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Healing Revival in Cuba

by Gabe Sanchez on 11/20/2014
Team goforit


by Maddy Andrzejewski on 11/20/2014
Team mizizi

The Commemoration

by Maddy Andrzejewski on 11/20/2014
Team mizizi

Echoes: Living Beyond You

by Will Taylor on 11/20/2014
Team edun

Childhood Dreams

by Miranda Parnell on 11/20/2014
Team fit-b

Rise up and walk!

by Katie Ruther on 11/20/2014
Team africanloveyou

Counting Costs

by Serena Snyder on 11/20/2014
Team elohim

We Are Blessed

by Corrinne Koschewa on 11/20/2014
Team anomaly

We Are Blessed

by Mandy Kearns on 11/20/2014
Team anomaly

My Time In Nepal

by Allie Spain on 11/20/2014
Team mountainmovers

Rewind: Video of Nepal

by Tera White on 11/20/2014
Team jesusjewels

I'm Fully Funded!

by Christopher Moore on 11/20/2014
Team mosaic

Stick a Fork in Me- I'm Done

by Katie Kroeger on 11/20/2014
Team beautifullybroken

It's Month Three

by Sydney Roberts on 11/20/2014
Team freeindeed

Taking an Ambulance to Rehab

by Rhema Kennedy on 11/20/2014
Team sistafierce

Christ is Boundless

by Andrea Dunn on 11/20/2014
Team sistafierce

Peaks & Valleys of Community

by Courtney Thompson on 11/20/2014
Team freetobe

Don't Stop Bolivian

by Margot Ratliff on 11/20/2014
Team starfish

I made it halfway.

by Kaycie O'Neil on 11/20/2014
Team r.o.a.r.

Easier Said Than Done

by Benjamin Pickett on 11/20/2014
Team freetobe

Nicaragua Video!

by Joe Ferguson on 11/20/2014
Team fiercelyrooted

Jesus is not Cotton Candy

by Hannah Berndt on 11/20/2014
Team reptar

A Philippino Thanksgiving

by Margot Moore on 11/20/2014
Team reptar

I'm a Camel

by Bekah Shearin on 11/20/2014
Team boldlypresent

The Odd One Out

by Claire Patterson on 11/20/2014


by Josie Miller on 11/20/2014

Won by a Hare?

by Kathryn Krause on 11/20/2014
Team rayos

The Perfect Team

by Drew Ferguson on 11/20/2014
Team coramdeo

A Few Thoughts on Blogging

by Drew Steverson on 11/20/2014

Struggles, visions, and restoration.

by Gennesis Dheming on 11/20/2014


by Kerri Klenkel on 11/20/2014

the pool

by Kels Sutton on 11/20/2014

That Awkward Blog

by Meraia McDaniel on 11/20/2014

A Little About Me: In List Form

by Anne Bruner on 11/20/2014

My World Race Route!

by RaeLynn DeFalco on 11/20/2014

Yet They Stay

by Marielle Moguel on 11/19/2014
Team squadleaders

Hosea's Love

by Jake MacLean on 11/19/2014
Team israel

The Heart of Thanksgiving

by Alyssa Sharp on 11/19/2014
Team cool

Destination: Adventure

by Luke Geldmacher on 11/19/2014
Team anchoredbyfreedom

From prison to the mission field

by Cathy Curry on 11/19/2014
Team mosaic

Guatemala Recap Video

by Isaiah Alvarado on 11/19/2014
Team thegoodtimers

Mastering Bush Life

by Katie Poe on 11/19/2014
Team thrivin

Come to The Water

by Shelby McKinney on 11/19/2014
Team ateam

I'm Coming Home!

by Abby Stewart on 11/19/2014
Team captivated

Askin' All Dem Questions

by Kimberly Bell on 11/19/2014
Team radical

Goodbye Asia, Hello Europe!

by Melissa Johnson on 11/19/2014
Team leonard*

Your Questions Answered

by KIMBERLY GIBSON on 11/19/2014
Team you

Jesus and Fuuuutbol!

by Lexi Williams on 11/19/2014
Team eden


by Kerry Kennedy on 11/19/2014
Team elohim

Clothed in Hope (Unsung Heroes)

by Rachel Eddy on 11/19/2014
Team elohim

I Really Hate Fundraising

by Kristin Brewster on 11/19/2014
Team renovate

Adventures of a Parasite Victim

by Amberly Vincent on 11/19/2014
Team renovate

27 Years.

by Whitney Conner on 11/19/2014
Team boxcarchildren

Robbed in Colombia

by Rocky Rossbach on 11/19/2014
Team kairos

Is this from God?

by Kevin Cattaneo on 11/19/2014
Team intrepidus

Future | Copied From My Journal

by William Reed on 11/19/2014
Team intrepidus

Our Gifting, Our Offering

by Tera White on 11/19/2014
Team jesusjewels

Let's Blog! World Race Day - Part 2

by Heather Snider on 11/19/2014
Team imagodei

The Gomer Inside Me

by Caroline Ritchey on 11/19/2014
Team starfish

When The Race Stops Being Fun

by Rachel Sperry on 11/19/2014
Team r.o.a.r.

Emptied--A Blank Slate

by Kai Taniguchi on 11/19/2014
Team starfish

Imperfect Leadership

by Vanessa Welsh on 11/19/2014
Team teleo

Hide it under a bushel--NO!

by Mel Jo Barnett on 11/19/2014
Team rayos

48 days

by Emma Morris on 11/19/2014
Team abandonment

The End of A Chapter

by Anna Carter on 11/19/2014

Perfection Is an Illusion

by Natalie Gale on 11/19/2014

I am going on the World Race!!!

by Jen Silverman on 11/19/2014

Can you really be saved by faith alone?

by Kyle Harper on 11/19/2014

When Wayward Jarred Rears His Ugly Head

by Jarred McKinney on 11/19/2014

Dancing with God

by Sarah Hawkins on 11/19/2014

"Do you Trust me"

by Anna Romero on 11/19/2014

Season of Unknowns

by Shelby Bradford on 11/19/2014

The Day My Heart Shattered

by Ash Parker on 11/19/2014

Wreck Me!

by Carson Shock on 11/19/2014

The World Race 2.0

by Clark Moser on 11/18/2014
Team squadleader

Giving My Best

by Allison Laverty on 11/18/2014
Team squadleader

Offbeat Harmony

by Rae Deese on 11/18/2014
Team renown

Final Trek: Luke 10 Experience

by Eric Cash on 11/18/2014
Team summit

It's the End of the World As We Know It

by Mandi Gummels on 11/18/2014
Team summit

It's only just begun.

by Amanda White on 11/18/2014
Team ateam

The Home Stretch

by Gloriel Taylor on 11/18/2014
Team ateam