son or daughter?

People kept telling me that my son would be a new person when he returned from the race. It would kind of worry me because he was pretty great when he left! He did return changed. He is in love with God and has a responsibility to others now. He has matured and has a confidence that he did not have before he left. I am excited to see what God will do in the rest of his life.

Nancy V.

She was able to see the leadership and talent that we could always see in her. It took her being thrown into the role of worship leader to see what so many of us have been trying to tell her for years. The encouragement and affirmation of her team and squad mates throughout the Race was so positive for her.

Donna C.

I was amazed at the growth of and maturity of my son. But he was a different mature. Different that he was now a follower of God. He knows what he wants to do and where he is needed. He thrives in this. I love to have him home but I love more that he is doing what he loves and he is where God has called him.

Kim T.

She is less and less satisfied with what does not really matter.

Fred M.

My daughter is just the same person she has always been, and she is completely different. Along with all the wonderful characteristics and personality that make her who she is, she is now more confident in pursuing her goals, more mature in how she relates to other people and less bothered by obstacles and bumps in the road. The World Race experience filled up her “joy” tank, and that allowed her to let go of a lot of anxiety. She is now spiritually equipped to boldly take the next steps on her life journey.

Michele H.

How did The World Race change you (as a parent)?

One of the most surprising parts of the experience is the great sense of peace I have had about [my daughter’s] daring adventures. Despite setbacks and dangers, I have had complete faith that she is in God’s hands and He is protecting her as He guides her. The experience developed my “trust muscles” in my relationship with Jesus and many blessings have come from that.

Michele H.

It made me rely on God totally to care for my child. I also realized that my “little girl” was serving God and that she was a “young woman” on her own quest after God. She had a vision and was strong enough to give up all the comforts of home and follow after it.

Paula K.

It deepened my trust in the Lord, forced me to let go of my daughter, and opened my eyes to see more clearly (1) the incredible poverty that is so commonplace in the world and (2) many of the ways God is at work in the world today. I learned to cast my cares on the Lord more fully. I learned to fully trust God and believe He is able to care for my daughter on the other side of the world.

Neil S.

I thought I had done a lot to let go of my kids (son and daughter-in-law), but I had to face some hard truths about things I really wanted to fix and couldn’t. I had to trust God with them in deeper ways than I ever imagined.

Alice B.

I am re-evaluating things that matter and the next step God has for me. It has dramatically changed my relationship with my daughter for good!!!!

Gera M.

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