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Why Are You Living In It?

by Katie Axelson on 5/12/2014
Team salmo45:11

How to Build Community

by Katie Axelson on 4/28/2014
Team salmo45:11

It's NOT Just Fun & Adventure

by Gloriel Taylor on 4/24/2014
Team brokenchains

Fresh Perspective

by Kelsey Chancellor on 4/23/2014
Team unveiled

Authentic Womanhood

by Carm Nicholson on 4/23/2014
Team exegesis

he is {still} risen

by Mary Douglas on 4/23/2014
Team 112

What Next?

by Katie Olson on 4/23/2014
Team awaken

Learning to Listen

by Michelle McPherson on 4/23/2014
Team leo

Making Dreams Come True

by Cara Wood on 4/23/2014
Team leo

love letter to ou(R) squad

by Katelyn DeVoe on 4/23/2014
Team turnthepage

Great is Thy Faithfulness

by Nate Landry on 4/23/2014
Team squadleaders

Supper Club

by Ross Anderson on 4/23/2014
Team mates

These Feet : A letter to my Pedicurist

by Britt Dietzman on 4/23/2014
Team ahuvah

World Race Regrets

by Kelsey Roberts on 4/23/2014
Team davidsangels

World Race Regrets

by Dave Roberts on 4/23/2014
Team davidsangels

Pray For My Death

by Amanda McConnell on 4/23/2014
Team squadleaders

When Facebook Changes Lives

by Chelsey Murphree on 4/23/2014
Team wrappedinradiance

Things You forget on the Race

by Kate Friar on 4/23/2014
Team lionheart

Jai Ho India

by Christina Callegari on 4/23/2014
Team lionheart

Let's talk about sex.

by Aimee Labelle on 4/23/2014
Team uncaged

T-shirts are here!

by Shelby Havard on 4/23/2014

JUMPING for joy

by Desirae Francis on 4/23/2014

Lessons From Thunderstorms

by Sam Lacey on 4/23/2014

Jesus Te Ama

by Jonathan Francis on 4/23/2014
Team criscounico

Miss home or bring it.

by Abigail Boland on 4/23/2014
Team hijasdelrey

In the small things...

by Brie Thomas on 4/23/2014
Team salmo45:11

When God gives you Lemons...

by Casey Alexander on 4/23/2014
Team alegria

Kings & Queens

by Kate Houston on 4/23/2014
Team hijasdelrey

Jesus Parade

by Will Taylor on 4/23/2014
Team teamzoa

Second Looks

by Lindsey Schlingman on 4/23/2014
Team "noname"

Unsung Heroes... Photo Recap!

by Danielle Wieber on 4/23/2014
Team teamzoa

Up to the mountains

by Kylee McAlmond on 4/23/2014
Team petrichor-rain

A Day In The Life- Leon

by Isaiah Fogle on 4/23/2014
Team adelphoi

Whiplash...or so the enemy Thinks

by Katherine Dahmen on 4/23/2014
Team braveheart

Loving the Leper

by Katherine Dahmen on 4/23/2014
Team braveheart

Getting Buzzed

by Katherine Dahmen on 4/23/2014
Team braveheart

Wipe Out -- Almost

by Katherine Dahmen on 4/23/2014
Team braveheart

Reflections on Nepal

by Katherine Dahmen on 4/23/2014
Team braveheart


by Katherine Dahmen on 4/23/2014
Team braveheart

Village Life

by Anthea Kruik on 4/23/2014
Team globalrootz


by Stephanie Johnson on 4/23/2014
Team brokenchains

Just the Beginning

by Kristin Funderburg on 4/23/2014
Team tabularasa

India Ministry Video

by Larisa Aleksandrov on 4/23/2014
Team entrusted

My Sweet Sweet Boy.

by Seth Hutchins on 4/23/2014
Team braveheart

Open My Eyes! (part 2)

by Heather Bearden on 4/23/2014
Team simplicity

Unsung Heros: That Song in your Head

by Laura Medders on 4/23/2014
Team nuria

Color Me Gray

by Jinnae Morgan on 4/23/2014
Team simplicity

Open Heart Surgery

by Jinnae Morgan on 4/23/2014
Team simplicity

Arrive At Your Goals

by Stephen Shelley on 4/23/2014

Route Update:)

by Brittany Johnston on 4/23/2014

Support Letter

by Summer Kinser on 4/23/2014

When Someone Hurts You

by Lindsay Sherburn on 4/23/2014

Change is the Only Constant in Life

by Jessica Timmerman on 4/23/2014

I made this for you!!!

by Steff Polivka on 4/23/2014

Women Worth Admiring: Part 3

by Jewels Sliwinski on 4/23/2014

Emails: 4/23/14

by Natalia Davis on 4/23/2014

Support video!

by Sarah Michel on 4/23/2014

To Be Honest

by Tristiana Hinton on 4/23/2014


by Courtney Naylor on 4/23/2014

Why the Mission Field?

by John-Michael McCaffrey on 4/23/2014

Do you want a normal life?

by Acacia Hammond on 4/23/2014

Do WHAT? God, surely you didn't mean that.

by Ashley Albert on 4/23/2014

What is World Race?

by Lauren Madawick on 4/23/2014

Love Without Borders

by Emily Sherwood on 4/23/2014

About me..

by Mandie Grundmeyer on 4/23/2014

Here Am I...Why Me?

by Chelsea Winn on 4/23/2014

Planning for the "World Race"!

by Melanie Wells on 4/23/2014

Be in Your Season.

by KAYLYNN LOVELESS on 4/22/2014

Confessions Of Me

by Meghan Tschanz on 4/22/2014
Team lionheart

To My Family

by Erin Hogan on 4/22/2014
Team anchorwut

Beginning of Life

by Amy Zeller on 4/22/2014
Team barefoot

Philippines Recap Video

by Kevin Johnson on 4/22/2014
Team squadleaders

The Life I Live: Thailand [pics]

by Amanda McConnell on 4/22/2014
Team squadleaders

Tetelestai, Romania

by Alyssa Sharp on 4/22/2014
Team woof

God Like Clouds

by Allison Braun on 4/22/2014
Team woof


by Ashley Loeb on 4/22/2014
Team dawntreaders

He did it and you helped!

by Shelley Sparling on 4/22/2014
Team lol

It's Just a Layover!

by megan klang on 4/22/2014
Team uncaged

Asking for help...

by Jamie Carlson on 4/22/2014


by Russell Keen on 4/22/2014

Chicken for the Mission

by Alex Quinn on 4/22/2014

Set Apart

by Krista Wurlitzer on 4/22/2014

Body Parts

by Eric Cash on 4/22/2014
Team zealouslove

hips don't lie.

by Cori Ward on 4/22/2014
Team theunexpected

Danger Zone

by Nikki Romani on 4/22/2014
Team agape

The Letter 'R'....

by Alexis Staeb on 4/22/2014
Team awakening

We Love Logistics

by Cortney Wooldridge on 4/22/2014
Team dependentbyfaith