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What is the goal of the World Race?

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On the World Race, you get to experience beautiful cultures, eat amazing food, travel, love people, and meet some of your best friends for life – aka your Squad!

You’ve probably seen the pictures on social media and wondered if this kind of adventure is for you…and maybe it is, but here’s the deal.

The Race isn’t just about the cool stories, Instagram pictures, or Sky Miles.

It’s about discovering how to hear God’s voice and obeying what He says to do.

Our hope is that you will leave the World Race knowing how to make disciples, pray for people, ask and believe for miracles, build Biblical friendships, and follow God’s leading wherever He takes you next.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

All it takes is a yes from you to start an adventure like this. Not an ordinary adventure, but a journey that will train, refine, and equip you to do what God’s called you to do with your life long after the Race is over.

Taking a leap of faith and partnering with what God is doing on this earth can feel a little scary at first, but don’t worry, with the Holy Spirit leading the way, you’re in a really good place. In fact, some might even say that being smack dab in the middle of God’s will is the safest place you can be!

If you’ve ever felt that stirring in your heart that there has to be more, then you may want to check out the Race. It may be the vehicle God uses to prepare you for what’s next in your life.

Before we go, here’s a vlog from Alyssa. This #yurtlife she describes pretty much sums up the Race. Every day is different and there are always opportunities to listen to God’s leading, love people, serve, and make a difference!

Are you ready for more? Let us know in the comments!

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