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2.87 Million




Islam 70%
Albanian Orthodox 20%
Roman Catholic 10%
Albania, one of the countries Paul visited on his third missionary journey, is in Eastern Europe. Though it declared independence in 1912, this small country was occupied by both Italy and Germany during World War II, lying behind the Iron Curtain and under Soviet rule until 1989. Not long after the fall of the Soviet Union, conflict on the Balkan Peninsula tore families apart once again. It is a nation of rich history, natural beauty, and people who know the meaning of pain. The people of Albania need to know the freedom and hope that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. Will you share it with them?


Albania has taken a long time to come out of its former Communist rule to a place of embracing visiting cultures.

When speaking to someone, the acceptable distance is similar to a North American distance. Avoid touching someone when speaking with him/her. Maintain eye contact without staring.

It is important to have a neat appearance.

Public displays of anger and loud expressions of emotions are not welcome. In public, you can shake hands, nod your head, wave your hand, or hug a close acquaintance.


Go hang out in Berat. It is a 2,600-year-old town full of yummy cafes and beautiful architecture. Paul went to Beret on his third missionary journey!

The west side of Albania touches both the Adriatic and Iconian Seas. There are multiple stunning beaches to visit on a day off.

Albania has many castle ruins through the country. Go explore the eerie ruins of Berat Castle, a fortress overlooking the town of Berat. Dating back to the 13th century, it’s built on a rocky hill on the left bank of the Osum River.

Upcoming Albania Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in this country by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

No trips are launching to this country currently. Here are some trips we're running this season.
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