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Frequently Asked Questions

Jesus invested in his disciples for three years. It’s a time-tested and beautiful model that still works. We always knew a yearlong, life-altering experience like the World Race could be the first year in a three-year model. While the school may seem new, it has been bubbling for five years.

World Race U

What is the purpose of this school?

The school is the next step in an envisioned three-year dynamic growth process that may include the World Race. We help students understand God’s unique call on their life. They can explore exciting opportunities to move toward their call. We’ve staff professors (we call them activators) who invest relationally and experientially. They’ll clarify your Kingdom role using the latest in experiential learning methodologies.

What are the design principles?

1. Highly interactive learning process – Give and take, in and out of the classroom, is essential. Experiential learning is best. We will be a case-study method school. Apprenticeships afford practical contexts to apply what we've learned in class.

2. Feedback/debriefs/evaluation – Gathering information is key to how we learn. Sharing makes us collaborative & builds trust. Truth telling is essential. We do it at all levels.

3. Individual potential – We want to learn what’s in a person and what God is doing to grow them to be a world changer. We want to help people discover their call and how to realize it.

4. Discipleship process - The school is the context for highly relational disciple making. Prayer/ministry is a regular part of everything we do. Teachers live the life they teach. This will be more important than

5. Partnership – Community and missions requires it. We are high trust, high touch, and consensus-driven. We experience God in the "2 or more." We learn to think in terms of the team first.

6. Creative/Iterative process –We love to cultivate creativity. We embrace new and flexible approaches. We encourage failure and improvement and seek to try stuff as fast as possible. Brainstorm/hypothesis/test/repeat. It is the guts of innovation.

How do you teach?

While we are in various levels of partnership and relationship with many programs, World Race U is hands-on, cohort-led, and deploys an experiential, interactive pedagogy. Our purpose is to assist participants in the discovery and design of their unique call in life. We want to see their call become a vibrant, life-giving, reality.

Who are your organizational partners?

We have several and will be adding more. Our partners include leading voices, experts, and authorities that are committed to activation.

Is this an extension of the apprentice program?

No, the apprentice program will morph into the new World Race U. But like that program, it is an expression of our desire to equip 20- and 30-somethings to change the world.

What kind of people make good World Race U students?

World Race U was designed for people who are looking for help in understanding what God is asking them to do with their lives. World Race U will foster community. It will prepare participants to move with confidence toward their future. To help make this a reality, we are eliminating the barriers that may keep many from being involved – housing, food, and costs.

How old do I need to be to participate?

Participants need to be at least 18 years old.

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Will housing be furnished?

Yes - at the Gainesville AIM base and the Guatemala AIM base.

Will there be housing rules or covenants?

Yes, depending upon the housing option there may be certain rules and covenants. You will receive a copy of those after we determine your housing option.

Is housing required for participants or can they opt to live elsewhere?

Because community is a key value at the World Race U, interacting as a cohort is an important component of the program. This includes living in a community environment.

Will the teachers live in the housing?

In some cases, there may be teachers living in housing.

Will there be someone from the Gainesville office to serve as a contact for local questions?

Yes, we will have a World Race U mentor for all of your practical needs. Additionally, we have a World Race U pastor on-premise and an offsite partnership for professional counseling (for a very reduced fee)


When is money due, in advance or intervals?

Each participant will be expected to stay 60 days ahead in his or her tuition. For example, if you are a 6-month student with a 25% scholarship your monthly fee is $450. You will need to maintain a $900 balance in your account.



What does the World Race U schedule look like?

While we will be constantly evaluating our processes (remember this is a dynamic, activator-led environment) there may be some shifts in how we navigate our schedule. Participants will help us in this process. Initially, we will schedule classes in the morning with afternoons reserved for community service and mentoring.  Every other weekend classes will shut down for Adventure Days.

By using real world settings and challenges, we can help enhance your learning experience and involve you in the bigger picture of what God is doing around the world. We believe that God wants young people to see what he’s doing and how they can join him and make a difference.

The afternoons will be a venue for students to put into practice what they are learning in the school through their “practicums.”

Our ministries are led by a world-class group of leaders and activators. They will help find the perfect fit for your practicum, one that will ideally maximize your development and activation process.

Will World Race U be accredited and if so, with whom?

Yes, World Race U courses are accredited through College of Athens by TRACS.

Who are the professors?

Gainesville Faculty
College of Athens:

  • Marcia Wilbur
  • Scott Borg
  • and more...

Adventures in Missions Staff:

  • Seth Barnes
  • Kelly Couch
  • Andrew Couch
  • Chris Carlson
  • Dave Carlson
  • Johnny Eastman
  • and more...

Guatemala Faculty

Adventures in Missions Staff

  • Bill Swan
  • Katie Swan
  • Gabe Sanchez
  • Kevin Applegate
  • Marielle Moguel
What courses will be offered?

The following is a list of the courses we are currently in design with – this list will be honed. We encourage you to give us your input on what you think are the most intriguing course, the ones that you would like to see offered in the charter class.

Core Courses

Personal Discipleship (Adventures in Discipleship)
Community Living
Kingdom Living
Local Ministry
Independent/Interactive Study
Finding Your Call

Cohort-led/Independent Studies – ELECTIVES

Jesus Lifestyle – CORE
Acts Survey – CORE
Intro to Mobilization & Advocacy
Intro to Management
Business as Missions
Leadership Training: Leadership 101


Disciple Making
Leading Teams
Team Building
Development 101
Cross Cultural Ministry
Support Raising
Learning as Teaching
Pastoral Counseling

What certification is available for students?

Everyone who successfully completes a course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

What does discipleship look like in this program?

Top leaders and activators internally and externally will invest in participants both in and out of the classroom. The ethos of the World Race U will be community-centric, relationally driven, with an emphasis on development and activation.

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