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“We are on the edge of the greatest harvest of all time. Consider joining the Bethel World Race as we pursue the personal, regional, and global expansion of God’s kingdom through His manifest presence.”

What is the Bethel World Race?

Bethel Missions and The World Race have linked arms to launch the first ever Bethel World Race starting this fall of 2024! Bethel World Race is an opportunity for graduates of Bethel’s Supernatural School of Ministry to be further equipped as global ambassadors of His Kingdom by going into all the world. On this year’s route, the team will journey through the 10/40 Window alongside World Race leaders, partnering with long term missionaries to share the love of Jesus amidst the least reached and fueling furnaces of intercession across the region. We believe that the Bethel World Race will be a life-changing mission opportunity for years to come.

Our first team is a group of 20 graduates from Bethel’s Supernatural School of Ministry and World Race leaders. They will travel for 8 months (Fall 2024 – Spring 2025), loving the lost by serving alongside long term missionaries, interceding for the nations, praying for the sick, performing miracles, and sharing the gospel. Our team will even reach some of the 12 tribes that Bethel Church has adopted in prayer!  

How can you partner in prayer?

God has called us to lift up our voices for the nations, tribes, and tongues who’ve yet to hear the gospel in the 10/40 Window. The birth of Bethel World Race is an answer to fervent prayers for God to send His laborers to Unreached People Groups. To support the current team in intercession, visit the Bethel webpage  and sign up to receive the team’s newsletters. 

Prayer Points:

  • Health, safety, and unity for the team
  • Openness to the gospel and decisions to follow Jesus amidst 12 tribes and people in the 10/40 Window 
  • Jesus revealing himself through dreams, miracles, and healings
  • Wisdom and discernment for team leaders
  • Abounding joy, energy, strength found in the Holy Spirit as they fulfill the Great Commission!
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How can you give?

Visit to give directly towards the current Bethel World Race team.

How can you apply?

(only open to BSSM graduates and Flaming Arrows Track graduates)