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I am a Born Loser

by Mike Ward on 8/28/2015

The World Race

by Darek Hollis on 8/28/2015

Another Adventure with Jesus

by Kelsey Kraus on 8/27/2015
Team 8:20drifters

What's Next?!

by Allison Ashforth on 8/27/2015
Team woven

Children of Asia {Video}

by Steff Polivka on 8/27/2015
Team a~ca

Throne Room Glory

by Julie Sliwinski on 8/27/2015
Team roguewave

Thank You for Fighting

by Anna Murphy on 8/27/2015
Team metanoia

Launch Approaches

by Lucas McCrary on 8/27/2015
Team teamagon

Dear World Race Gap Year

by Megan Collette on 8/27/2015
Team aboundingroots

A place no one should live

by Tanja Schödler on 8/27/2015
Team radioactive

You Don't Need the Race

by Emily Bjerstedt on 8/27/2015
Team fearless

I Ran Like Everything Depended on It

by Kate Moore on 8/27/2015
Team ag

Holy Spirit Nicaragua!

by Stephanie Jansen on 8/27/2015
Team squadleaders


by Kylene Wilson on 8/27/2015
Team sweetaroma

A Letter to Pre-Race Me

by Shelby Bradford on 8/27/2015
Team teamthreefourteen

A Letter to Pre-Race Me!!!

by Jessica Stubblefield on 8/27/2015
Team submerge427

An Open Letter to Pre-Launch Me

by Carrie Surbaugh on 8/27/2015
Team eshetchayil

From Pre-Race Me

by Ashley Cook on 8/27/2015
Team parresia

To Me, A Year From Now

by Debbie Jacobs on 8/27/2015
Team liora

Where has God called me?

by Jen Norton on 8/27/2015

A Big Thank You and More Exciting News!

by Allison Baker on 8/27/2015

Country Spotlight - Mozambique

by Maria Todd on 8/27/2015

Moving from Hope to Faith

by Eric Salgado on 8/27/2015

To Be a Servant

by Spencer Belkot on 8/27/2015

And we're off!

by Summer Scott on 8/27/2015

On the Doorstep

by Joey Willis on 8/26/2015
Team ampersand

The call again...

by Autumn Harper on 8/26/2015
Team lylas

New “Normal”

by Anne-Michael McDonald on 8/26/2015
Team streetfood

Simplicity, if only for a moment

by Lisa Tobiczyk on 8/26/2015
Team squadleaders

It's Not Over Yet

by Molly Pogones on 8/26/2015
Team seisamigas

About Me!

by Abby Clayton on 8/26/2015
Team luminous

Some details for ya

by Baylee McDivit on 8/26/2015
Team gen7


by Aimee Lewis on 8/26/2015
Team teamcbg

Meet my Friend, Ronnie.

by Bethany Anderson on 8/26/2015
Team squadleaders

A Rope Walks Into a Bar

by Audrey Harned on 8/26/2015
Team teama

Dear Pornography,

by Austin Shugart on 8/26/2015
Team walktheline

Spam, Trash, & Tears

by Brittni Lovelace on 8/26/2015
Team wakawaka

Am I Enough?

by Ashley Slaughter on 8/26/2015
Team kintsugi

What If We: Lived Our Lives For Others?

by Brandon Williams on 8/26/2015
Team arson

Baptized in an irrigation ditch

by Crystal Avery on 8/26/2015
Team braveheart

Malaysia {video blog}

by Kate Stinson on 8/26/2015
Team victory

Malaysia [VIDEO BLOG]

by Kelley Willcox on 8/26/2015
Team victory


by Stacie Wilson on 8/26/2015
Team nahar

This is Not a Vacation

by Andrea Chvatal on 8/26/2015
Team fortyirah

Right in Front of Us

by Jenni Murphy on 8/26/2015
Team squadleaders

The Blessed Task Of Becoming Nobody

by Simeone Rodgers on 8/26/2015
Team horizon

The Best $10 I've Ever Spent

by Kayla Russum on 8/26/2015
Team alethinos

Earthquake (Gorkha)

by Courtney Goddard on 8/26/2015
Team pursuit

Jaimashi, Nepal

by Meraia McDaniel on 8/26/2015
Team anchor

stories are meant to be shared

by Kenzie Staich on 8/26/2015
Team pursuit


by Alex Kirkikis on 8/26/2015
Team teamudiya

Dear Future Me,

by Lo Acosta on 8/26/2015
Team teamhighlo

The Selfish Traveler

by Meggie Swisher on 8/26/2015
Team serendipity


by Bethany Witte on 8/26/2015
Team nani

World Race Q & A

by Britney Meyer on 8/26/2015


by Lindsey Moore on 8/26/2015

adopt a square

by Alyssa Raymer on 8/26/2015

Resume on the resume? No way!

by Pamela Hjelmeir on 8/26/2015

I Believe In Miracles

by Mike Fiene on 8/26/2015


by Olivia Reed on 8/26/2015

Where in the world will you be going?

by Karly Thomas on 8/26/2015

Homeboy's Leading You Out

by Cicily Muchison on 8/26/2015

First a little bit of vision...

by Lila Capps on 8/26/2015

Future World Changers

by Paige Moeck on 8/26/2015

I was once The Lost Sheep

by Leticia Tafolla on 8/26/2015


by Tabitha Bissonnette on 8/26/2015

When you need a friend

by Dani Piva Prado Piva de Albuquerque on 8/25/2015
Team anchor

" what? What is next?"

by Emily Werness on 8/25/2015
Team enfuego

Free Indeed

by Vicky Gancio on 8/25/2015
Team teamchuphsah


by Kathryn Cuyler on 8/25/2015
Team teambreathoflife

"Flying" into Launch

by Hailey Bryant on 8/25/2015
Team meek


by Kaitlyn Schaeffer on 8/25/2015
Team dauntless

A Lesson Learned - Zimbabwe

by Meagan Kelly on 8/25/2015
Team raisinettes

SHOW and tell of Month 6

by Jenni Murphy on 8/25/2015
Team squadleaders