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Praising God as I’m Leaving the World Race

Last week we had to make the hard and very necessary decision to bring all our Racers home from the field due to COVID-19. Along with all of us, the Racers are grieving their abruptly changed plans, their incredible disappointment, and their confusion. In this post, Regan Martin reminds us that no matter where we are in the world, God is near and the Race is never really over.

praising god as im leaving the world race 1

Hi guys. I am currently typing this out on a bus that my squad is taking to the San José airport in Costa Rica. A thought some of you may have- “Why is Regan on her way to the airport? I thought she had 2 1/2 more months left?!” Yes indeed friends, I am truly on my way back to the States. Due to the coronavirus and everything surrounding that with borders, all World Race-related groups are being taken off the field and sent back home…

Pro: I am coming home

Con: I am coming home

Pro: I am being reunited with my family and loved ones!!!

Con: I am leaving behind my family I have fought for, loved on, laughed and cried with…

Pro: I am rejoicing 100% in the Lord for what he’s doing

Con: I am grieving 100% that I am leaving my family and the race early

I could keep going on and on like that, but I think you get the picture. My emotions and thoughts are ALL OVER THE PLACE. So many emotions are running around inside me, screaming in confusion lol. Yes, I am disappointed that I am going home, and I am filled with an indescribable amount of sorrow… but if you take anything away from this blog post, it’s that I am PRAISING my God above everything!!! My joy in the Lord and worshipping him DOES NOT depend on superficial constantly changing things such as emotions or circumstances, for my Lord is always constant!!! He deserves my praise in everything, no matter what’s going on. Trust me, I am in a lot of pain… but just because there are tears streaming down my face doesn’t mean I can’t dance before the Lord shouting the songs of the angels as well!

My race was never meant to be 9 months long, it was meant to be 6 1/2 months long. The Lord knew this all along. I am fully equipped and ready to go back to America, one that is quite frankly losing its marbles and living in a state of fear and anxiety. Don’t be mistaken in thinking that this isn’t a coincidence. Right now as you read this HUNDREDS of missionaries, full of the fire and hope of Jesus, are pouring into the States, bringing a light into the darkness of fear. God has a purpose in this, I have faith in that all the way.

The last thing my squad did right before we boarded the bus to start our journey home, was to stand up and WORSHIP before the Lord. Worship is a powerful thing- it’ll make you cry out to God, fall to your knees, become undone with AWE, look like a complete and utter fool as you DANCE before his throne, and strip your very soul and heart bare before the Father’s touch… crap I’m getting so excited just typing this!!!!

Yeah, I’m leaving this family behind, but my family extends across the entire GLOBE and even across the AGES… I belong to the everlasting family of Christ Jesus. I have brothers and sisters in Christ literally everywhere! This is the beginning of a beautiful season of joy and love, one I am diving headfirst into… be near me, O God.

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