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Activate Your Faith: Your Young Will See Visions, Your Old Will Dream Dreams

The Lord moves in mysterious ways.

Over the last few months, our team at Adventures has spent time praying, fasting, and seeking God’s direction for where He is moving right now. Many visions and dreams have been shared with us and I want to share them with you now, in this time of uncertainty.

In recent weeks, several members of our larger body have also had quite similar visions, long before COVID-19 began to surface and greatly impact our ministry. Several of our elders have seen visions of a map lighting up in different locations around the world. While we’ve seen lots of maps lately as COVID-19 has spread – maps that speak of the pandemic at hand, these maps were different. They were indicative of a movement of God: one that would grow and spread, unable to be contained. A movement bringing hope, healing and new life.

Paired with this vision was the phrase “Prepare the ark!” We believe this vision is in reference to God sending His people out to rebuild and fill the earth with the hope and the love of Jesus in the midst of so much going on.

One racer recently stated that while it’s frustrating to see hundreds of participants being brought home from the field, it’s also amazing to witness hundreds of missionaries flooding into the country at a time where people are full of fear and needing hope!

In the Old Testament, Caleb and Joshua were two men who chose hope and faith while everyone else chose to look at circumstances and respond with fear and doubt. In our times of prayer and fasting, the Holy Spirit has highlighted both Caleb and Joshua’s roles.

We believe the opportunity is being presented to us to respond in faith as these two did, regardless of the circumstances. Our decision to remove our participants from the field was not a fear-based decision. Rather, we have been responding, in wisdom and discernment, to the decisions and suggestions of global authorities. In light of this, we are evaluating where God is calling us to minister in the midst of such change.

Will we choose faith or fear?

Make no mistake: the people of God cannot choose both. Will we be the voices of Joshua and Caleb, standing in faith that our God is good, and His promises are sure? Will we pray and look to the Father for what He is presenting rather than sitting in the disappointment of what we hoped this season would be?

And, yet, we are seeing our networks rise in these challenging times. We have leaders and coaches who are preparing to be part of the move of God here in the States. For instance, we have had people offer their resources to us in order to activate alumni who can help this generation rise to meet the incredible challenge in front of us. Our staff and participants are praying and seeking the Lord to move however He asks.

We are convinced this is not the end of a journey or a retreat from a mission. Rather, it is a repositioning of His army for another purpose. The Great Commission, to make disciples of all nations and to spread His kingdom, has not changed. It never will!

Over the last several months, God has been preparing us for this season. I invite you to join us on this journey! I am not sure what these next few months hold, but I trust my Father, and I trust the message of hope that He is speaking – that He has always been speaking. As we bring Racers home from the field, we now recognize this is the next month of ministry. The opportunities to join the move of God are endless. Let’s do this!

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