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Bolivia Mission Trips

Bolivia Mission Trips

The Basics

Bolivian Boliviano
Spanish and Quechua
Roman Catholic 77%
Protestant Christian 16%
None 5.5
Other 1.5%

Although the poorest country in South America, Bolivia is the wealthiest in terms of natural resources. From the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Basin, Bolivia is full of natural beauty.

However, the truth wealth of Bolivia is its people.

The most indigenous country in South America, over 60% of the population traces their heritage back to one of over 30 different ethnic groups. Ancient traditions and social customs heavily influence the local culture.

Will you share your life-changing faith in Bolivia?

Bolivia is rich in folklore tradition, including a regional folk music unlike any other. There are many dances and traditions that are performed at carnivals and festivals across Bolivia.

Modesty is usually expected of women in much of Latin America. Walking with confidence and conservative dress are helpful when relating with the culture. The best advice is to imitate well-dressed Bolivian women to assimilate with the culture.
Cordillera Real has more than 600 peaks over 16,400 feet, the majority of which are only a few hours’ drive from La Paz.

La Paz is the highest city in the world, sitting at 11,913 feet, that’s over two miles high and full of gorgeous overlooks.

Home to the world’s largest salt flat, it’s a gorgeous sight to see in sunshine, but with just a little rain it feels like you are driving across the surface of the sky.

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