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In Hindsight: the World Race in 2020

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This year has certainly been one for the history books. Future generations will read stories of sickness and hopelessness. Isolation, division and destruction will be headlines of 2020.

Even still, we’ll see the beauty that can come from these ashes. When everything stops… there is no more striving; instead, we will see healing and hope. Stories will be decorated with community, reconciliation, and restoration.

We’ll see a generation of believers awakened to a deeper understanding of God’s love and their identity in Christ. Those that earnestly seek first the kingdom of God will see Him move in miraculous ways.

Take a look at some of the stories of how God has moved this year!

Back in January, B Squad went to Costa Rica and partnered with a local church to set up a women’s conference. Check it out below!

When COVID-19 brought a new normal to online church services, take out dining, and work from home, jails and prisons across the United States closed their doors to visitors and volunteers. World Race Alum Paige Deur (August 2017, W Squad) saw the opportunity as the church to share the Love that casts out fear with people in prison, providing people in prison with correspondence Bible lessons and letters from caring mentors.

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Check out her story here!

After World Race alum, Ryan Breakfield (January 2020) returned to America sooner than expected, his passion for ministry in the United States grew tremendously. He realized that “no matter how bad things get, there are always opportunities to serve God, and there are ministries like Crossfire right in our own backyard with people who are just as passionate as I am.” Ryan partnered with a food pantry in Colorado Springs after he got home unexpectedly after only three months on the field.

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Read more about Ryan’s experience here!

While some World Race participants went back to their hometowns, many chose to continue the Race with World Race: America. Traveling throughout the country, our participants have seen God move in miraculous ways, through divine interactions with locals. World Race: America participant Kylie Day met an Uber driver who shared his story involving homelessness, and simply asked if she could pray for him. He started crying as she did, and felt God in his heart.

Click here for the full story!

In September, Adventures’ Gainesville campus welcomed 109 World Race: Gap Year participants, 22 alumni team leaders, and 10 squad leaders for a semester of discipleship, team building, and missional training. Check out a Day in the Life of a Racer on campus below!

Our Gap Year participants were even able to spend a few weeks meeting the tangible needs created by devastating hurricanes in Louisiana and Alabama and sharing God’s love with the homeowners and hope with those suffering from great loss. Check it World Race Alumni, Kati Simpson’s photo blog here and also the video below!

Our participants have been on campus learning from guest teachers to prepare their minds, hearts and bodies to serve overseas. Take a look at some of what they’ve been learning!

We have a squad currently on the field! G Squad is in the Wisconsin Dells partnering with Beyond Blessed Food Pantry and Bella Goose Coffee. Check out World Race participant Hanna Smith’s photo blog to see more!

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As we look forward to 2021, we’re launching in January! Nine squads will begin safely serving our ministry partners and long-term bases in Central and South America. We can’t wait to see what God will do in and through these squads.

Check out World Race: Gap Year participant Gretchen Water’s blog about what it’s been like to prepare for serving overseas with “months worth of missional training, learning how to lead myself and those around me, and being fully emerged into a deeply rooted community.”

And, some of our World Race participants whose Race ended unexpectedly early in March will be relaunching in January! Participant Lindsey Pruitt writes about her experience trusting the Lord’s timing and having peace amid changes at her Training Camp in preparation for launch. Read more here!

As these World Race squads launch overseas, they’ll see many promises of overseas missions work fulfilled. We can’t wait to continue following along their journeys!

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And at the end of this next year, we’ll look back on the fruit of God’s faithfulness and what He’s allowed us to do with Him… what do you want to see?

What story will you have to tell of 2021? Check out our World Race 2021 Routes here.

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