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Spanish and Mayan


Roman Catholicism often with indigenous Maya beliefs.
Guatemala, known as “The Land of Eternal Spring,” is a stunning and diverse Central American gem. Visitors come to scale its volcanoes, savor its coffee, and soar through rainforests on zip lines. Yet, Guatemala’s true treasure lies in its people, who yearn for spiritual fulfillment amid poverty. With a blend of Catholicism and indigenous beliefs, Guatemalans seek a deeper truth. Will you join in sharing the profound message of hope and purpose with the people of Guatemala?


The ancient Mayan culture still influences almost half of Guatemala’s population, with maize as a staple crop. The country has a rich musical tradition, with the marimba as the national instrument and Garifuna music on the Caribbean coast. Art music has a long history, and textiles play a significant role in preserving Mayan culture.


Guatemala’s cuisine varies by region, showcasing multicultural influences. Traditional foods include corn, chilis, and beans, rooted in Maya cuisine. Some dishes share names with neighboring countries but differ significantly. Certain foods are associated with specific days or occasions, like “paches” on Thursdays and tamales on Sundays. Tamales come in numerous varieties, featuring different masa, fillings, and wrappings.

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