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The Christian Water War

by Maggie Hobbs on 3/29/2015
Team abundance

the urge to run

by Sarah Baker on 3/29/2015
Team re;collect

Do You Believe?

by Aleisa Mifflin on 3/29/2015
Team relentless

Fear to Fruition

by Liana Kloss on 3/29/2015
Team gold

A pool of Worship!

by Jesse Thomas on 3/29/2015
Team thefellowship

African Delight

by Seth O'Neill on 3/29/2015
Team gener8

One Union in the Lord

by K or Lani Houston on 3/29/2015
Team thefellowship

Dirty Dancing

by Kai Taniguchi on 3/29/2015
Team gener8

Plentiful Redemption

by Hannah Schwab on 3/29/2015
Team gold


by Bekah Shearin on 3/29/2015
Team samesamebutdifferent

The God We Can See

by Baylee McDivit on 3/29/2015

The Start of Something New

by Julie McFarland on 3/29/2015

Month 2 Haiti

by Nick Lawhead on 3/29/2015
Team carpedeum

Month 3 Costa Rica

by Nick Lawhead on 3/29/2015
Team carpedeum

Beauty in Breakdowns

by Elle Kerkhoff on 3/29/2015
Team phoenix

Unexpected Healing

by Jen or Jenny Boeve on 3/29/2015
Team overcome

Fear Thou Not

by Allison Anderson on 3/29/2015

Strangers Over Sites

by Melissa Presley on 3/29/2015

BIG Prayer Request

by Mary Catherine Grant on 3/29/2015

Walk with Purpose

by Meraia McDaniel on 3/29/2015

Does God like Kanye West? (And other thoughts on...

by Christi Chatman on 3/29/2015

And So A Decision Is Made

by Lisa Meyers on 3/29/2015

Keiki Days

by Lindsay Anderson on 3/29/2015

I've Got A Fever . . .

by Kris Fraser on 3/29/2015

Misunderstanding My Feelings

by Derek Sisneros on 3/29/2015

I've Got A Fever . . .

by James Fraser on 3/29/2015


by Katie Needles on 3/29/2015


by Taylor Brantley on 3/29/2015


by Laine Armour on 3/28/2015
Team squadleaders

What's Next?

by Alyssa Sharp on 3/28/2015
Team cool

Springing Into New Beginnings

by Benita Townsend on 3/28/2015
Team thepursuit

Come, buy and eat!

by Amanda White on 3/28/2015
Team ateam

African Redemption

by Katherine McClard on 3/28/2015
Team awoken

Love the sinner, hate the sin.

by Katie Ruther on 3/28/2015
Team theguhlies


by Emily Bishop on 3/28/2015
Team danger

The African Update (VIDEOS!)

by Kirsten Reilly on 3/28/2015
Team anchor

The Difficulty of Evangelism

by Amber Gallaway on 3/28/2015
Team braveheart

That Still, Small Voice

by Alyssa Keene on 3/28/2015
Team chrysalis

For The Lost

by Jenna Orabutt on 3/28/2015
Team eshetchayil

Laos Video

by Brittany Gonzales on 3/28/2015
Team rootedinlove

Three Days Left

by Caroline Ritchey on 3/28/2015
Team gold

Nepal in Pictures

by Laura Ficken on 3/28/2015
Team cahootincaboodle

Doing What I Love

by Baylee McDivit on 3/28/2015

Be Part of this Mission!

by KC Timmons on 3/28/2015

Broken down buses and tarantulas.

by Katelyn Ferrell on 3/28/2015
Team thefellowship


by ashley Abelsen on 3/28/2015
Team phoenix

A Divine Appointment In Costa Rica

by Bradon Williams on 3/28/2015
Team onesontherock

Toby's Story

by Kelly Smith on 3/28/2015
Team phoenix


by Brandon Perry on 3/28/2015
Team dunamis

Not a long one, but what I'm learning

by Eva Cranford on 3/28/2015
Team awaken

Cracked Egg Shells

by Chelsea Winn on 3/28/2015
Team awakenedwarriors

Nepal: Faith Day

by Juliana Jones on 3/28/2015
Team bold2831

Tiny eyes and withered hands

by Tori Thompson on 3/28/2015
Team loverangers

So What's Next?

by Catherine Dooley on 3/28/2015

Details, Details.....

by Jamie Baxley on 3/28/2015

Testimony- The Mirror and Disillusionment

by Kyle Ratsch on 3/28/2015


by Katie Needles on 3/28/2015

Just Use Bubbles

by Derek Sisneros on 3/28/2015

Woo Hoo - First Blog!

by Shelby Inloes on 3/28/2015

I'm going on the World Race!

by Danielle Mills on 3/28/2015

Starting a Life of Freedom: AFRICA!

by Jamie Van Dyke on 3/27/2015
Team wildfire

In Over My Head

by Nikki Romani on 3/27/2015
Team squadleader

My Baptism

by Jennie Dugan on 3/27/2015
Team koinonia

Bathroom Revelation

by Colleen Tully on 3/27/2015
Team tapestree(squadleaders)

Praying for Rain in the Desert

by Leslie Oxford on 3/27/2015
Team theexodus

Nepal. Yuck.

by Rebecca Neff on 3/27/2015
Team theexodus

Swaziland Recap

by Emily Arzani on 3/27/2015
Team ohana

"You've Changed."

by Molly Reel on 3/27/2015
Team squadleaders

My new friend Robert

by Mary Brinen on 3/27/2015
Team relentless

Conquering Mountains (Part 1)

by Heidi Streicher on 3/27/2015
Team borderlands

Kindergarten Chronicles

by Leah Vogel on 3/27/2015
Team woven

Laos Photo Blog

by Brittany Gonzales on 3/27/2015
Team rootedinlove

What Am I Gonna Do?

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 3/27/2015
Team hulk

Love and Little Ones

by Katie Jacobson on 3/27/2015
Team ignite

The Ugly Truth of Month Seven

by Deborah Bitzer on 3/27/2015
Team hulk

Preach it Sista

by Anna Friedges on 3/27/2015
Team hulk

Valor Never Smiles

by Amber Jackson on 3/27/2015
Team ruthlesstrust

Locking Eyes with Jesus

by Alysse Feldman on 3/27/2015
Team 7/11

In Heaven I want gills

by Katie Knoblauch on 3/27/2015

I am humbly asking for your help.

by Tori (T) Camus on 3/27/2015

What is Normal?

by Misha Shonkwiler on 3/27/2015
Team relentless

unwanted departure

by Tanja Schödler on 3/27/2015
Team carpedeum

Camping in Costa Rica

by Sarah Thomas on 3/27/2015
Team onesontherock

Camping in Costa Rica

by Rick Thomas on 3/27/2015
Team onesontherock

Costa Rica has my heart

by Leslie Mifflin on 3/27/2015
Team submerge


by Savannah Rucker on 3/27/2015
Team intentionallove

Healing Done God's Way

by Jordan Tarant on 3/27/2015
Team waterfetchers

Nepal: All Squad Month (VIDEO)

by Jason Roetter on 3/27/2015
Team coramdeo

Vietnam |VIDEO|

by Aly Badinger on 3/27/2015
Team kintsugi

Your Love Is

by Amelia Dernier on 3/27/2015