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How Social Media and Missions Work Together?

We get really excited talking about stories because they are so powerful. Words are powerful. God created the world with words. And you can bring Kingdom here on earth by letting the Master Storyteller write your extraordinary life story – all you have to do is share it!

In this rapidly growing digital age, it’s important that we protect both our participants and those who we serve in our storytelling.

Our goal is to tell stories with both dignity and honor and that’s why our leadership team is committed to thorough social media training throughout your time serving with us.

You will be equipped with the necessary resources to know how to tell stories in a way that both honors God and brings dignity to the people that you serve.

Curious what an honorable story looks like? Check out Connor’s video below!

You have a story worth telling…The question is, are you ready to share it?

Before we go, have you ever wondered how we train Racers on social media dignity? Check out our Dignity Guidelines here.

Thanks for hanging out with us today. Talk to you soon!