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Should I Take a Gap Year in 2021?

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Is taking a college gap year right for you? Taking a gap year can help you understand your identity and discover your calling while you’re also focused on serving others and making an impact.

World Race: Gap Year is an incredible opportunity for young adults to experience mission trips! In the span of 9 months, you’ll spend time living at our international bases and serving with our long-term missionary partners in 3 different countries.

Especially in 2021 with so much changing in the world, is taking a college gap year even possible?

Current World Race: Gap Year participant, Ellie Zeller, shows us what life is like on the field with a video to a Day One Racer. Check it out!

World Race: Gap Year is offering three college gap year routes for international missions in 2021:

  1. Mission trip to Central America, Cambodia, Romania
  2. Mission trip to Africa, Guatemala, Cambodia
  3. Mission trip to Africa, Thailand, Costa Rica

Still unsure if taking a Christian gap year is right for you? Take the quiz & find out!

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