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My grandmother.

by Grace BEECHER on 3/31/2015
Team newage

PVT and teaching 4th grade

by Amy Mejeur on 3/31/2015
Team recklesslight

Midnight Walk with God and Children get Baptized

by Courtney Goddard on 3/31/2015

Evil Cozy Comfort

by Jen Eyears on 3/31/2015

Hindsight is 20/20

by Drianna Litton on 3/30/2015
Team hyphenation


by Kayla Fleming on 3/30/2015
Team relentlesslight

How God Blew Up My Plans

by Luke Geldmacher on 3/30/2015
Team anchoredbyfreedom

This Time for Africa!

by Jacqueline Roig on 3/30/2015
Team alabaster

The Good Life

by Amy Deming on 3/30/2015
Team chadesh

Put down your broken chains.

by Charmagne Slaubaugh on 3/30/2015
Team change

What Children Taught Me in Swazi

by Emily Knudson on 3/30/2015
Team josephscrown

A Dance with Jesus

by Christina Reid on 3/30/2015
Team kenosis

Love in Swaziland

by Christina Reid on 3/30/2015
Team kenosis

Thank God For Squatty Potties!

by Joshua Glover on 3/30/2015
Team kenosis

So long, Swaziland

by Casey Baxter on 3/30/2015
Team chasingjubilee

Thanks for loving me

by Justin Athanaseas on 3/30/2015
Team kenosis

Glimpses of Swaziland

by Bethany Dilts on 3/30/2015
Team mosaic

Beggar's Mentality

by Alicia Doran on 3/30/2015
Team chasingjubilee

Our Month on a Mountain

by Rocky Rossbach on 3/30/2015
Team recklesslight

Surprised by Joy

by Margaret Kloess on 3/30/2015
Team last

Conquering Mountains (Part 2)

by Heidi Streicher on 3/30/2015
Team borderlands

Taking Advice From Justin Bieber

by Kat Kendall on 3/30/2015
Team woven

Naming Rights!

by David Batchelder on 3/30/2015
Team ignite

A Rollercoaster Ride - Recap of Africa

by Kai Taniguchi on 3/30/2015
Team gener8

Snapshots from the Field

by B.J. Hilbelink on 3/30/2015
Team samesamebutdifferent

"Are you crazy?!"

by Taylor Todd on 3/30/2015

The Lucky Ones

by Vicky Gancio on 3/30/2015

Forced Rest

by Crystal Avery on 3/30/2015
Team awakenedwarriors

Married to Bolivia

by Emily Trudell on 3/30/2015
Team joyouslight

Modest Isn't Hottest

by Kristy Ramsey on 3/30/2015
Team kabod


by Wayne Mask on 3/30/2015
Team rabahcurrent

11 Moments in Vietnam

by Beth Crenshaw on 3/30/2015
Team overcome

Bucket Lists for #11n11

by Beth Crenshaw on 3/30/2015
Team overcome

A Breath of Fresh Air

by Callie Elmore on 3/30/2015
Team jayuwarriors

Password for China

by Joy Schneider on 3/30/2015
Team kintsugi

password: chinapass

by Simeone Rodgers on 3/30/2015
Team jayuwarriors

What is Missions?

by Stephanie Jansen on 3/30/2015
Team overcome

Speak Up?

by Katelyn James on 3/30/2015

About Shannan

by Shannan Kelley on 3/30/2015

Too much to do... I'm taking a nap

by Carolyn Stoltzfus on 3/30/2015

Blah blah blah

by Jarred McKinney on 3/30/2015

The World Race Destinations

by Mykal Denton on 3/30/2015

My first fundraiser!

by Abbie Perez on 3/30/2015

Be careful what you ask for....

by Ashley Miller on 3/30/2015


by Christina Schloot on 3/30/2015

The Christian Water War

by Maggie Hobbs on 3/29/2015
Team abundance

the urge to run

by Sarah Baker on 3/29/2015
Team re;collect

Do You Believe?

by Aleisa Mifflin on 3/29/2015
Team relentless

A pool of Worship!

by Jesse Thomas on 3/29/2015
Team thefellowship

Fear to Fruition

by Liana Kloss on 3/29/2015
Team gold

African Delight

by Seth O'Neill on 3/29/2015
Team gener8

One Union in the Lord

by K or Lani Houston on 3/29/2015
Team thefellowship

Dirty Dancing

by Kai Taniguchi on 3/29/2015
Team gener8

Plentiful Redemption

by Hannah Schwab on 3/29/2015
Team gold


by Bekah Shearin on 3/29/2015
Team samesamebutdifferent

The God We Can See

by Baylee McDivit on 3/29/2015

The Start of Something New

by Julie McFarland on 3/29/2015

Month 2 Haiti

by Nick Lawhead on 3/29/2015
Team carpedeum

Month 3 Costa Rica

by Nick Lawhead on 3/29/2015
Team carpedeum

Beauty in Breakdowns

by Elle Kerkhoff on 3/29/2015
Team phoenix

Unexpected Healing

by Jen or Jenny Boeve on 3/29/2015
Team overcome

Fear Thou Not

by Allison Anderson on 3/29/2015

Strangers Over Sites

by Melissa Presley on 3/29/2015

BIG Prayer Request

by Mary Catherine Grant on 3/29/2015

Walk with Purpose

by Meraia McDaniel on 3/29/2015

Does God like Kanye West? (And other thoughts on...

by Christi Chatman on 3/29/2015

And So A Decision Is Made

by Lisa Meyers on 3/29/2015

Keiki Days

by Lindsay Anderson on 3/29/2015

I've Got A Fever . . .

by Kris Fraser on 3/29/2015

Misunderstanding My Feelings

by Derek Sisneros on 3/29/2015

I've Got A Fever . . .

by James Fraser on 3/29/2015


by Katie Needles on 3/29/2015


by Taylor Brantley on 3/29/2015


by Laine Armour on 3/28/2015
Team squadleaders

What's Next?

by Alyssa Sharp on 3/28/2015
Team cool

Springing Into New Beginnings

by Benita Townsend on 3/28/2015
Team thepursuit

Come, buy and eat!

by Amanda White on 3/28/2015
Team ateam

African Redemption

by Katherine McClard on 3/28/2015
Team awoken

Love the sinner, hate the sin.

by Katie Ruther on 3/28/2015
Team theguhlies


by Emily Bishop on 3/28/2015
Team danger

The African Update (VIDEOS!)

by Kirsten Reilly on 3/28/2015
Team anchor

The Difficulty of Evangelism

by Amber Gallaway on 3/28/2015
Team braveheart

That Still, Small Voice

by Alyssa Keene on 3/28/2015
Team chrysalis