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Freedom to sing part 2

by Angela Aston on 9/30/2014
Team Lionheart

I am crazy.

by Shelley Sparling on 9/30/2014
Team lol

It's a Life Thing

by Maggie Hobbs on 9/30/2014
Team aletheia

A lesson for us all.

by Grace BEECHER on 9/30/2014
Team nephesh

The Philippines part 1.5: Ministry

by Brian Quinn on 9/30/2014
Team abdiel

What DO I want to do?

by Jaide Penney on 9/30/2014
Team thepursuit

When In Romania

by Jessica Fouch on 9/30/2014
Team safehaven


by Kelly Griffin on 9/30/2014
Team skittles

Month 3: Transnistria Update and Summary

by Jessica Johnson on 9/30/2014
Team unity31

A brief rest in Romania

by Amy Hirabayashi on 9/30/2014
Team unity31

Do Hard Things

by Ryan Vogel on 9/30/2014
Team ironlife

He did it. Yup, He did.

by Brooke Chavez on 9/30/2014
Team nogreaterlove

He did it. Yup, He did.

by Pablo Chavez Rosalino on 9/30/2014
Team nogreaterlove

The World Race Doesn't Change You

by John Harbold on 9/30/2014
Team boundless

Communal T's and Communities

by Trish Draege on 9/30/2014
Team warrior

Waking Up In Prison

by Heather Snider on 9/30/2014
Team imagodei

God Speaks.

by Jenna Orabutt on 9/30/2014
Team anchoredinwaves

I Am A Tree

by Sydney Roberts on 9/30/2014
Team freeindeed

Month 1: Guatemala

by Breanna Witvoet on 9/30/2014
Team agapewarriors

A World of Romance: Part Three

by Hannah Adkison on 9/30/2014
Team warriorbride

Why "Church" Is Unnecessary

by Nic Mizeur on 9/30/2014
Team ruach

IT's time to leave Already?

by David Sadowski on 9/30/2014
Team relentlesshope


by Sara Hurst on 9/30/2014
Team ruach


by Jason Hurst on 9/30/2014
Team ruach


by Ethan Wadsworth on 9/30/2014
Team magneticlight

Miracle on Guatemala Street

by Ethan Wadsworth on 9/30/2014
Team magneticlight

I am drawing a blank...

by Taylor White on 9/30/2014
Team thesurrendered

How Did I Get Here?

by Claire Miller on 9/30/2014

There's no such thing as doubting Thomas.

by Chelsea Lemon on 9/30/2014


by Dani Dakil on 9/30/2014

My life.. in numbers.

by Mandie Grundmeyer on 9/30/2014

Fundraising Update!!

by Monica Payne on 9/30/2014

Putting the T in T-shirt :)

by Yedidah Ameyaw on 9/30/2014

I Chose PSquad, God Chose Fusion.

by Victoria Pierce on 9/30/2014

The Day My Route Changed

by Carlos Lopez on 9/30/2014

"You're going!" - WHOO HOO!!!!.....Now what?

by Bronwyn Delport on 9/30/2014

Fundraising Letters!

by Hallie Banish on 9/30/2014


by Mike Hall on 9/29/2014

I did NOT want to go

by Karen Aiello on 9/29/2014
Team relentlesspursuit

A New Home

by Sara Shoup on 9/29/2014
Team renew

I might have a stalker

by Amy Zeller on 9/29/2014
Team barefoot


by Josh Mackey on 9/29/2014
Team relentlesslight

Why the World Race wasn't enough.

by Terin James on 9/29/2014
Team momentum

Future Plans

by Carolyn Bradley on 9/29/2014
Team squadleaders

On the move again...

by Lincoln Vallett on 9/29/2014
Team squadleaders

Refining Fire

by Greg Patton on 9/29/2014
Team anchoredbyfreedom

My strange commute.

by Stephanie Ransom on 9/29/2014
Team lionheart

It Has Begun!

by Seth Powell on 9/29/2014
Team wildfire

Settling In

by Anthony Martin on 9/29/2014
Team i68

Living In a house With 22 People

by Amy Whelchel on 9/29/2014
Team valiant

Left Behind Treasures

by Olivia Hawkins on 9/29/2014
Team livingwater

Left Behind Treasures

by Olivia Hawkins on 9/29/2014
Team livingwater

Left Behind Treasures

by Olivia Hawkins on 9/29/2014
Team livingwater

Welcome To Guatemala

by Jodi Terpstra on 9/29/2014
Team livingwater

First Two Weeks in the Philippines

by Jesse Wheeler on 9/29/2014
Team abdiel

To The Men Of Gap B

by Lexi Johannessen on 9/29/2014
Team nephesh

To The Men Of Gap B

by Lexi Johannessen on 9/29/2014
Team nephesh

Reality check

by Jen, Jenny Kane on 9/29/2014
Team anchored

A Letter to Honduras.

by Sabrina Weneck on 9/29/2014
Team anchored

One-on-ACI(E) month 3: Honduras

by Jacie Zook on 9/29/2014
Team 3d

Month 2 Video: Haiti

by Emily Bishop on 9/29/2014
Team steadfastpursuit

You first, me second

by Serena Snyder on 9/29/2014
Team alvah


by Amy Hirabayashi on 9/29/2014
Team unity31

Hard goodbyes

by Justin Athanaseas on 9/29/2014
Team sozo

Help Me Help the World!

by Joshua Glover on 9/29/2014
Team rakchazak

Christ All Around Me.

by Alyssa Keene on 9/29/2014
Team fearlesslove

Thailand is like Neverland

by Sarah Baker on 9/29/2014
Team aperture

India Video

by Brian Rohm on 9/29/2014
Team mountainmovers

Faith Like A Child.

by Michelle Rubert on 9/29/2014
Team beautifullybroken

Meet Rutuja!

by Allie Spain on 9/29/2014
Team mountainmovers

Let's Get Down to Business

by Liana Kloss on 9/29/2014
Team deeppursuit

A Few Good Men.

by David Batchelder on 9/29/2014
Team deeppursuit

Guatemala month 1 video!

by Joe Ferguson on 9/29/2014
Team fiercelyrooted

Healing and Miracles

by Ben Moore on 9/29/2014
Team relentlesshope

It's Just the Beginning

by Molly Pogones on 9/29/2014
Team teleo

My Khmer Father

by Alany Eder on 9/29/2014
Team theconquerors

Tear down these waaaaalllss!!!

by Patrick Booth on 9/29/2014

I Don't Understand Grace

by Kathryn Krause on 9/29/2014

Oh Dear ...

by Brenna Lucero on 9/29/2014