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This World Race Team Snuck Condoms into a Strip Club

One of our World Race teams found themselves in the Red Light District of Pattaya, Thailand during a famous Thai celebration that involves a city-wide water fight. God moved in amazing ways and we thought we’d share this story with you.

World Racer, Mary Koch titled her blog, I Snuck Condoms in a Strip Club and wrote:

“The title of this blog may have caught you by surprise, made you blush, or made you skeptical about if it actually happened. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s not just clickbait.”

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“Please proceed with caution as you read this blog because it does include graphic depictions of what we experienced in the Red Light District.”

Mary’s blog continues, “There is basically no way to escape from the city-wide water fight that ensues other than literally leaving town, which is exactly what most of the missionaries in Pattaya did. We saw this vacancy as an opportunity to step in and be a light while they were gone.

During our first week, we connected with Shear Love International. Their team recommended condom Semesters as it would be easy to do among the busyness of the holiday. Ideally, they would like to bring all of the women out of this line of work, but that takes time and building trusting relationships.

So, one way they can provide for the women and their immediate needs is by giving them condoms. Many of the freelance women (meaning they are not associated with a particular bar or club) are not provided with protection and can’t afford it themselves. We give them condoms to help protect them from contracting a disease or becoming pregnant.

We wrote notes of encouragement along with contact information for Shear Love, attached them to the condoms, and prepared for what we were about to encounter.

You Are Loved

Christ Calls you Worthy

You are Beautiful

You are Strong

To read Mary’s whole story, click here.

Something that we love about people with a heart for others is that they aren’t willing to watch injustice happen and not do something about it.

Can you relate? If so, it’s inspiring when people like yourself take action. Thanks for always being willing to step up and make a difference.

We have several ministry partners that serve communities impacted by social injustice like human trafficking. If you have any questions or if we can help get you connected to the call God has placed on your life, drop a comment below and let’s get the conversation started!