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Have yourself a Merry little Christmas

by Dani Piva Prado Piva de Albuquerque on 11/29/2015
Team anchor

Taking the Shot

by Allison Anderson on 11/29/2015
Team summit

The Dagger of Complacency

by Joey Willis on 11/28/2015
Team patronus

Life's an Adventure, Even in College

by Faith Beattie on 11/28/2015
Team goshen

Happy Thanksgiving from Cambodia!

by Sabrina Doyle on 11/28/2015
Team teamzion

Unbound and Unharmed

by Lexi Martin on 11/28/2015
Team teamwaff

Adios El Salvador!

by Annie Kane on 11/28/2015
Team aboundingroots

Rachel is moving to where???

by Rachel Zerby on 11/28/2015
Team tigerbalm

Over but not Over

by JAY PARK on 11/28/2015
Team blaze

11 Reasons To Be Thankful

by Anna Carter on 11/28/2015
Team iridescent

The Neighborhood

by Maria Hall on 11/28/2015
Team poaday


by Katie Mastropaolo on 11/28/2015
Team rascals

Idolatry is an American Problem Too

by Keighty Patton on 11/28/2015
Team xena

The Devil's in the Distractions

by Kristen Wise on 11/28/2015
Team ing

3 things I learned: month three

by Mykal Denton on 11/28/2015
Team teamudiya

An Apology to my Family

by Mark Manchester Jr on 11/28/2015
Team teamhighlo

My Life in Crutches

by Anne Bruner on 11/28/2015
Team eshetchayil

A Day in the Albanian Life

by Anne Bruner on 11/28/2015
Team eshetchayil

Discipline with Love

by Stephanie Below on 11/28/2015
Team sculptor'sseven

We Became an Improv Troupe

by Victoria Baxter on 11/28/2015
Team unsilenced

While Walking in Wet Shoes

by Abel Ballew on 11/28/2015
Team joyfulnoise

Your Perception #altered

by Mark Jackson II on 11/28/2015
Team joyfulnoise

Compassion in Suffering

by Carson Shock on 11/28/2015
Team kingdom217

New friends

by Abigail Johanson on 11/28/2015

I Could Stay

by Cassie Chavira on 11/28/2015


by Jason Gebhardt on 11/28/2015

Faith is Like a Pool

by Victoria Rogers on 11/28/2015

It's Time to Say Goodbye

by Jordyn Long on 11/28/2015
Team stainedglass

Why Not Here?

by Emily Honey on 11/28/2015

Christ Rips Away My Safety Net

by Katie Horst on 11/28/2015

The Reality of Life on the Race

by Morgan Reeves on 11/27/2015
Team luminous

Can't Hold me Down- All things New

by Kaja Augustine on 11/27/2015
Team radiant

Jumping In

by Katie Wolford on 11/27/2015
Team teamselah

I am in Cambodia

by Jack Sentz on 11/27/2015
Team teampopcollar

The Great Abode of Cambod

by Lucas McCrary on 11/27/2015
Team teamkidsoutback

Do you Trust Me?

by Julie McFarland on 11/27/2015
Team meek

a not so boring world

by Emma Gober on 11/27/2015
Team aboundingroots

Re-Entry. Jet Lag. Many Emotions.

by Kyla Stearns on 11/27/2015
Team raisinettes

Is This World Race?

by Rebecca Stephens on 11/27/2015
Team banditos

Spirit of Thankfulness

by McKenzie Riley on 11/27/2015
Team brunetteblend


by Niki Suber on 11/27/2015
Team teamthreefourteen

Japan Photo Diary

by Jess Mao on 11/27/2015
Team teamthreefourteen

Loving the Abandoned

by Leighton Teague on 11/27/2015
Team serendipity

The Rewards of Trust - Part Four

by Faith Craver on 11/27/2015
Team ichthys


by Lindsay Anderson on 11/27/2015
Team nani

God showing up

by Tanner Hudson on 11/27/2015
Team agaperooted

That White Dress....

by Ali Souther on 11/27/2015
Team sozo

Why I'm thankful

by Morgan Stewart on 11/27/2015

A new Thanks to be thankful for

by Rachel Thelen on 11/26/2015
Team gen7

Giving Thanks..for My Mom!

by Bailey Hicks on 11/26/2015
Team dauntless

Dare You to Move

by Rachael Robinson on 11/26/2015
Team riverjumpers

What the Kids on the Street Taught Me

by Christian Gonzales on 11/26/2015
Team sunflower

Call For Help

by Sabrina LYLE on 11/26/2015
Team avodah

A Shout of Thanksgiving

by Keighty Patton on 11/26/2015
Team xena

Lord, Should I Live In Japan?

by Dustin Minter on 11/26/2015
Team teamthreefourteen


by Lo Acosta on 11/26/2015
Team teamhighlo

A Sneak Peek into Honduras

by Zack Toth on 11/26/2015
Team alétheia

Let´s Think Eternity

by Tiffany Johnston on 11/26/2015
Team bioluminescence

Fully Funded!!!

by Nathan Borish on 11/26/2015
Team kaleo

The Peace Container

by Kelly Anne Broderick on 11/26/2015
Team kairos

Spiritual Warship - Part Three

by Faith Craver on 11/26/2015
Team ichthys

Something to be Thankful for

by Bethany Witte on 11/26/2015
Team nani

Blessings Upon Blessings

by Kyndal Cody on 11/26/2015

World Famous Carmels

by Sydney Newland on 11/26/2015

I'm Thankful for... YOU!

by Alissa Van Arnam on 11/26/2015
Team kingdomshakers

26 Reasons I'm Thankful

by Mary Forster on 11/26/2015
Team rhema

Shooting Stars

by Heather Swan on 11/26/2015
Team watchmen

four months passed.

by Alexis Burrmann on 11/26/2015

I wear overalls

by Greg Hall on 11/26/2015

11 things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving

by Kimberly Matthews on 11/26/2015

Happy Thanksgiving

by Jenna Sisson on 11/26/2015

Eyes wide open. Faith activated.

by Sarah Roccaforte on 11/26/2015

The Last Place I Wanted To Be

by Anika Erickson on 11/25/2015
Team phoenix

Encountering Angels

by Megan Moffitt on 11/25/2015
Team vaya

This one is for the Niños

by Gabbi Ford on 11/25/2015
Team bintibeans

Chasing The Wind

by Kaiden Springsteen on 11/25/2015
Team half dozen disciples

Thankful Tune

by Rebecca Hyde on 11/25/2015
Team teamsilverlinings

Sticks and Plastic Bags

by Brittani Banks on 11/25/2015
Team teamzion