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The Basics


19.12 Million




Roman Catholic 67%
Protestant Christian 16%
None 11%
Other 6%
Because Chile stretches two-thirds the length of South America, it is home to an impressively varied climate: from the world’s driest desert in the north to Patagonia in the south. It is a country rich in history, culture, and the arts, and is a popular tourist destination in South America. Chile is also one of the most prosperous and successful countries on the continent, with a high standard of living and continual economic growth. About 85% of its people live in major cities, with the rest of the population in more rural areas. There is so much this beautiful country has to offer the world. Will you serve God and join where He is at work in Chile?


Chileans are more formal and scheduled than other Latinos.

They also are very proud of their culture. If you research their history and learn some Spanish before going, they will be very relational with you and very open to talking.

Roman Catholicism and Baptist churches are the common forms of Christianity in Latin America. Drinking, smoking, discotecas, and tattoos are not something Christians do in Chile and most of Latin America.

Chileans love music and the arts.


Lauca National Park is in the Andes mountains in the far north of Chile. Explore the park and take in the majestic scenery. If you’re lucky you may come across a llama or a flamingo!

Go explore Torres del Paine National Park. Located in Chile’s Patagonia region, it is known for its soaring mountains and bright blue ice fields.

Upcoming Chile Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in this country by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

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