Southeast Asia

Thailand Mission Trips

Thailand Mission Trips

The Basics

68.86 million
Buddhist 94%
Muslim 5%
Other 1%

This nation’s famously friendly inhabitants have earned Thailand its suitable nickname as the Land of Smiles.

Though an alluring tourist destination, Thailand’s glimmering cities and sandy beaches are marred by the dark reputation of sex trafficking and sex tourism.

Here you will have the opportunity to reveal the truth of Jesus to a deeply unreached country, whether you are prayer-walking through the red-light district, ministering to tourists, playing with street kids or teaching English to local Thai people.

While Thai culture is marketed overseas as a tourist friendly, “anything-goes destination” where normally outlandish behavior is celebrated, most Thais are traditional and conservative.

There is a great cultural divide between the Bangkok urban area and the more conservative and rural regions of northern Thailand.

Travelers should be respectful around important Buddhist temples and shrines, should avoid wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts at temples or religious sites, and also avoid touching locals on the head or hair, as the head is the most sacred part of the body in Buddhism.
Thailand is well known for its culinary practices and the Thai people are very proud of their cooking. Take a Thai cooking class and eat some delicious food.

Visit an elephant sanctuary to play with and make friends with elephants.

Go the Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai to get all of your Thai clothes and souvenirs.

Treat yourself to a fish pedicure for an unusual but surprisingly pleasant experience.

Strategic Partners

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The Adventures Base in Thailand works to build relationships with locals and host and disciple teams that come through. The team runs a public hostel and works alongside outside ministries to bring Kingdom in Chiang Mai, as well as building relationships and pouring into the community.

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Fountain of Hope works in the villages of northern Thailand. Their vision is to create an environment in which children are cared for and brought up with Christ. Their goal is to help educate and love them, so they will grow to be leaders in the tribal communities and teach the love of Jesus while being self-sustainable in their lives. Our teams help with educating the children and stay with the villagers to become a part of their lives while sharing God’s love through action.

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This Thai family works to educate the younger generations of Thailand. Our teams typically help teach English at the local schools. Learning English is vital for the future of the local children, and also opens up the opportunity to build relationships with the children and other teachers.

On the Ground

Posts from racers on the ground in Thailand