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Is College for You?

Discover Your Purpose, Connect with Your Tribe, Achieve Your Dreams at WRU.

We're calling Gen Z'ers everywhere to join us in Guatemala for 4 months of discovery, travel, earning college credits, and missions!

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Why World Race U

The negative news media is wrong about Gen Z! The truth is that God wants to use this generation to touch the world with his love. 

We at WRU see the greatness in young people that God wants to reveal. That’s why we created this 4-month experience. 

It's designed to equip young people, developing them into powerful change agents equipped to tackle the world's biggest problems. We have seen that injustice, hunger, illiteracy and sickness all have an answer. 

Our certified coaches, experienced mentors, and partnership with an accredited college will help open doors of possibility. We prepare students with direction, confidence and the college credits to help them get to the next level.

Get involved in missions! Be a part of a community! Instead of a stale classroom, experience adventure and personal coaching to help you grow! WRU was created to prepare you to be the best version of yourself. 

If anxiety’s been hanging around you like an ugly sweater and you’ve been on the fence about what’s next for college, then set up a call with Johnny and the team to learn more.

World Race U Information

  • Date and Time

    January - May 2024

  • Location

    Guatemala, El Salvador and Gainesville, GA

  • Cost

    $6,950 + insurance (includes 2 classes)

  • January 2024 Classes

    English 101
    Leadership 101

Students and Process

1. We recruit highly motivated Christ-followers.
2. We guide students through a process to inventory their strengths and interests.
3. Coaches help students develop a Thrive Path.
4. Our mentors give them hard coaching and connect them to resources.
5. Students learn skills through a badge system to grow body, mind, and spirit.
6. We tap into students’ curiosity and motivation to equip them to grow at a pace appropriate to them.

All the Details

Let’s be honest, this is more for the parents. But for those of you who like dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s then you may enjoy this too.

World Race U is a 4-month, customized learning program that gives you space and time to figure things out.

We have 7 Promises you can take to the bank:

1. Graduate Debt-Free - through our student-school resourcing process.

No student debt

College has become unaffordable so debt is not an option at World Race U.

Our model focuses on:

  • Earning money through work & apprenticeships
  • Fundraising
  • Scholarships
  • Family savings

2. Deepen Your Walk with Christ - through our discipleship process.

Deepen Your Walk with Christ

We are Christ-followers who believe healthy, thriving community builds our faith. Our students and mentors enjoy abundant life together as they walk through discipleship and fellowship together.

While at World Race U, you’ll experience:

  • Rich Community
  • Adventure Weekends
  • Apprenticeship Network
  • Classes for academic credit
  • Ministry alongside local partners
  • Coaching

3. Experiential Learning - optimized learning process using experiential education

Experiential Learning on a Global Campus

Studies show we learn more through experience than lecture. Our learning model focuses on a multiplicity of experiences as you travel the world. We help you customize your learning path by connecting you with a mentor who helps you build a Thrive Path.

4. Associates or Bachelor's Degrees that meet students’ educational and career goals.

Designing Your Life

    Your Thrive Path begins as your coach helps you inventory your assets, interests, and dreams.  You and your coach will then work to connect you to your dreams by developing a path composed of specific actions that you'll take to move toward your dreams.  Each week, you'll look at it, evaluate the progress you've made and then edit your Thrive Path, establishing priorities for the week to come.

    5. Missional Living - We connect students to a global kingdom network of opportunities.

    Bachelor’s Degree

    After attending the 4-month Program, you can go on to earn your Associates (2 years) or Bachelor’s Degree (3-4 years) doing what you love!  Our academic partners work with us to incorporate our experiential education to give credit hours so that you can get a degree.  Typically each year has a theme.

    Year 1: A Customized Learning Path: Activate your Thrive Path
    Year 2: The Thrive Path incorporates academic subjects you'll need in life
    Year 3: Work with mentors to connect academics with hands-on training
    Year 4: Apprenticeship and real world opportunity

    6. Community Focus - students live and study in a mentor-led community.

    Community Focus

    We are experts at creating community. We place students in cohorts where they often make lifelong friends. They do life together and laugh a lot while challenging and encouraging one another.

    7. Practical Life Onramp - connecting to your dreams and your superpowers and then connecting you to a network of mentors/jobs that will develop you.
    • Practical Life Onramp

    We equip students to dream with God about how he wants to change the world and then becoming the change the world needs.  To do that, you'll need skills and connections.  We coach students in acquiring life skills.  We connect them to a network of mentors who are committed to Christ's Great Commission, working on life-changing projects in real time.  The world is changing - at World Race U, we teach you how to change with it.

    Your Personal Thrive Path

    WRU Badge System

    21 Essential Skills for the Thrive Path

    The old model of school - rows of desks in classrooms - needs an upgrade. We believe that Jesus gave us the perfect model as he taught his disciples. Yes, he taught them concepts in a formal way, but then he modeled what it looked like. And then he activated his disciples through experience. When they returned, Jesus debriefed them with questions and answers. He didn’t make it easy. He trusted his disciples to first begin allowing the Holy Spirit to lead them, and then eventually, for them to lead others.

    Life during Covid has made many young people anxious. Our coaches come alongside them, helping them to inventory their skills and understand where they may need remedial work through a Badge System. The staff at WRU and AIM have surveyed the growth of thousands of participants to distill the 21 top skills that are essential for thriving.

    Using the process outlined in the book Atomic Habits, WRU coaches help students to not just learn about skills, but acquire them. We do it in a way that makes learning fun, building confidence and self-discipline.

    Mastery is shown through a badge system as assessed by the WRU staff. Students must declare themselves ready to be assessed in each of the 21 skills. And once they have attained a badge, we will count on them to give help in the form of feedback and encouragement to those students who have not attained their badge yet.

    Students attain badges by establishing a baseline, goals and assessment path with their coaches. For those students electing to enroll for credit in the College of Athens degree programs, relevant badges will be incorporated into the curriculum the courses offered.

    Self Management

    • Self-awareness 
    • Hunger to grow & curiosity
    • Personal responsibility and self-management 
    • Self-discipline 
    • Mentorship/discipleship (how to work with a coach/mentor)

    Health Skills

    • Health of body, soul & spirit (head, heart & hands)
    • Biblical worldview
    • Communication skills
    • Spirit-filled living (Thrive Model)
    • Your identity and core values

    People Skills

    • How to live in community
    • How to listen
    • Feedback
    • Partnerships & synergy
    • Intimacy

    Life Skills

    • Basic chores & adulting
    • Good manners & being a good guest
    • Storytelling
    • Becoming a lifelong learner
    • Mission
    • Finding your purpose

    During our 1-4 year options, you will have opportunities to road test your Thrive Path as you move toward an apprenticeship and graduation.

    Letter to Future World Changers

    I remember what it was like to leave my home and go off to college. My father wanted me to be a doctor like him. That seemed crazy to me. I didn’t know who I was or what I was good at, but I knew that it wasn’t going to be in the medical profession!

    My parents expected me to go to college, so I went. The prospect of sitting in classrooms and taking notes seemed tedious, but I knew there was going to be a world full of possibilities beyond the campus.

    When Thanksgiving break rolled around, my friend said, “Let’s drive to Acapulco!” Only problem? We were in Chicago! But we got in his VW and away we went, driving nonstop until we arrived at the beach two days later.

    When, as a senior, I learned about the genocide in Cambodia, I found my way on a plane to a refugee camp. Within a week, I was helping refugees get back on their feet. I couldn’t see it, but I was becoming the change the world needed.

    What I learned is that life doesn’t have to look like somebody else’s boring script. God has given us each passions and the ability to make a difference. In fact, he says in the Bible that true religion is not found in buildings, but “helping widows and orphans in their distress.” 

    I believe that you have the seeds of greatness in you, and I’ve committed my life to helping reveal it. I’ve learned so much, both in raising my own kids, and in digging into how Jesus helped his disciples to grow. I believe that his methods are God-breathed and still work. They aren’t outmoded, they’re just hard!

    WRU isn’t for everyone - we’re capping the first class at 10 students. But it is for those who believe that Jesus is worth following with total abandon. It’s for those who believe that life should be lived to the full and are prepared to press in and live it!

    If you’re up for doing the work, I invite you to apply to WRU. If we accept you, I will personally take an interest in you and, together with our team of coaches and mentors, will invest in you. I believe you’re worth it. The world needs changing and God is looking for those young people who are committed to becoming the change! He may well be calling you. I pray you hear his voice.

    Yours for the journey,