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Do you hear the voice of God?

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We’re really excited to share a story from the World Race about listening prayer. Maybe you’ve heard of listening prayer and maybe you haven’t. Just in case this term isn’t familiar, we wanted to get right to the heart of what it’s all about.

Listening prayer happens when you make time and space to hear God speaking to your heart.

It’s as simple as that. Even if it’s a faint, still small voice, God is speaking to you.

The question is, will you listen?

Now, let’s get back to that story we were telling you about … Alyssa heard God speak to her and got to be part of His plan in Istanbul!

She wrote: “One morning, my team did something called “listening prayer” where we ask the Lord to speak to us about who He might have us encounter that day. Some people got impressions of places to go or things to do, but I got a whole list of seemingly random objects, colors, or descriptions of people.


If I’m being honest, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about sharing my list with the group because the last time we’d done listening prayer in a previous country, none of it came to pass. Hesitantly, I shared some of the items: light pink hijab, butterfly, yellow taxi, Greek Orthodox Church, little boy holding his mom’s hand, etc. I also saw a pink flower pot in my mind’s eye but because it seemed so random, I omitted it from what I told the others.

My team could sense how discouraged I felt and said, “Alyssa, just because you didn’t see anything last time doesn’t mean that God isn’t speaking to you this time. Have faith like a child and just try again!” Dragging my feet a bit, I went out that day with my team to explore Athens and see what God would do.” Click here to read the rest of the story.

God is always moving, always speaking, always drawing us to His heart. The only question is, are you listening?

We want to hear from you! Share in the comments how God is speaking to you in this season!

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