Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has one of the most competitive economies in all of Asia.

Known for the tallest twin towers in the world, the Petronas Towers, it is a rising power in our global economy.

With a large number of immigrants from India, Thailand, China, and Burma, Malaysia is culturally rich, with heavy influences of Hinduism and Buddhism. However, this culturally diverse and rapidly developing nation is mostly Muslim.

With 61% of the population practicing Islam and 19% claiming Buddhism, the majority of Malaysians have never heard the Gospel.

Will you share the love of Jesus in Malaysia?




Visitors should be aware of Muslim customs, especially the ban on Muslims drinking alcohol or eating pork. It is also important to refrain from discussing religion and commenting on Islam.

Western women should dress modestly at all times, concealing their thighs and shoulders. Most people wear Western-style clothing. but is okay to wear traditional clothing (or a mix of the two).

Visitors should use their right hand to eat food when they are using chopsticks or their bare hand. The left is considered unclean. When receiving items from others, use both hands.


Malaysian Ringgit

Bahasa Malaysia, English, and Chinese

Muslim 61%
Buddhist 20%
Christian 9%
Hindu 6%
Other/None 4%


If you are in Kuala Lumpur, check out the Petronas Towers, the tallest towers twin towers in the world. For a view you'll never forget, you can buy tickets to go to the top!

For some of the best tourist shopping in the country, head over to Kuala Lumpur's Central Market.

If you are near Pangkor Island, go spend a day at the beach! You can rent jet skis, ride banana boats, and snorkel for $8 USD.



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