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How to Find Hope During Quarantine

We’re halfway through week three of quarantine and there’s no clear end in sight. It’s easy to get frustrated and feel like there’s nothing anyone can do. It’s first important to keep the perspective that being safe at home is a privilege many in the world and around the U.S. do not have. Next, remember that being at home day in and day out doesn’t have to mean your life is on hold. Today on the blog, World Racer Haley Vlaugh shares a word of encouragement to not sit idle but to keep dreaming, keep loving others, keep sharing the Gospel, and keep chasing after Jesus. God is moving in all of this and even though it might look different, we can be moving too.

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I have been in quarantine for eight days now. That is so weird to say and definitely nothing I thought I would ever be saying. I have been listening to a lot of music this last week. Honestly, I am always listening to music. Nothing gets me pumped up more than a good song blasting in my ears as I am worshipping in a room which the church body, or as I am getting ready for an event that I have to be fancy-ish for, or as I am 15 minutes into my run on the treadmill and need to push myself just five more minutes.

I can’t help but to just smile this morning as I am typing whatever this blog is about to turn into. It is early in the morning in Harrah, Oklahoma. The sun has risen, and it is about 66 degrees outside. Khurry and I have the windows open, allowing the breeze to blow through our little flat above the garage we’re living in. I have UPPERROOM’s new album (Land of Living) playing loudly enough to drown out the noise of anything else happening around me.

I just want to encourage you guys in this time. It is way too easy to look at this coronavirus/weird quarantine chapter of our lives and see ourselves as victims—to feel sorry for ourselves because we can’t go to concerts, malls, bars, restaurants, gyms, school, and even church. It is even easier now that we are confined to our homes to get lazy—to sleep well into the afternoon and to waste this time we have at home away by binge-watching Netflix or Disney+ and eating all our quarantine snacks in one sitting.

It is also super easy to lose hope, but I want to encourage you guys not to lose hope and to start looking at this a little (or a lot) differently than you have been. There is hope for tomorrow. In the midst of this war or battle or whatever you want to call it, God’s name will prevail. Whatever the enemy is trying to use to suck the life out of us or bring us into depression or cause major anxiety and worry, the Lord is going to use for our good and His glory.

Lyrics from the song Into the Battle by UPPERROOM that just bring me goosebumps and get me fired up say:

“Into the battle, Your name is breakthrough

Into the struggle, Your name is victory

Our praises get louder, nothing can stop You

You hold the power because Jesus, You’re the King”

Racers, use this time you have at home to start a new hobby or a new habit. There are so many Zumba workout videos on Youtube—try one of those if the “typical” workout does everything but excites you. Do a puzzle. Read a book. Paint a picture. Clean out your closet and your cabinets. Organize your pantry. Go on a walk (for real, vitamin D is a big mood booster). Find new music. Paint your nails. Reach out to people you haven’t spoken to in a while and check on them. Bake cookies for your neighbors and drop them off at their door (respect social distancing). Go fishing. Paint your living room. Open your windows and watch the birds. Build a snowman or shovel your neighbor’s driveway. Mow your grass and your neighbor’s grass. Wash your bedding. Wash your car. Wash your dog.

Don’t stop dreaming. Don’t stop dancing. Lift your head. Stop looking at yourself as a victim. You are not a victim of these circumstances!!! There is more to life, and there is more to you. The Lord is doing something here y’all. I can’t see the big picture yet, but I wholeheartedly believe He is doing something bigger than us right now. So do not lose hope. Trust that the Lord not only knows what tomorrow holds, but He holds tomorrow!!!! That is good news! Quit looking at this as lockdown and instead look at this as an opportunity for revival, an opportunity to start healthy habits and foster old and new relationships, and most importantly an opportunity to surrender your worries and to trust and believe that the Lord has got this.

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