Gapyear - 2019

Route 5: South Africa, Ecuador, Cambodia

World Race: Gapyear - 2019 Route 5
FUNDRAISING REQUIREMENT $16,600 Wow! That’s a lot. How does fundraising work?
TRAINING CAMP July 9-19, 2019
Countries South Africa, Ecuador, Cambodia

Route Description

This Gap Year route starts in South Africa and ends up in Southeast Asia. You’ll thoroughly explore and invest in three unique regions of the world.

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South Africa

Your Gap Year journey will start in the large and diverse nation of South Africa. This nation is incredibly multicultural and it is still healing from its dark and painful history of racism and segregation. This country has 11 official languages, coastlines on two oceans and world famous mountain views. Racers in South Africa focus a lot of their time on evangelism through the school systems. You might find yourself discipling middle and high school students through sports ministry, teaching life skills or assisting with academic classes.


Next, your Gap Year journey will take you to Ecuador. One of the smallest countries in South America, this nation is full of beautiful beaches, vast highlands and very proud locals. Most Racers serve with our well loved partner, Inca Link, in Quito. Racers in Ecuador have the opportunity to serve in a lot of ways including, ministering to children living on the streets, serving in hospitals for people with special needs, spending time in elderly homes, working with feeding programs, and teaching English. Overall your time in Ecuador will focus around building relationships and sharing your hope and joy in Christ with everyone you meet along the way.


You will finish your Gap Year in Cambodia. Here you will find delicious food, open air markets, and bustling streets. Cambodia is still struggling to heal from a dark and crippling genocide in the 1970s and is currently faced with a large amount of poverty and human trafficking. A lot of ministry this month will focus on investing in youth. You’ll likely spend your month reaching children through teaching English and the Bible. English is critical for the younger generations to find sustainable jobs to move forward.


Step 1: Apply

The application includes creating a profile and completing a questionnaire. It should take a little under an hour to complete.

Step 2: Interview

After you complete and submit your application you will get the opportunity to schedule a phone interview with our team.

Step 3: Accepted

Once you are accepted, a $200 deposit will confirm your spot on the trip.

Step 4: Fundraising

Once you are committed, you’ll be paired with an Admissions Advisor who will help you with planning, fundraising ideas and all the logistical information you need to prepare.

Step 5: Training

Four-six weeks before your Race begins, you will spend 10 days at our campus in Georgia. This time will include missional and cultural training, discipleship, worship, and bonding with your teammates before you leave.

Step 6: Launch

After several days of additional training in Atlanta, you will fly out together as a squad and begin your ministry on the World Race.

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