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It’s Not About the Mission Trip

The World Race is a life-changing mission trip where you will learn to seek first the Kingdom of God, so you can experience a deeper life with Jesus, live in authentic community, serve others and share the love of Jesus. Not just on this mission trip, but for the rest of your life.

This week, Hannah Jones (World Race: Gap Year) shows us that it’s not just about the mission trip; it’s about learning to see opportunities to share the love of God with people outside of planned ministry hours.

In Every Moment

I am currently writing from a local elementary school in a rural Costa Rican mountain town; the only place that I have wifi currently!

This week is my team and I’s second week of in-country ministry! After preparing and anticipating this trip for almost two years, actually being on the field is crazy. We have been staying with the sweetest host family, a family that is so full of the Holy Spirit. I have been experiencing Jesus in so many every day moments. But how often do I miss God in the small and mundane moments? 

As a Jesus follower, I am called to live on mission. Not only being a missionary when I am in a ministry context, but living in such a way that is interruptible by the Holy Spirit in every moment.

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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to actually live out ministry in my every day life. My team and I have been doing a lot of manual labor during our ministry days, not having many evangelism opportunities. Therefore, I have been praying that the Lord would create opportunities for me to be used for His glory and sensitive to His Spirit. A few girls from my squad and I went into town yesterday to get SIM cards for our phones. As I was waiting outside for the rest of my team, I noticed a beautiful lady who worked a stand outside of the phone store. I felt a nudge in my Spirit to go and start a conversation with her.

The lady only spoke Spanish, therefore our whole conversation was in a language that I am still learning. I learned about her, her family, her business, and her faith. I then had the opportunity to share why I was in Costa Rica, ending our conversation with getting to pray over her.

Isn’t it beautiful how the Lord provided a way for me to show His love in a moment I was not expecting? And in a language I am not fluent in?!

Saying yes to the Spirit allows for the most beautiful encounters. 

In Galatians 1:24, Paul writes, “And they praised God because of me.” Are people praising God because of the life I live? Am I saying yes to the Holy Spirit even when it’s uncomfortable?

Yesterday, I was reminded of how my mission does not stop when I leave ministry– when I said yes to following Jesus, I invited Him into every area of my life. I invited Him to interrupt my every day moments in order to bring Him glory and show His love. The lady I met yesterday is just one example of this.

Just as I was reminded yesterday, the Father continues to remind me that following where the Spirit guides is the wisest and most beautiful decision I could ever make.

May I never miss a moment.

World Race, World Race: Gap Year, and Semesters by World Race mission teams are currently serving alongside long-term partners in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, and South Africa. Find out how COVID-19 is affecting 2021 mission trips here!