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»  Bonjour; Greetings from Togo, West Africa! by Lycia Mathis (1/14/2020)
»  An Argentine Christmas! by Catherine Lucas (1/6/2020)
»  Team Blog: Ministry in Argentina by Catherine Lucas (1/6/2020)
»  A team recap of this past month in Argentina! / Happy New Year! by Lycia Mathis (12/31/2019)
»  Team Cowritten blog - December in Argentina: a lot of activities and encounters. DICEMBRE AL CALDO IN ARGENTINA: tante attività e incontri speciali by Simona Tropeano (12/30/2019)
»  Worth the Risk by April Knab (12/30/2019)
»  My Christmas this year vs. My Christmas last year; No family, but here is why... by Lycia Mathis (12/25/2019)
»  Home for the Holidays by April Knab (12/23/2019)
»  Grieving, Pruning, Processing, and Ministry by Lycia Mathis (12/20/2019)
»  A Typical Day in Pacasmayo, Peru by Catherine Lucas (12/9/2019)
»  A Day In The Life in Pacasmayo, Peru! by April Knab (12/9/2019)
»  Miracles DO happen - fun facts and highlights of the month - ITALIANO: fatti curiosi, amicizie e... MIRACOLI by Simona Tropeano (12/7/2019)
»  A Day in the Life in Pacasmayo, Peru! VIDEO by Adi Coe (12/4/2019)
»  Misconceptions for the lives of Missionaries: Finding God in the Mundane by Lycia Mathis (12/3/2019)
»  Walking in the Calling Despite all the Struggles and Sacrifices by Lycia Mathis (11/22/2019)
»  How I Found Myself in the Back of a Peruvian Police Truck by Catherine Lucas (11/19/2019)
»  Goodbye month 1, but not Peru: No more Bolivia, but still new opportunities on the Horizon! by Lycia Mathis (11/10/2019)
»  VIDEO: Celebrating Ministry in Cusco by Adi Coe (11/10/2019)
»  Peru Round 2 by Catherine Lucas (11/8/2019)
»  Viaggiando si impara - comunità e riflessioni! - Travelling & learning - THE GOODS AND BADS OF COMMUNITY+ video clip - ENGLISH TEXT AT THE BOTTOM by Simona Tropeano (11/8/2019)
»  Holy Spirit Increase by April Knab (11/6/2019)
»  God in the Laundry Room by Adi Coe (11/2/2019)
»  I ATE CUY (Guinea Pig) by Lycia Mathis (11/1/2019)
»  7 Things I missed most this month - 7 COSE CHE MI SONO MANCATE DI PIU QUESTO MESE by Simona Tropeano (10/31/2019)
»  Beauty for Ashes by Catherine Lucas (10/31/2019)
»  VLOG: We Nearly Froze in the Andes! by Adi Coe (10/26/2019)
»  VLOG: We Nearly Froze in the Andes! by Adi Coe (10/26/2019)
»  Let me share my heart with you! by Lycia Mathis (10/24/2019)
»  My Day With a Special Needs Boy by April Knab (10/23/2019)
»  Climbing mountains - Living the big vision! by Simona Tropeano (10/22/2019)
»  VLOG: Travel to Peru With Me! by Adi Coe (10/18/2019)
»  The Longest Week of My Life by Catherine Lucas (10/16/2019)
»  La mia prima settimana in Perù da volontaria, leggete com’è andata! Bellissimo Filmato in basso by Simona Tropeano (10/16/2019)
»  The God Who Always Shows Up by April Knab (10/16/2019)
»  Welcome to Cusco, Peru! by Lycia Mathis (10/15/2019)
»  Welcome to Cusco, Peru! by Lycia Mathis (10/15/2019)
»  Launching NOW! by Lycia Mathis (10/7/2019)
»  Launching NOW! by Lycia Mathis (10/7/2019)
»  The journey finally begins! On my way to Peru!!! by Simona Tropeano (10/7/2019)
»  All of the Above: How I’m Feeling on My Last Day in the USA by Adi Coe (10/6/2019)
»  What's in My Pack?! by Adi Coe (10/3/2019)
»  Obedience Even Still by April Knab (10/2/2019)
»  Perchè ho scelto il programma World Race by Simona Tropeano (10/1/2019)
»  T-minus Two Days! by Lycia Mathis (10/1/2019)
»  T-minus Six Days by Catherine Lucas (9/27/2019)
»  The only way through! by Lycia Mathis (9/12/2019)
»  Where my World Race started - the battle, the commitment, the breakthrough by Simona Tropeano (9/8/2019)
»  Here's the Scoop by Lycia Mathis (8/27/2019)
»  Here's the Scoop by Lycia Mathis (8/27/2019)
»  Training Camp! by Catherine Lucas (8/26/2019)