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Mission Trips

The Basics


31.07 Million


English, along with many regional tribal languages


Protestant Christian 58%
Muslim 18%
Roman Catholic 13%
None 6%
Tribal Religions 5%
Home to the largest waterfall in West Africa and beautiful sandy beaches, Ghana is a popular vacation destination for tourists looking to explore Africa’s natural beauty. In the past, labor trafficking of children has been a major issue, but the government and local ministries are fighting the effects of this problem. Unique amongst its neighbors, Ghana is a primarily English speaking country, unlike its mostly French-speaking neighboring countries. The nation has one of the strongest economies in Africa and one of the highest school enrollment rates on the continent—over 95% of children attend school.


The Ghanaian people have been able to stay relatively free from serious internal conflict and they take much pride in this. Family is a very strong bond in Ghana and is the primary source of identity, loyalty, and responsibility. Family obligations take priority over most things.

It is important for Ghanaians to maintain dignity, honor, and a good reputation. In order to save “face”, they try to maintain a sense of harmony; people will act with decorum at all times to ensure they do not cause anyone embarrassment.


If you love national parks and/or forests, definitely check out Kakum National Park. There are a set of canopies that are suspended from tree top to tree top. It’s a little hike, maybe three miles total and takes a little over an hour.

In Shai Hills you can go to the Art Market near the Accra Mall. It’s a really good way to experience an authentic African market.

Rent an Air BnB on the beautiful Cape Coast and enjoy the beaches.

Tour the haunting and beautiful El Mina Slave Castle.

Upcoming Ghana Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in this country by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

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