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I'm Home!!!!

by Audrey Harned on 12/1/2015
Team teama

Christmas in Thailand

by Morgan Green on 12/1/2015
Team brunetteblend

the 64th floor

by Jenna Wiles on 12/1/2015
Team iridescent

Don't Know. Don't Care.

by Megan Barretto on 12/1/2015
Team poaday

Fake It Til You Make It

by Peyton Rector on 12/1/2015
Team crescendo

He Equips the Called

by Danielle Stueve on 12/1/2015
Team marvel

A Teacher Without Her Resources

by Danielle Stueve on 12/1/2015
Team marvel

Celebrity Status

by Keighty Patton on 12/1/2015
Team xena

The Orphanage Next Door

by Rachel Witt on 12/1/2015
Team sculptor'sseven

Farewell Europe!

by Felicia Pena on 12/1/2015
Team etcembracethechaos

The Month I Recieved My New Name

by Derek Sisneros on 12/1/2015
Team kingdom217

I found some Lovin in Kenya

by Brooks Driver on 12/1/2015
Team kingdom217

25 Gifts Of Christmas

by Theresa Ann Gebhardt on 12/1/2015

Fear or Trust All Choice

by Alyssa Neyer on 12/1/2015

Am I Enough?

by Vicky Kaniaru on 12/1/2015

South Africa

by Stephanie Marsteller on 12/1/2015

Waiting and Watching

by Amy Baltensperger on 12/1/2015

Call it Grace

by Gabby Shahid on 12/1/2015

Full of Turkey and Goodness

by Kate Goeler on 11/30/2015
Team squad leader

Calling all prayer warriors!!

by Esther Gordon on 11/30/2015
Team squadleaders

The Table

by Sarah Dooley on 11/30/2015
Team mosaic

Why Worship?

by Erin Smith on 11/30/2015

Is This the Real Life?

by Carissa Zaffiro on 11/30/2015
Team bintibeans

Fight for Authenticity

by Jake Gilmore on 11/30/2015
Team thewatchmen

10 things Guatemala taught me

by Bri Devine on 11/30/2015
Team atarahdoves

Adios Guatemala

by Parker Quinlan on 11/30/2015
Team halfdozendisciples

Left a Piece of My Heart in Cambodia

by Reya Martinez on 11/30/2015
Team teamllpt

Childlike Faith

by Cecily Di Penti on 11/30/2015
Team teamkidsoutback


by Claudia Fitzpatrick on 11/30/2015
Team teamllpt


by Jillian Janzen on 11/30/2015
Team teamllpt

I promise...

by Mollie Gleason on 11/30/2015
Team eucharisteo

To Whom it May Concern

by Dani Rogg on 11/30/2015
Team vengadores

Picking Up the Pieces

by Kyla Stearns on 11/30/2015
Team raisinettes

An Open Letter to My Supporters

by Ashley Slaughter on 11/30/2015
Team kintsugi

Every Ending is a New Beginning

by Savannah Rucker on 11/30/2015
Team kintsugi


by Kristen Grubb on 11/30/2015
Team ing

I Wanna Get Better

by Amanda Allen on 11/30/2015
Team xena

Back to the Beginning

by Laura Berg on 11/30/2015
Team teamudiya

Through It All

by Molly Grusenmeyer on 11/30/2015
Team kaleo


by Alyssa Posthuma on 11/30/2015
Team nani

Packing List - Part 1 - Europe

by Kyle Cardinal on 11/30/2015
Team tolmao

Bye, Bye Balkans.

by Cassidy Cook on 11/30/2015
Team nani

It's Not Just An Africa Problem

by Billy Spriggs III on 11/30/2015
Team surrender121

It's Not Just An Africa Problem

by Ashley Spriggs on 11/30/2015
Team surrender121

He Has a Name: Gorum

by Ashley Ancona on 11/30/2015
Team liora

Thanksgiving 2015

by Debbie Jacobs on 11/30/2015
Team liora

I am rich

by Nick Sanderlin on 11/30/2015

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Trust God

by Laura Warren on 11/30/2015

39 Days

by MacKenzie Hutchins on 11/30/2015
Team undertow

Deadlines & Launch Quickly Approaching

by MacKenzie Hutchins on 11/30/2015
Team undertow

Adopt-a-Day Fundraiser

by Maria Todd on 11/30/2015
Team rhema

Choosing Homelessness Pt 1.

by Denise Thomas on 11/30/2015
Team warriorsofpeace

Choosing Homelessness Pt 2.

by Denise Thomas on 11/30/2015
Team warriorsofpeace

He paid my debt.

by Ashleigh Kincade on 11/30/2015
Team riversoflight

God chose all of us

by Kelsey D'Antuono on 11/30/2015
Team eliora

Guest blog: God chose all of us

by Kara Kirtley on 11/30/2015
Team eliora

A Window of Opportunity

by Rosie Lawrence on 11/30/2015
Team trailblazers

God Knew, But I Had No Idea.

by Josie Klosterman on 11/30/2015
Team dragonfiststorm

**Having complete Faith**

by Tiffany Freeman on 11/30/2015

Am I really doing this?!

by Mariah Weingarten on 11/30/2015

A November to Remember...

by Cat Hartsell on 11/30/2015

Love never fails

by Gabby Shahid on 11/30/2015

Just Say Yes

by Sam Limon on 11/30/2015

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas

by Dani Piva Prado Piva de Albuquerque on 11/29/2015
Team anchor

Gobble Gobble from Guat

by Darby Lofthus on 11/29/2015
Team gen7

Sweetness in the Simplicity

by Kayla Griffiths on 11/29/2015
Team teampopcollar

Cambodia Video

by Emily Johnson on 11/29/2015
Team teambs


by Andrea Chvatal on 11/29/2015
Team allin

11 Moments in America

by Beth Crenshaw on 11/29/2015
Team banditos

$22 for my 22nd Birthday!

by Jenny Leonard on 11/29/2015
Team ezer

Taking the Shot

by Allison Anderson on 11/29/2015
Team summit

Give Thanks!

by Hannah Peachey on 11/29/2015
Team sculptor'sseven

Beauty and Madness in Honduras

by Rachel Workman on 11/29/2015
Team unsilenced

Ugly Prayers

by Abi Thompson on 11/29/2015
Team sculptor'sseven

The Myth of Independence

by Tabitha Turner on 11/29/2015
Team etcembracethechaos

Albania and Greece Videos

by Matthew Turvin on 11/29/2015
Team joyfulnoise

Albania and Greece Videos

by Kristen Turvin on 11/29/2015
Team joyfulnoise

Saying Goodbye

by Abigail Johanson on 11/29/2015

The humbling lessons in fundraising

by Candice Anderson on 11/29/2015
Team eklektos

Bold As A Lion

by Maggie (Mags) Nelson on 11/29/2015
Team undertow