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Influencers and Coaches

WRU is built to equip you to become all that Jesus created you to be. Our team has seen him do this thousands of times. Here is more about us:

Seth Barnes

Seth founded Adventures in Missions and the World Race, ministries that have launched over 160,000 young people over the last 34 years.  Seth loves to prepare and launch young Christ-followers to be the change this world needs. He loves raising up leaders and partnering with them to address injustice and seize opportunity. He has authored 14 books and helped start dozens of businesses, ministries and schools. He and his wife Karen enjoy hiking the Camino de Santiago, mountain biking and playing pickleball especially with their children and grandchildren. World Race U is a dream he has been working on for 12 years.

Andrew and Kelly Couch

In 2007, Kelly went on the original World Race. Later, she served multiple ministries. For 18 years, Kelly has served as a life coach and personal mentor. As a homeschool mom, she has applied her skills to optimizing her two girls’ learning path. Kelly’s life in education and ministry prepared her to lead others. Kelly has learned leadership the hard way and is committed to pass what she has learned on to the next generation of Christ-following leaders.

Andrew loves Jesus and builds businesses and people. He loves diving into the lives of young people. Andrew is gifted at giving young people the practical experience that grounds concepts action. 

Together with their two girls, they’re a family who loves adventure! When they’re not building community and passionately discipling Gen Z, they’re rock climbing, hiking, enjoying great books, hanging around the campfire, and seeking to become more like Jesus in everything they do. They are dedicated to mentoring young adults to discover purpose and live the life of abundance walking with Jesus.

Dave and Chris Carlson

Who said engineers aren’t fun!? These two are a riot and insanely passionate about Jesus! They were both leaders in the car industry. But Chris had a chronic painful disease that she suffered from for over 15 years. When God miraculously HEALED her, they decided to quit their jobs and serve the Lord for the rest of their lives. Dave and Chris have become certified life coaches and have traveled the world coaching and discipling students and ministers

Johnny Eastman

If you love coffee and encouraging little sayings, then you’ve seen The Tattooed Husband on Instagram. With tens of millions of views on his viral coffee chats, Johnny is gonna be your next best friend. But as a certified coach, he’s more than just a pretty face and funny guy – he’ll help you dive into where God is calling you and call you higher as a man or woman of God.

Bill and Katie Swan

They’re the OG’s of a national phenomenon called the World Race and get this… They just took their 3 kids on the Race for NINE MONTHS this past year! They’re wildly popular with Gen Z because of their intentionality and willingness to walk through the hard stuff to help people find freedom. You’re definitely gonna want to adopt them after meeting them.

The AIM Guatemala Team

The Adventures in Missions Guatemala team is based near Antigua. Together, the 19 staff members (Guatemalans and Americans) have created a healthy community that pours into young people as they themselves have been poured into. They are in demand as a group of teachers, ministers, and spiritual coaches.

The AIM Georgia Team

Though Adventures In Missions has eight bases around the world, we coordinate the ministry out of our base in Georgia. Staff members will be available for personal conversations as well as helping to coach and resource students.

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