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Bosnia Mission Trips

Bosnia Mission Trips

The Basics

Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark
Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian
Muslim 51%
Orthodox 31%
Roman Catholic 15%
Atheist/Agnostic 1%
Other 2%

Between the world-class skiing and being a major stop for Catholic pilgrims, Bosnia is quickly becoming a top tourist destination in Eastern Europe.

Still recovering economically from the Bosnian Wars of the early 1990s, Bosnia was once part of the Ottoman Empire and then Yugoslavia. Its people know the pain of separation and division too well.

The nation has a history of political, national, and ethnic conflict. Even in religion and custom its people are divided: 50% of the population is Muslim, 31% Eastern Orthodox, and 15% Roman Catholic.

Will you share God’s healing love in Bosnia?

It is common to hear Bosnians speaking in loud voices and becoming animated during conversations. This usually does not signify anger; people just tend to be expressive.

To beckon someone, raise the palm of your hand toward them and then fold the fingers down in a scratching motion. It is considered rude to beckon someone with a hand turned upward.

It is considered rude to refuse an offer of a drink or a meal when visiting someone in their home.
If you are in Mostar, go out and explore the city. Its medieval buildings and cobblestone streets will make you feel like you are stepping back in time! Then go check out the waterfall just outside the city for a fun afternoon.

Check out the Ottoman Quarter in Sarajevo. It’s an awesome place to people watch, explore, and has a great cafe culture.

Bosnia has some beautiful mountains with great hiking trails and river rafting.

On the Ground

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Upcoming Bosnia Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in this country by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

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