“But above everything else - seek first the Kingdom” - Jesus Christ

Kingdom Way of Life

Kingdom Way of Life
The World Race is part of our growing Global Kingdom Network of ministries, communities, and businesses with one goal - to seek first Christ and His Kingdom on earth.

The Journey into a Kingdom Way of Life


Discover a vision for your mission in life.


Go on short-term mission trips to impact the world and discover Christ in you.


Be trained to establish Kingdom where you live.


Plant or join an organic missional community that transforms lives in your city.

Make a Difference

Join, Serve, or Work in an organization that is Kingdom centered.

Christianity isn’t something you simply believe so you can go to heaven. Following Jesus is a way of life that transforms you and the world around you.

Are you seeking the Kingdom first?

We launch men and women into a Kingdom Way of Life

“The whole goal of our instruction is to produce love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith” 1 Tim 1:5

We learn to abide in Christ, live in freedom, and love ourselves and others. We were Born to be Loved by God be transformed by this Love.


We learn to love each other, and equip and encourage one another in love and good works. As we do this, we become the Body of Christ to our neighborhoods and cities.


We partner with God in establishing His Kingdom by loving others, and reuniting them to Him. By reversing the oppression of those around us through sacrificial love, we point them to the God of love revealed in Jesus Christ.