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Eastern Europe


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The Basics


18.81 Million




Eastern Orthodox 82%
Protestant Christian 6%
Roman Catholic 4%
Other 8%

Romania is in the heart of Eastern Europe. The country is home to many Romanians who are familiar with the Orthodox Church and Roma people who are among the least reached in the country. Among both groups, faithful Romanian missionaries are evangelizing, discipling, and planting churches and people are starting to choose to live for Jesus. Will you choose to join these missionaries as they reach their towns, region, and continent with the Gospel?


It is impolite for men to keep their hands in their pockets when addressing women, older people, or large audiences.

In rural areas, it is customary to say, “Hello” to anyone who walks by, even strangers. This is especially important when the person is older or a figure to whom respect is due, such as a priest. Walking by someone without giving a greeting is considered very rude.

It is customary for guests to bring a small, inexpensive gift when invited to someone’s home.

About 70% identify as Romanian Orthodox which is a branch from Eastern Orthodox.
*One of the biggest things to note about the Orthodox Church is their use of icons. It is believed that the saints portrayed in these icons literally manifest in them. People will often kiss and otherwise show honor to these icons and images in some way.

Romanian culture enjoys food. Previous Racers have enjoyed the variety of pastries and coffee that costs 2 lei (50 cents!)


Explore the captivating ancient architecture of Old Town Bucharest. Enjoy plenty of shopping and delicious Eastern European food while you’re there.

Go explore the ruins of Dracula’s real castle located on the plateau of Mount Cetatea.

Climb 1,480 steps to the entrance of Poenari Castle and explore the ruins with a view. While you are at it, go visit the other still intact castles that Romania has to offer.

Go swimming on the Black Sea coast!

Upcoming Romania Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in this country by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!



    Hope Church is dedicated to impacting people with the hope of Christ. They seek to fulfill the spiritual and physical needs of the people according to the teaching and practices of Jesus Christ as laid out by Matthew 9:35-38. Teams typically helps this ministry with children's day camps, handing out eye glasses to those who are in need, and evangelism.

  • Living Hope Church

    Living Hope Church

    Living Hope Church desires to see the children that were enslaved by addiction rise up to be a generation that proclaims Christ and honors His Holy Name. Razboieni is considered the poorest neighborhood from the city of Pitesti. More than 50 percent of the people living there are gypsies. Most of the families are torn apart, creating a lot of orphan children. Witchcraft is also a very common practice. Razboieni is a dark neighborhood where people are constantly fighting for their lives.

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