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Unrelenting Wanderlust

by Deirdre Lehmann on 10/5/2015
Team shekinahglory

The Wander-ful Life

by Christina Eichler on 10/5/2015
Team refinedelegance

I am Yours

by Brittani Banks on 10/5/2015
Team teampoiema

Oh How He's Moving.

by Bethany McClendon on 10/5/2015
Team teampoiema


by Jillian Janzen on 10/5/2015
Team teambreathoflife

The Weapon of Prayer

by Rachel Edney on 10/5/2015
Team teambreathoflife

They Flipped the Script on Me

by Mary Auger on 10/5/2015
Team navagio

A bit about Vietnam.

by Nancy Chi on 10/5/2015
Team 100fgb

Home Sweet Home

by Krystle Garwood on 10/5/2015
Team pourover

Get Off Your Donkey!!!

by Jordan Tarant on 10/5/2015
Team teampilgrim

love lessons from Zambia

by Meg Georges on 10/5/2015
Team sozo


by Kels Sutton on 10/5/2015
Team sozo

Who Is Richard?

by Peyton Rector on 10/5/2015
Team galene


by raylene Carrillo on 10/5/2015
Team teamhighlo

Hopeful Bulgaria

by Kristen Ozmon on 10/5/2015
Team sourpatchkids

Video from Serbia

by Kris McKinney on 10/5/2015
Team joyfulnoise

Mary did you know?

by Bliz Ballesteros on 10/5/2015


by Melissa Vereen on 10/5/2015

You Make Me Brave

by Heather Roush on 10/4/2015
Team squadleader

made with love

by Courtney Naylor on 10/4/2015
Team touchdown

Oh What My Eyes Have Seen

by Matthew Shirey on 10/4/2015
Team teamtetelestai

Hold on for a Wild Ride

by Parker White on 10/4/2015
Team teamtetelestai

It's Silent, but Good

by Hannah Hastings on 10/4/2015
Team teamchuphsah

Let Them See You In Me

by Emily Voss on 10/4/2015
Team teamagon

A New Normal

by Claudia Fitzpatrick on 10/4/2015
Team teambreathoflife

Freedom from bondage

by Katie Wolfsohn on 10/4/2015
Team dauntless

"Hey Jesus, what's next?" (part 2)

by Ashley Thaggard on 10/4/2015
Team fenix

Stuck in the Desert!

by Misha Shonkwiler on 10/4/2015
Team tortugalaud

Little Blessings

by Kristen Shreiner on 10/4/2015
Team navagio

The End is Near...

by Derek Shatto on 10/4/2015
Team j.o.s.h.

Part 1: Do You Love Me More?

by Alayna Schlafley on 10/4/2015
Team tigerbalm

Bibles and Demons

by Paul Koenen on 10/4/2015
Team armthemasses

Love message

by Jen Eyears on 10/4/2015
Team renew

Most Likely to Challenge

by Julia Robertson on 10/4/2015
Team steadfast

You asked. I answered.

by Hannah Hand on 10/4/2015
Team soturi

Living Grace

by Keighty Patton on 10/4/2015
Team wimbi

Divine Appointments At A Coffee Shop

by Norma Cortes Alcocer on 10/4/2015
Team teamudiya

Lessons from Preschool

by Allana Drianis on 10/4/2015
Team teamharmonicremnant

My Serbian Grandma

by Jack Baker on 10/4/2015
Team kaleo

Bittersweet Goodbyes

by Rosie Schneider on 10/4/2015
Team tolmao

My Fundraising Letter

by Sam Earls on 10/4/2015

God Uses People Like YOU

by Emily Foor on 10/4/2015

Starting to Get Real

by Holly Spatz on 10/4/2015

"So what countries are you going to?"

by Nicole Pavis on 10/4/2015

Thank God, It's Grace

by Anna Lapp on 10/4/2015

Gear, Laughs, and Bloopers

by Jenn Taylor on 10/4/2015

Numbers and Fundraising

by Emily Klauka on 10/4/2015

Forever Changed

by Ariana Beel on 10/4/2015

the unimportance of my struggle.

by Kara Stanley on 10/4/2015

Hard Seasons

by Heather Swan on 10/4/2015

Where in the WORLD are you going? [part one]

by Hilary Wilson on 10/4/2015

Route Change/Route Verandert

by Carmen Schakel on 10/4/2015

Oh the Places You Will Go!

by Em Quint on 10/4/2015

Becoming Mary

by Madison Goodwin on 10/4/2015

Help spread His name where you are

by Emily Gates on 10/4/2015

Gun Massacres Mental Illness and Why?

by Brian Barrett on 10/3/2015
Team Gozo

Movin On Up

by Erika Michael on 10/3/2015
Team phili3.14

New Blog

by Casey Baxter on 10/3/2015
Team chasingjubilee


by Emily Werness on 10/3/2015
Team enfuego

Dear Talia

by Erin Smith on 10/3/2015

He's already lost

by Corbin Hughes on 10/3/2015
Team halfdozendisciples

My Father, the Gardener

by Vicky Gancio on 10/3/2015
Team teamchuphsah

Thailand month 1 video!

by Emily Johnson on 10/3/2015
Team teampoiema

Crazy, Unconditional Love

by Anna Blank on 10/3/2015
Team dauntless

11 Memories from ASIA

by Alyssa Nobles on 10/3/2015
Team roar

Simple Love

by Alayna Schlafley on 10/3/2015
Team tigerbalm

Chipmunk Cheeks

by Alayna Schlafley on 10/3/2015
Team tigerbalm

Quick Note About Finances

by Natalie Gale on 10/3/2015
Team mightyoaks


by Jenna Wiles on 10/3/2015
Team mightyoaks

Community in Christ

by Corinne Hurlbert on 10/3/2015
Team intrepid

Sister Wives

by Natalie Gale on 10/3/2015
Team mightyoaks

Work Work and then Work!

by Josh Stoneman on 10/3/2015
Team doulos

Month One: China [Video]

by Haley Miller on 10/3/2015
Team teamharmonicremnant

The Girls Who Deserve Hope

by Carrie Surbaugh on 10/3/2015
Team eshetchayil

So Long Selfishness

by Lizete Dos Santos on 10/3/2015
Team submerge427

Digging In a Skirt

by Rachel Workman on 10/3/2015
Team unsilenced

My Father is Pleased

by Jamison Schrock on 10/3/2015
Team kairos

The Cop

by Lindsay Anderson on 10/3/2015
Team nani