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How to Build Community

by Katie Axelson on 4/25/2014
Team salmo45:11

How to Bless on a Budget

by Katie Axelson on 4/21/2014
Team salmo45:11

Himalayan Trek [video]

by Tayler Patton on 4/19/2014
Team change

Always Mine

by Logan Gibson on 4/19/2014
Team lylas

the best choice

by Jillian Paul on 4/19/2014
Team squadleaders

The Price of Obedience

by Vallory Moss on 4/19/2014
Team beautifullyrooted

Thailand Video

by Ashley Loeb on 4/19/2014
Team dawntreaders

Thailand Video

by Ashley Loeb on 4/19/2014
Team dawntreaders

Scorpions bite

by Faith Vining on 4/19/2014
Team wrappedinradiance

idolatry, pride and comparison

by Samantha Kirby on 4/19/2014
Team squadleaders

From the inside out

by Shelby Havard on 4/19/2014

By His Wounds We Are Healed

by Lauren Oyervides on 4/19/2014
Team unitedwarriors

Breather's Off Day

by Brittany Vander Naald on 4/19/2014
Team zealouslove

A Home Away from Home

by Derek West on 4/19/2014
Team theunexpected

Other Three Words.

by Kim Harris on 4/19/2014
Team dependentbyfaith

Choosing His Majesty

by Raquel Stewart-Mendoza on 4/19/2014
Team joybombs

Starfish tossin

by Lexi Williams on 4/19/2014

Golden 25

by Margaret Kloess on 4/19/2014


by Lauren Madawick on 4/19/2014

Satan For the Win?

by Ashley Albert on 4/19/2014

Breaking Down $16,000

by Caitlin Strecker on 4/19/2014

$16 000!? Is that even possible???

by Melanie Wells on 4/19/2014

Buckets and New Beginnings

by Meghan Tschanz on 4/18/2014
Team lionheart

An Easter Poem

by Laura Schaefer on 4/18/2014
Team radiance

Pride. Something I Struggle With.

by Anna Grotenhuis on 4/18/2014
Team shininggrace

Philippines video recap

by Owen Siebring on 4/18/2014
Team turnthepage

TIA - This Is Africa

by Tiffany Blount on 4/18/2014
Team free


by Emily Zion on 4/18/2014
Team setafiresc

The Purpose of Prayer

by Vallory Moss on 4/18/2014
Team beautifullyrooted

Stuck in Superstition

by Vallory Moss on 4/18/2014
Team beautifullyrooted

Fight For Me, Love Me, Desire Me

by Alyssa Sharp on 4/18/2014
Team woof

Romania: I'm Not Invincible

by Jen McHutchion on 4/18/2014
Team stillrelentless

O Coffee! My Coffee!

by Brian Ledtke on 4/18/2014
Team stillrelentless

A Boy Named Shofall

by Audrey Bazil on 4/18/2014
Team recklesspursuit

They killed it!

by Lynn Diepenbroek on 4/18/2014
Team unveiled


by Tellus Truesdale on 4/18/2014
Team ice

I trust you Lord

by Shelby Havard on 4/18/2014

Food for Thought

by Steffi Lane on 4/18/2014

My Calling to the World

by Ali Geisler on 4/18/2014

Spirit Lead Me Where My Trust Is Without Borders

by Krista Wurlitzer on 4/18/2014


by Nathan Schwarz on 4/18/2014

Month 4 - Peru in Pictures

by Isaiah Alvarado on 4/18/2014
Team radical

Don't let your dreams be dreams

by Will Taylor on 4/18/2014
Team teamzoa

Lithuania Video & Fundraising Update

by Heather Roush on 4/18/2014
Team meno

What happened in Lithuania? Video!!

by Amy Deming on 4/18/2014
Team meno

The Powerful Ocean

by Nikki Romani on 4/18/2014
Team agape

Identity Crisis

by Maggie Chappell on 4/18/2014
Team angeadh-glas

What is happening?

by Margaret Poch on 4/18/2014
Team radiant

Sit Down and Don't Move

by Deborah Jones on 4/18/2014
Team deeproots

Fearless Love

by Beth Bostick on 4/18/2014
Team show

A Much Needed Reminder

by Dillon Wadewitz on 4/18/2014
Team simplicity

Jesus loves how I wash windows

by Carly Newton on 4/18/2014
Team radiant


by Ashley Zablocki on 4/18/2014

ready or not.

by Kaci Eccles on 4/18/2014

Eu vou para a World Race!

by Dani Piva Prado Piva de Albuquerque on 4/18/2014

Backpack and Tent

by Steve Gonzalez on 4/18/2014

World Race Preview: Turkey

by Serena Snyder on 4/18/2014

11 [more] randoms about me

by Linda Swier on 4/18/2014

Wait, where are you going? Romania

by LeAnn WRIGHT on 4/18/2014

Route Change!

by lj Burleigh on 4/18/2014

Plans made to be broken

by Beth Mora on 4/18/2014

Where will I be going? What will I be doing?

by Anna Murphy on 4/18/2014

Easter Spoken Word

by Devon Kester on 4/18/2014

Where is this money going?

by Andrea Mast on 4/18/2014

To Brunch

by Emma Morris on 4/18/2014

Nineveh and comfort zone

by Kathryn Root on 4/18/2014

Truly we are bound...

by Aly Badinger on 4/18/2014

Just Enough

by Rebecca Spires on 4/17/2014
Team breathe

Appalachian Trail: 2 Weeks in

by Steven Buffington on 4/17/2014
Team pepparainjahs

Month 9: Romania

by Lindsey Irvine on 4/17/2014
Team barefoot

Help Me Come Home!!

by Susannah Bretz on 4/17/2014
Team shininggrace

Fully Funded!!

by Kaylee Stoops on 4/17/2014
Team amalgamation


by Mike Bergey on 4/17/2014
Team squadleaders

Video: For You

by Ruby Lopez on 4/17/2014
Team wwjd

A Little EXTRA in the ORDINARY

by Julie Lane on 4/17/2014
Team lylas

Spiritually and Physically Blinded

by Julie Lane on 4/17/2014
Team lylas

Catching Up

by Ham Dilbeck on 4/17/2014
Team letitrain

Romania [Photo Blog]

by Emily Miller on 4/17/2014
Team endlesspursuit

Poor Box

by Faith Vining on 4/17/2014
Team wrappedinradiance

South Africa Picture Blog

by Helen Charles on 4/17/2014
Team dawntreaders

March Madness video Update

by Rafi Robles JR on 4/17/2014
Team radical


by Gina Neuville on 4/17/2014
Team zealouslove

Hang Ten Brah

by DeAnna Jarnagin on 4/17/2014
Team awakening

I Am Set Free

by Hillary Unis on 4/17/2014
Team awakening

Ode to Family

by Audra Bridendolph on 4/17/2014
Team globalrootz

Do you validate?

by Jessica Fouch on 4/17/2014
Team angeadh-glas

My Hail Mary

by Jessica Fouch on 4/17/2014
Team angeadh-glas