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That Time I Tried to Leave Early

by Katie Kroeger on 7/30/2015
Team roguewave

I Am A Child Of God

by Britteny Kramer on 7/30/2015
Team eshetchayil

my squad left me in Taipei

by Allison Huang on 7/30/2015
Team seventhheaven

I Have Returned

by Nic Mizeur on 7/30/2015
Team dlpetersons

Meanderings from My Journal

by Brenna Lucero on 7/30/2015
Team tortugalaud

Hang Me Up to Dry

by Hannah Stewart on 7/30/2015
Team unbridled

Yesu ai ni

by Jenn Cashman on 7/30/2015
Team braveheart

Perfect Love

by Emma Gronseth on 7/30/2015
Team intrepid

Refreshing Encouraging and Amazing

by Karlena Davis on 7/30/2015
Team raj

Building Foundations (part 1)

by Keighty Patton on 7/30/2015
Team wimbi

Financial Update

by Emily Day on 7/30/2015
Team floodsisters

Step Out, Be Bold, & Ask

by Kelly Thompson on 7/30/2015
Team floodsisters

The Status of ?

by Brian Barrett on 7/29/2015
Team Gozo

This is HARD

by Kels Tosca on 7/29/2015
Team unbridled

I Didn't Leave My Mark

by Kels Tosca on 7/29/2015
Team unbridled

Unexpected Friendships

by David Hamilton on 7/29/2015
Team breakthrough

Life in Photos

by Crystal Avery on 7/29/2015
Team braveheart

Fully Funded!!

by Stephanie Jansen on 7/29/2015
Team squadleaders

Still Processing......

by Jen or Jenny Boeve on 7/29/2015
Team rohiweebles

Pentacost in Swaziland

by Debbie Bein on 7/29/2015
Team sweetaroma

Perseverance with Laughing

by Tori Thompson on 7/29/2015
Team rohiweebles

Unexpected Places

by Tori Thompson on 7/29/2015
Team rohiweebles

Zombie to Phoenix

by Tori Thompson on 7/29/2015
Team rohiweebles

Month One

by Corinne Hurlbert on 7/29/2015
Team intrepid

What Are The Odds?

by Courtney Goddard on 7/29/2015
Team pursuit

Want some cake?

by Ryan Bright on 7/29/2015
Team selah

Alive in His Hands

by Christi Chatman on 7/29/2015
Team sonflowers

Telling Stories

by AnnaKate Auten on 7/29/2015
Team nani

Blood, Sweat, and Training Camp

by Jamison Schrock on 7/29/2015
Team kairos

Finally Free

by Alyssa Posthuma on 7/29/2015
Team nani

Unique Ways that you can Help

by Ashley Cook on 7/29/2015
Team parresia

Here we go...

by Evan Bobbitt on 7/29/2015

What if you don't raise the money?

by Laura Webb on 7/29/2015

The transforming power of God!

by Kyle Bergstedt on 7/29/2015

The moment God knocked my socks off

by Ashley Desjardins on 7/29/2015

Blissful Stillness, Eager Waiting

by Chris White on 7/29/2015

TWO perspectives // ONE story

by Loren Gambrell on 7/29/2015

¿Y si hacemos el queque de chocolate y no de vainilla?

by Gabi Rodriguez-Morera on 7/29/2015

Reflections Before Guatemala

by Chelsea Greenwood on 7/28/2015
Team twelve

The Myers Briggs Security Blanket

by Julie Sliwinski on 7/28/2015
Team roguewave

Put it Down and Walk Away

by Katie Kroeger on 7/28/2015
Team roguewave

Letting Hope Heal

by Katie Kroeger on 7/28/2015
Team roguewave

Africa Recap

by Heather Snider on 7/28/2015
Team beautifulmess

Africa at a Glance

by Brad Henke on 7/28/2015
Team dropthemic

Adventures of a Misfit

by Mary Jang on 7/28/2015
Team s.n.l.


by Simone Sterling on 7/28/2015
Team vaya

A Risky Encounter

by Kyla Stearns on 7/28/2015
Team s.h.i.e.l.d.

Beyond the Border

by Lauryn Gondek on 7/28/2015
Team fearless

Victories of The Heart

by Tori Baker on 7/28/2015
Team horizon

Shirts and Truth

by Callie Elmore on 7/28/2015
Team sweetaroma

Deeply Tethered Here!

by Justin Kent on 7/28/2015
Team galene

Albania Recap! ((Video))

by Anna Norman on 7/28/2015
Team intrepid


by Josh Schmutzer on 7/28/2015
Team mightyoaks

Cultural Exchange

by Natalie Gale on 7/28/2015
Team mightyoaks

This Little Light of mine

by Nicole Brossard on 7/28/2015
Team agapeethnos

Choose Joy

by Liz Shaffer on 7/28/2015
Team exuberantpeace

Sickness, Death, and Poverty

by Brooke Appleby on 7/28/2015
Team raj

Heideveld is NOT Cape Town

by Elizabeth Dews on 7/28/2015
Team ardency

I am Peter.

by Hannah Bentley on 7/28/2015
Team ardency

Hard Transition

by Haley Miller on 7/28/2015
Team team1

Wake up Sleeper

by Katy Wade on 7/28/2015
Team unsilenced

Slapped in the Face

by Marybeth Roberson on 7/28/2015
Team floodsisters

Team Liora!

by Alexa Anover on 7/28/2015
Team liora

Sponsor a day!

by Annaka Welty on 7/28/2015
Team kingdom217

Team Selah Vie

by Emily Richardson on 7/28/2015
Team selahvie

essential oils on the race

by Christina Schloot on 7/28/2015
Team devotedlove

A Glimpse...

by Gennesis Dheming on 7/28/2015

Learning to Trust

by Sarah Hoss on 7/28/2015

Breakfast With A Side of Truth

by Sam Limon on 7/28/2015

The Beauty in Exposure

by Jenna Gilman on 7/28/2015

My People

by Tabitha Bissonnette on 7/28/2015

The truth behind leaving

by lauren Campbell Bray on 7/28/2015

I was lost...and I still kind of am?

by Madeline Alvarez on 7/28/2015

Comfort Zone

by Jennie Dugan on 7/27/2015
Team koinonia

Energy Vs. Passion

by Jan Carlo Del Valle on 7/27/2015
Team halas


by Rachel Eddy on 7/27/2015
Team thefoundations

The Initial Reality of #after11n11

by Julie Sliwinski on 7/27/2015
Team roguewave

Month 13: Africa.

by Leah Vogel on 7/27/2015
Team woven

Month Seven in Photos: Ecuador

by Charis Duenas on 7/27/2015
Team fenix

God Doesn't Need Me On The Race

by Cali Castaneda on 7/27/2015
Team radiant

11 Moments in South Africa

by Beth Crenshaw on 7/27/2015
Team rohiweebles

Somebody lied to me

by Beth Borrett on 7/27/2015
Team sweetaroma

A True South Africa Experience

by Jen or Jenny Boeve on 7/27/2015
Team rohiweebles