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Tenaciously Fighting the Good Fight

by Alyssa Cavitt on 7/28/2014
Team tenacious

For Emily

by Leslie Oxford on 7/28/2014
Team ru-ah

Snacks for Sila

by Alyssa Keene on 7/28/2014
Team fearlesslove

Why Asia, Tina?

by Tina Sakers on 7/28/2014

"Fake It till You Make It" is Stupid- Part 2

by Alexis Coryell on 7/28/2014

I didn't just survive. I lived.

by Kegan Nall on 7/28/2014

Drawing Up Worship

by Deirdre Lehmann on 7/27/2014
Team shekinahglory

It's Time To Go Home.

by Tenille Ramirez on 7/27/2014
Team joyfuldivas


by Leah Bentrup on 7/27/2014
Team eternallyaltared

World Race Resume

by Meghan Callahan on 7/27/2014
Team thisisit

Just one year?

by Candace Conner on 7/27/2014
Team ...dropsmic

A Story Worth Telling

by Kristina Smith on 7/27/2014
Team royalsymphony

My First Ever Goodbye

by Brian Corder on 7/27/2014
Team facedownrevolution

Lessons Learned

by megan klang on 7/27/2014
Team uncaged

Prayers for a friend

by Jayden Korber on 7/27/2014

Guatemala. Thailand. Botswana.

by Brooke McIntosh on 7/27/2014

Flame of Jesus

by Bryan Noll on 7/27/2014

Finding Love and Truth in Georgia

by Angela Brown on 7/27/2014

Turning dreams into reality

by Brie Thomas on 7/27/2014
Team abundantjoy


by Cicely Tillman on 7/27/2014
Team tenacious

Where have you been all month??

by Christina Eichler on 7/27/2014
Team ovida

The gift of a storm.

by andie Lance on 7/27/2014
Team koinonia

Whips, Chains, and the Light of Christ

by Chelle Patschke on 7/27/2014
Team koinonia

"One Hundred Fires"

by Rachel Eddy on 7/27/2014
Team katafygio

The Family I Did Not Expect

by Chris Stepp on 7/27/2014
Team forerunners

Preaching in the DR

by Paul Barnello on 7/27/2014
Team forerunners

Spolja gladac, iznutra jadac.

by Molly Syme on 7/27/2014
Team ironlife

Beautiful Bride

by Bekah Neese on 7/27/2014
Team nogreaterlove

Washed By The Water

by Courtney Tuttle on 7/27/2014
Team boldradiance

Goodbye, Bolivia!

by Isabella Strafaci on 7/27/2014
Team boldradiance

Bolivia (PHOTO BLOG #1)

by Amy Mejeur on 7/27/2014
Team openarms

As if it were Month 11

by Linda Swier on 7/27/2014
Team sozo

I went to Dumbos

by Justin Athanaseas on 7/27/2014
Team sozo

World Race- Day 1 (a month late)

by Susan Hansen on 7/27/2014
Team tonka

World Race- Day 1 (a month late)

by Samuel Hansen on 7/27/2014
Team tonka

Churros, Chunos, y Chuleta de Llama

by Chris Clermont on 7/27/2014
Team rakchazak

Churros, Chunos, y Chuleta de Llama

by Chrislyn Clermont on 7/27/2014
Team rakchazak

Faithful in prayer

by Kelsey Beggs on 7/27/2014
Team aperture

Camp Evergreen Was About Moses

by Kate Moore on 7/27/2014

H Squad Training Camp Video!

by Kate Moore on 7/27/2014

"Living in the Borderland"

by Christopher Moore on 7/27/2014

The Call

by Ashley Hinkleman on 7/27/2014

"Fake It till You Make It" is Stupid- Part 1

by Alexis Coryell on 7/27/2014

Friends that smell together stay together!

by Acacia Hammond on 7/27/2014

It's Not A Vacation

by Simone Sterling on 7/27/2014

Post Training Camp Update

by Andrew Hunt on 7/27/2014

Training Camp: I SURVIVED!!!

by Scott Perez on 7/27/2014

quotes and verses

by Misha Shonkwiler on 7/27/2014

I know I can't save the whole world..

by Darlene King on 7/27/2014

Info on Thailand 2

by Tori Thompson on 7/27/2014


by Emma Prica on 7/27/2014

Do You Hear His Whisper?

by Taylor Duggan on 7/27/2014

Let's Talk About Fear

by Ashton Robertson on 7/27/2014

The Things Unsaid

by Jennie McMullin on 7/27/2014

The Night

by Ricci Emmons on 7/26/2014
Team barefoot

The "Real World"

by Lacey O'Donnell on 7/26/2014
Team setafiresc


by Carolyn Bradley on 7/26/2014
Team squadleaders

A family in the desert

by Bridget Cundelan on 7/26/2014
Team ...dropsmic


by Megan Brandon on 7/26/2014
Team wildfire


by Stephanie Ransom on 7/26/2014
Team lionheart

Buen Provecho

by Lucy Morgan on 7/26/2014
Team steamy

4 Days Left...What Now?

by Hanna Taylor on 7/26/2014
Team squadleaders

More Excited Than Ever!

by Abbie Eaton on 7/26/2014

When She Spoke, My Heart Leapt

by Alexis Staeb on 7/26/2014
Team halas

Receive, Receive!

by Jackie Bakalarski on 7/26/2014
Team goldengirls

When Children Attack

by Kaila Demoss on 7/26/2014
Team halas

Put Me In Tune Spoken word

by Kyle Kunkel on 7/26/2014
Team halas

A LOT can happen in 1 week

by Nicole Bouza on 7/26/2014
Team calmwaters

They stole his front door.

by Stacie Fields on 7/26/2014
Team w.e.r.k.

I'm going home

by Laura Medders on 7/26/2014
Team mates

And this Week the Trend...

by Troy Smouse on 7/26/2014
Team 3d

Grateful Update

by Amanda Hall on 7/26/2014
Team forerunners

The Bittersweet

by Amanda Hall on 7/26/2014
Team forerunners

Life in the Dominican

by Kapri Hernandez on 7/26/2014
Team alvah

It Will Eat Your Heart

by Leslie Oxford on 7/26/2014
Team ru-ah


by Steve Gonzalez Jr on 7/26/2014
Team ru-ah

Abandon Your Heart

by Amber Gallaway on 7/26/2014
Team apotolmao

Ministry in Uyuni

by Sarah Dooley on 7/26/2014
Team rakchazak

La Casa en Uyuni

by Sarah Dooley on 7/26/2014
Team rakchazak

Bye Bye Bolivia

by Casey Baxter on 7/26/2014
Team fearlesslaughter