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Unveiling the Kingdom: Spreading Light in the Shadows of Greece

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In the heart of a quaint village outside Corinth, Greece, one World Race Squad found itself in a peculiar predicament one sunny June day in 2022. What started with a cafe owner’s fervent objection quickly transformed into a remarkable encounter that forever changed their perspective on mission work.

WR June 2024 Blog

Upon their arrival, the local cafe owner’s abrupt admonition took them aback. “You can’t be here!” she exclaimed, leaving the squad bewildered. However, as they clarified their intentions to stay in the area for a month, her demeanor softened, and soon, the entire community gathered to extend a warm welcome.

As the squad immersed themselves in the fabric of this tight-knit community, they realized the gravity of the situation: none of the locals had ever heard the name of Jesus. Their genuine curiosity and innocence struck a chord within the entire squad, prompting a deep sense of responsibility to share the gospel.

Inspired and moved by the urgency of the moment, one team initiated Bible studies in the village square, inviting the residents to join in exploring the teachings of Christ. Through these gatherings, the Racers not only imparted spiritual wisdom but also forged genuine connections with the community, offering them a glimpse into the transformative power of the Kingdom.

Although their time in Greece was fleeting, the impact lingered long after their departure. United in prayer, the squad continues to petition the Holy Spirit to multiply their efforts and send forth more laborers to tend to the ripe fields of the unreached.

The Racers’ journey in Greece serves as a poignant reminder of the profound responsibility we bear as ambassadors of Christ. In the shadows of unfamiliar territories, we uncover hidden gems – opportunities to illuminate the path with the light of God’s love. As we press forward, may our hearts remain steadfast in the pursuit of unveiling the Kingdom in every corner of the earth.

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