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Catholicism, but secularizing with youth leaning towards irreligiosity, agnosticism, and atheism.
Spain, perched on the western edge of a continent that’s becoming less religious, boasts a cool history as one of the world’s earliest global empires. Its language is basically the third most spoken worldwide. This place, famous for bullfights, the Inquisition, and yummy tapas, is super passionate and totally needs a faith boost. Even though 94% of Spaniards say they’re Roman Catholic, only a quarter of them hit up church once a month. Whether you’re hiking the Camino de Santiago or chilling at a hip cafe, how about sharing your life-changing faith in a country that’s exploring meaning beyond old-school tradition and religion?


Spain’s culture is a rich blend of Western influence, interactions with European cultures, Catholic traditions, and diverse national and regional identities. It encompasses literature, music, art, cuisine, customs, beliefs, and social norms. Spanish culture has had a profound impact on Latin American and Filipino cultures.


Spain boasts 47 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it a cultural treasure trove, behind only Italy and China in this regard.

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