Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, the Dominican Republic shares an island with Haiti.

After 2010 earthquake, the country became a refuge for thousands of displaced people.

Although known for its vast sugar plantations, the nation’s economy depends on tourism. Political corruption is a lasting issue, along with the expanding gap between wealthy and poor.

While many Dominicans claim Christianity, estimates suggest 70% are Christians in name only—and indigenous religious customs steeped in witchcraft still thrive in many villages.

Will you share the freedom life in Christ with people who need to know Him?

Dominican Republic



A handshake is the typical greeting between both men and women. The handshake should be accompanied by a salutation.

Female travelers should avoid wearing jewelry or expensive watches in public. Female travelers should keep handbags on the off-street side of the body. Thieves on motorcycles will occasionally snatch bags while driving by.


Dominican Peso


Roman Catholic 95%
Other 5%


There are breathtaking beaches all over the Dominican Republic. Two of the best ones are Playa Rincon in Las Galeras and Playa Sosua in Sosua.

Go whale watching at the Península de Samaná.

If you get a chance to go to Cabarete, you can surf or kite surf.

Near La Vega, there are 27 waterfalls called Los 27 Charcos de Yaroa.

Jurassic Park was filmed in Jarabacoa!



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