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Planes Trains and Automobiles

by Henry Inglesby on 5/22/2015
Team goshen

A Sure Thing

by Kevin Cattaneo on 5/22/2015
Team re;collect

Living in Community

by Julie Sliwinski on 5/22/2015
Team roguewave

Thailand & The Red Light District

by Liana Kloss on 5/22/2015
Team s.n.l.

It All Began With a Cake

by Ashley Albert on 5/22/2015
Team enfuego

My Testimony

by Jonathan Hinds on 5/22/2015

Costa Rica?

by Ashley Thaggard on 5/22/2015
Team libertadoras

Living a Fairy Tale

by Emma Prica on 5/22/2015
Team technicolor

Honoring the Sacrifice

by Audrey Harned on 5/22/2015
Team technicolor

A Week In My Life In Malawi

by Collins McBride on 5/22/2015
Team technicolor

Pics of Malawi Life

by Jess Ecker on 5/22/2015
Team technicolor

What I Wish I Knew at 20

by Cindy Chau on 5/22/2015
Team unbridled


by Kathryn Root on 5/22/2015
Team fresh


by Mason Alpert on 5/22/2015
Team squadleaders

I'm a Passerby

by Megan Ehrlick on 5/21/2015
Team electexiles

It is time

by Allison Edwards on 5/21/2015
Team thefoundations


by Kels Kirkpatrick on 5/21/2015
Team nittygritty

The Struggle Is Real

by Kat Kendall on 5/21/2015
Team woven

A Look Into Mongolia

by Julie Sliwinski on 5/21/2015
Team roguewave


by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 5/21/2015
Team lighthouse

I'm FULLY Funded!

by Kai Taniguchi on 5/21/2015
Team seventhheaven

There's No Crying In Prison

by Hannah Adkison on 5/21/2015
Team diveandthrive

That Time I Went Home

by Ashley Albert on 5/21/2015
Team enfuego

Honesty is the best policy...right?

by Andrea Mast on 5/21/2015
Team swerve

"Faith is Hard"

by Bailey Hicks on 5/21/2015

In This Moment.

by Nick Perez on 5/21/2015

The Raddest Miracle I've Seen...

by Derek Shatto on 5/21/2015
Team radiant

Life in Malawi

by Lydia Burns on 5/21/2015
Team radiant

Boundries, Barriers, and Bad Blood

by Brent Laughlin-McDermott on 5/21/2015
Team alabanza

You Are Not Forgotten

by Kourtney Ellis on 5/21/2015
Team unveiled

Cliff Jump of Faith

by Kourtney Ellis on 5/21/2015
Team unveiled

Normal is as Normal Does

by Melissa Bjorklund on 5/21/2015
Team braveheart

Peace about the Peace

by Jennie McMullin on 5/21/2015
Team fearless

Nepal: We Will Not Forget You

by Chelsea Winn on 5/21/2015
Team fearless

How the World Race Saved My Life

by Tyler Goeglein on 5/21/2015
Team thetribe

Training Camp!

by Zach Zins on 5/21/2015

Oh, We're Half Way There, Oh, Livin' on a Prayer

by Leah Kechriotis on 5/21/2015

Memorial Day

by Lo Acosta on 5/21/2015

Questions and Answers

by Rebecca Keys on 5/21/2015

BIG things.

by Katy Wade on 5/21/2015

Dear Squad Mates,

by Jennifer Tillett on 5/21/2015


by Emily Klauka on 5/21/2015

Good, Good Father

by Kayla Moseley on 5/21/2015


by Bethany Staton on 5/20/2015
Team awaken

Prayer and Trouble

by Brian Corder on 5/20/2015
Team kingdomjourneys

Dreams are Becoming Reality

by Laura Moody on 5/20/2015
Team radical

My World Race in 49 Bullets

by Lauren Massey on 5/20/2015
Team recklesslight

Someone We can Relate to

by Amy Mejeur on 5/20/2015
Team recklesslight

What's Next??

by Myles Willman on 5/20/2015
Team tereo

Fighting in the Philippines

by Allison Ashforth on 5/20/2015
Team woven

Cambodia Video!

by Brittany Gonzales on 5/20/2015
Team rootedinlove


by Molly Babuk on 5/20/2015

Honduras: The Motherland

by Karissa Rodriguez on 5/20/2015
Team furiouslove(squadleaders)

Life in a Maya-village

by Dorien Anthonissen on 5/20/2015
Team unveiled

Living with the After Shock

by Karissa Muilenburg on 5/20/2015
Team squadleaders

I Didn't Realize....

by Kristy Ramsey on 5/20/2015
Team braveheart

$25 For My 25th Birthday

by Kim Esworthy on 5/20/2015
Team paperrockspirit

Cavity Depravity

by Erin Cramer on 5/20/2015

Where Have All the Young People Gone? Part 8

by Drew Steverson on 5/20/2015

3 Days before Training Camp

by Shonda Foublasse on 5/20/2015

To cut or Not to cut, that is the question!

by Crystal Arnold on 5/20/2015

Learning to Fully Lean on God, Not My Big Toe

by Mallory Rabon on 5/20/2015

Short, Sweet, & To-The-Point

by Amy Williams on 5/20/2015


by Alex Kirkikis on 5/20/2015

Fundraising—More Than Asking For Money

by Abby Conley on 5/20/2015

My Hiding Place

by Abi Thompson on 5/20/2015

A Scary Prayer

by Haley Sewell on 5/20/2015

It is not about me!

by Jennifer Heath on 5/20/2015


by Jen Pickens on 5/20/2015

What Is The World Race?

by Ethan Clark on 5/20/2015

What Is The World Race?

by Bethany Clark on 5/20/2015

Roy my boy and 30 more.

by Ashley Francis on 5/19/2015
Team squadleader

Squad Leading: The Next Generation

by Alyssa Sharp on 5/19/2015
Team cool

I Got a Job!

by Stephanie Ransom on 5/19/2015
Team lionheart

What is Next?

by Katie Kroeger on 5/19/2015
Team roguewave

What is Life?

by Katie Kroeger on 5/19/2015
Team roguewave

What is Ministry?

by Katie Kroeger on 5/19/2015
Team roguewave

We Went to the Philippines [Video]

by Leah Vogel on 5/19/2015
Team woven

What are you doing after the race?

by Paola Antenucci on 5/19/2015
Team team7

I wanna be crazy

by Gabbi Ford on 5/19/2015

Shirts and Bracelets Galore!!

by Kaitlyn Rogers on 5/19/2015

Ministry Recap

by Brenna Lucero on 5/19/2015
Team fuente

The things a nap won't fix.

by Bryce Hayden on 5/19/2015
Team a.c.r.o.n.y.m.

And The Mountains Shook...

by Melanie Wells on 5/19/2015
Team fearless

The Lady With The Tea

by Melanie Wells on 5/19/2015
Team fearless

"Earthquake" Became Real

by Emily Bjerstedt on 5/19/2015
Team squadleaders

Dancing After the Quake

by Kim Esworthy on 5/19/2015
Team paperrockspirit

Preparing for Training Camp: Faith Meets Wisdom

by Katelyn James on 5/19/2015

Working That Trust Muscle

by Kacie Tillman on 5/19/2015