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Just Another Street Girl

by Amy Whelchel on 4/18/2015
Team wildfire

One Month Left

by Madison Muniz on 4/18/2015
Team overflow

One Thing that Scares You

by Sadie Goodwin on 4/18/2015
Team imago

Let's get Awkward

by Katy Knutson on 4/18/2015
Team decision

Funding Miracles!

by carli Torti on 4/18/2015
Team decision

Ask the Lord

by leah Nestor on 4/18/2015
Team darvida

Mustard Seed>Mountain

by Nick Lawhead on 4/18/2015
Team carpedeum

Expect the Unexpected

by Anna-Marie Gutierrez on 4/18/2015
Team recklesswarriors

Joshy Washy in India

by Josh Rotroff on 4/18/2015
Team aslan

Your journey will be your own

by Kristy Ramsey on 4/18/2015
Team kabod

The Radio Calling

by Kate Moore on 4/18/2015
Team coramdeo

El Shaddai - The Almighty God

by Jessica Timmerman on 4/18/2015
Team #waterbuffaloes

El Shaddai - The Almighty God

by Jessica Timmerman on 4/18/2015
Team #waterbuffaloes

Fear and Faith

by Rachel Radak on 4/18/2015
Team bold2831

"Touching A Real Life Penguin"

by Sabrina LYLE on 4/18/2015
Team bold2831

I'm Not Going To Be A Missionary

by Brooke Leffelman on 4/18/2015

Fundraising Updates

by Brittany Horne on 4/18/2015

Trust in the Lord

by Emily Baracy on 4/18/2015

When you least expect it...

by Molly Cox on 4/18/2015

Finances Needed!

by Kaylaynn McAdams on 4/17/2015
Team squadleaders

A letter to coffee

by Jacie Zook on 4/17/2015
Team imago

Poetry is the New Black

by Miranda Dinges on 4/17/2015
Team imago


by Drea Ruddock on 4/17/2015
Team tourdestade(squadleaders)

My Hero!

by Katie McGuire on 4/17/2015
Team josephscrown

Mongolia Surprised Me

by Dani Tripp on 4/17/2015
Team ohana

Finding Family Through Fire

by Shelby Weier on 4/17/2015
Team mosaic

A day in paradise: UH in Belize

by Mary Brinen on 4/17/2015
Team relentless

Threads of Hope

by Heidi Streicher on 4/17/2015
Team a~ca

the faces of journey.

by Janet Castaneda on 4/17/2015
Team roguewave

Its More Fun In The Philippines!

by Julie Sliwinski on 4/17/2015
Team roguewave

Jesus Makin' it Rain Like a Boss!

by Anna Murphy on 4/17/2015
Team metanoia

Let it Go

by Caroline Ritchey on 4/17/2015
Team gold

Stacking Stones

by Bekah Shearin on 4/17/2015
Team g7

Join This Journey

by Allie King on 4/17/2015

Nica you got it goin on!!!

by Mollie Gleason on 4/17/2015
Team relentless

Una carta al hombre que me robo el corazon

by Monica Terrazas Berrocal on 4/17/2015
Team onesontherock

Can you hear me now?

by Scott Spafford on 4/17/2015
Team waterfetchers

Sur-ren-der (ruined for the ordinary)

by Bridget Bernhard on 4/17/2015
Team eirene

Hard Work and Good Refinment

by Jordan Tarant on 4/17/2015
Team waterfetchers

Blessings from Strangers

by Deb Gordon on 4/17/2015

God Told Me to

by Elizabeth Benson on 4/17/2015

Down To The Roots

by Eric Belair on 4/17/2015

Ethics and Instagram: A note about pictures

by Sarah Michel on 4/17/2015

Prepare to Obey

by Racquel Cooke on 4/17/2015

Life Through the Spirit.

by Jessica Stubblefield on 4/17/2015

Fundraising: Dependency Increases Intimacy

by Lizete Dos Santos on 4/17/2015

I Am Not Alone

by Alexa Anover on 4/17/2015

Don't be afraid of the Dark.

by John Horton on 4/17/2015

World Race: Round Two!

by Johnna Stark on 4/16/2015
Team abide

life update: I'm in AFRICA

by Michelle McClellan on 4/16/2015
Team goshen


by Danielle Wieber on 4/16/2015
Team 27one

Cageless birds

by andie Lance on 4/16/2015
Team koinonia

The Father's love

by Jordan Vernon on 4/16/2015
Team team

Unsung Hero - Onks

by Dillon Seeley on 4/16/2015
Team team

Working Hard for His Kingdom

by Naomi Demmon on 4/16/2015
Team tereo

God spoke!

by Melody Haskin on 4/16/2015
Team marrow

Help my unbelief!

by Jessica Morice on 4/16/2015

Confident Of This

by Allie King on 4/16/2015

The Process has been interesting

by Ryann McDowell on 4/16/2015

Keep Stacking the Bricks

by Carlie Smith on 4/16/2015
Team relentless

Leah & Allison's Dessert Diaries

by leah Nestor on 4/16/2015
Team darvida

My New Friend Olivia!

by Justin Hunt on 4/16/2015
Team unidospalante

A Day in the Life - Cambodia

by Bethany Anderson on 4/16/2015
Team ransom

Not Yet

by Hannah Stewart on 4/16/2015
Team ransom

Heart Of Christ

by Rick Thomas on 4/16/2015
Team onesontherock

Heart Of Christ

by Sarah Thomas on 4/16/2015
Team onesontherock

Sigh, Smile, Laugh & Say

by gwen Debaun on 4/16/2015
Team onesontherock

Angels At Their Door

by Katie Ringelspaugh on 4/16/2015
Team carpedeum

Angels At Their Door

by Steve Ringelspaugh on 4/16/2015
Team carpedeum

India Culture

by Cole Bruner on 4/16/2015
Team kabod

For Rich or Poor

by Kelley Willcox on 4/16/2015
Team kabod


by Corrie Walker on 4/16/2015

Sometimes I Write Poems

by Lacey Lizotte on 4/16/2015

April 18th Fundraiser

by Mary Catherine Grant on 4/16/2015

Checking In

by Em Beck on 4/16/2015

Ut Prosim

by Alleigh Welgoss on 4/16/2015

My God is Bigger.

by AnnaKate Auten on 4/16/2015

Aren't you afraid?

by Logan Cahoon on 4/16/2015