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How does the World Race help Racers when they return?

From day one, we knew we had a problem. The Race is 11 months long, and looking at Jesus' model, we could see that would not be enough time. Jesus took three years with his disciples. 

What is the Kingdom of God?

The Kingdom is a family. It’s a place where outsiders are welcomed in, where foreigners become citizens and where strangers become sons and daughters. And finally, where wanderers find their way back home.

What is the goal of the World Race?

Our heartbeat is to train and equip Racers to live for God whether they are on the mission field or in their own backyard. Curious what the Race looks like? Check out this video from Kyrgyzstan.

What defines home for you?

Growing up, home probably looked like your house or your neighborhood…but on the World Race, you may discover that home can’t be found on any map. 

Where do adventure and the Holy Spirit collide?

More than anything, adventure is about immersing yourself in uncertainty, and allowing the Holy Spirit to show you the way.

Sharing God's love in unreached places around the world

God’s glory is everywhere, and on the World Race, you’ll see it every day. You just have to start looking. Today we’re talking about the 10/40 window. Maybe you’ve heard about it or maybe it’s a new term.

How Social Media and Missions Work Together?

We get really excited talking about stories because they are so powerful. Words are powerful. God created the world with words. And you can bring Kingdom here on earth by letting the Master Storyteller write your extraordinary life story – all you have to do is share it! 


[Video] Want to bring the peace?

We can bring peace wherever we go - we’ve just got to lean into what God is saying and trust Him every step of the way.

Check out this awesome vlog from the Ivory Coast

These former Racers got to see God move in beautiful ways, first as Racers and then as leaders. Check it out!

Who are the World Race ministry partners?

We have the honor of working with a wide variety of ministry partners all around the world who are committed to seeing the Kingdom of God thrive in their communities, countries, and to the ends of the Earth. 

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