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When Words Fail

by Katie Axelson on 10/28/2014
Team anchored

Month 10 - The Human Investment

by Isaiah Alvarado on 10/26/2014
Team thegoodtimers

Becoming the Teacher

by Danica Cotov on 10/26/2014
Team boundless

Thoughts on Nicaragua

by Adam Peng on 10/26/2014
Team magneticlight


by Mackenzie Yeager on 10/25/2014
Team geronimo

Life In Paradise (Video)

by Mackenzie Yeager on 10/25/2014
Team geronimo

"The Na Na Song"

by Alex Applegate on 10/25/2014
Team aletheia

Lapse in Posts and Info on Month 11

by Kay Barton on 10/25/2014
Team mosaic

Back to School in Cambodia

by Katherine Chen on 10/25/2014
Team summit

The World of FB [Take One]

by Jessica Yoder on 10/25/2014
Team koinonia

100 Years

by Kristin Brewster on 10/25/2014
Team bellator

Hope Church

by Kristin Brewster on 10/25/2014
Team bellator

Gangsta Paradise

by Alicia Doran on 10/25/2014
Team tonka

Creative Ministry: A UH Highlight

by Naomi Demmon on 10/25/2014
Team gladiators

Jelly gone mad!

by Mary Brinen on 10/25/2014
Team goldenarrows

I Just Ask One Thing

by Julia Goll on 10/25/2014
Team belovedwarriors

A Psalm of Natalie

by Natalie Neal on 10/25/2014
Team riverdwellers

I Walked On Water

by Rachael Fleetwood on 10/25/2014
Team mountainmovers

God Has A Sense of Humor

by Le Anna Truesdale on 10/25/2014
Team jesusjewels

Processing Out Loud

by Julie Sliwinski on 10/25/2014
Team mountainmovers

Month One Video

by Sydney Roberts on 10/25/2014
Team freeindeed

Panama Recap Video

by Brad Henke on 10/25/2014
Team freeindeed

Food for Thought

by Brad Henke on 10/25/2014
Team freeindeed

Haitian Memories

by Katia Caylor on 10/25/2014
Team kenosis


by Brooke Conn on 10/25/2014
Team r.o.a.r.

Burn the Ships Part 2

by Brooke Conn on 10/25/2014
Team r.o.a.r.

Burn the Ships Part 1

by Brooke Conn on 10/25/2014
Team r.o.a.r.

God! I KNOW HIM!!! Pt. 1 UH Month

by Taylor Hill on 10/25/2014
Team ruach


by Kelsey Yongue on 10/25/2014
Team warriorbride

A plastic cup & a kitchen rag

by Hannah Brown on 10/25/2014
Team fiercelyrooted

God Moves in Mysterious Waves...

by Sarah Buffaloe on 10/25/2014
Team warriorbride

Psalm 22:3

by daniel Pedron on 10/25/2014
Team overflow

It's getting real!

by Sarah Thomas on 10/25/2014
Team onesontherock

It's getting real!

by Rick Thomas on 10/25/2014
Team onesontherock


by Simeone Rodgers on 10/25/2014

A Little Life Update!

by Stephanie Mabry on 10/25/2014

my new normal

by Bethany Fristad on 10/24/2014
Team ohana

When You STILL Don't Trust God

by Sha'terika Perkins on 10/24/2014
Team ...dropsmic

Training Camp Round 2

by Aimee Labelle on 10/24/2014
Team uncaged

My Next Adventure

by Jena Foster on 10/24/2014
Team squadleaders


by Michelle McClellan on 10/24/2014
Team valiant

Dream to Reality

by Eric Cash on 10/24/2014
Team summit

It feels like home to me

by Jennie Dugan on 10/24/2014
Team koinonia

Botswana Moments

by Kim Harris on 10/24/2014
Team hakunamatata

My Parents Came On The Race

by Katie Cawthon on 10/24/2014
Team nodoubt

Jesus did my dishes

by Amanda Hall on 10/24/2014
Team forerunners

La Ponderosa

by Paul Diffee on 10/24/2014
Team katafygio

A Love that Changed my Life

by Kelsey Shreve on 10/24/2014
Team steadfastpursuit

You Read My Journal?!

by Jess Herzanek on 10/24/2014
Team ironlife

Looking at the Angles

by Zachary Ripley on 10/24/2014
Team tonka

Where to begin...

by Jordan Chepke on 10/24/2014
Team lutroo


by Molly Reel on 10/24/2014
Team openarms

Cambodia Update!

by Aleisa Mifflin on 10/24/2014
Team fearlesslove

Birthday Abroad

by Mandy Kearns on 10/24/2014
Team boundless

Going Deep

by Aleisa Mifflin on 10/24/2014
Team fearlesslove

Why Am I Here?

by Keri Reyes on 10/24/2014
Team royalcovenant

Words Keep Going

by Heather Snider on 10/24/2014
Team imagodei

Well, shoot, that changes things.

by Courtney Smith on 10/24/2014
Team royalcovenant

A Not-so-Mini Revelation

by Caroline Ritchey on 10/24/2014
Team starfish

I Am So Weak.

by Victoria Castillo on 10/24/2014
Team fiercelyrooted

Ministry in Thailand

by Ashley Albert on 10/24/2014
Team burningjoy

Through Pain There Should Be Compassion

by Simone Sterling on 10/24/2014
Team anathallo

Seeing the Light

by Becky Houston on 10/24/2014
Team theconquerors


by Anna Kuepfer on 10/24/2014
Team boldlypresent

It's Time To Do Something!

by Jeff Gala on 10/24/2014
Team darvida