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Mission Trips

The Basics


101.21 million


Filipino/Tagalog and English


Catholic 83%
Protestant Christian 7%
Muslim 5%
Other 5%
Known for its diverse terrain of mountains, volcanoes, and beaches, the Philippines is a popular haven for tourists. A melting pot of cultures, religion, and tradition, the beautiful people of the Philippines are very diverse, with influences from America, Spain, and other Asian countries. More than a getaway for Westerners, this 7,000-island archipelago is home to many who earn less than 15 cents per day, giving them the status of “ultra poor”. In order to survive, some have resorted to prostitution and human trafficking. Will you share the freedom of life in Christ in the Philippines?


When visiting religious sites, visitors need to cover shoulders and legs.

Traditionally, there is no physical contact between opposite genders in public. Men should wait for a Filipina woman to extend her hand. Foreign women may initiate a handshake with Filipino men or women. Close female friends may embrace when greeting.

The concept of “face,” which has to do with pride and respect, is very important. Causing someone to “lose face” can have a serious negative effect on personal relationships.


Just outside of Manila, check out a volcano called Mt. Pinatubo. There’s a beautiful lake in the middle of it to explore, and you can rent ATVs up and around it.

Get your surf on in Bagasbas!

For the more adventurous palate, try the Philippine delicacy of balut—boiled duck embryo.

Upcoming Philippines Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in this country by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

  • Kids International Ministries

    Kids International Ministries

    Kids International Ministries (KIM) aims to meet the needs of abandoned children and the poor by sharing the Gospel. KIM works in tangible ways, like providing meals at many different locations throughout the city. They also started a birthing center, children’s home, and school, and are working on building a community center.

  • Children’s Garden

    Children’s Garden

    Children's Garden is residential care for boys that formerly lived on the street ages 12-18. These boys often come from delinquent backgrounds, including drugs, gangs, abuse, and most come from fatherless homes. Children’s Garden provides programs in education, skills training, discipleship, and aftercare (for boys 18 and above). Their goal is for these young men to be men after God's own heart, and become great husbands, responsible fathers, future leaders, and law abiding, productive Filipino citizens.

  • Grow Ministries

    Grow Ministries

    Grow Ministries has a camp facility in the mountains outside of Manila. Their primary focus is ministering to kids living on the street. They also have a small local church, a micro farm, and a monthly clinic for children and expecting mothers. Grow also provides a preschool for the local community located at their camp facility.

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