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What does a miracle look like today?

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Today we want to share a real quick story from our base in India. 

World Race N Squad was recently serving with our long term missionaries stationed at the Adventures Base and one Racer shared this incredible miracle:

“In one of the villages after a service, we were praying over this precious woman who was completely blind in one eye. She had been totally blind in her right eye for many years and had just accepted it.

After I prayed over her I notice she was rapidly blinking that eye and closing the other one. I had the translator ask how her eye was and she grinned at me and said she could see as well in that eye as her other eye! WHAT?”.

And that’s just the beginning!

This Racer experienced the power of the Love of God and it gave her courage to pray over her anxiety. That night her team prayed for her and she was HEALED from anxiety completely!

And the miracles didn’t stop there! One of the teams that went out to share the Jesus Film in Nalgonda “saw miracles every night. Literally saw deaf hear, pain leave, and love spread.”

Stories of God’s love are pouring in like hotcakes. He’s the God of the impossible and it’s so fun watching Him move.

Before we go, here’s a link to check out the January 2020 routes. The final app deadline is coming up soon. Maybe it’s a fit for you and maybe it’s not, but either way, take a quick peek and pray about it.

You never know, God may be preparing you for such a time is this and maybe next year at this time, we’ll be sharing the miracles He did in your life!

You’re worth it. You’re worthy. And we’re are cheering for you every step of the way.

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