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I Hated Men

by Karen Meyer on 7/24/2014
Team thisisit

World Racer or Glorified Babysitter?

by Christina Callegari on 7/24/2014
Team lionheart

The Lie Sheet

by Krista Schweitzer on 7/24/2014
Team uncaged

Training Camp Team Selfie

by Abbie Eaton on 7/24/2014

Manhole Children

by Lindsey Schlingman on 7/24/2014
Team evermore

Officially Gone Viral - Fundraising Video

by Jan Carlo Del Valle on 7/24/2014
Team halas

The Career-Ending Kind Of Slump.

by Taylor Blankstein on 7/24/2014
Team ovida


by Amanda Abla on 7/24/2014
Team abounding

Farewell BeeeLoved B Squad

by Katherine Dahmen on 7/24/2014
Team oneaccord

A Symphony

by Kristin Funderburg on 7/24/2014
Team pfot(piercedforourtransgressions)

Camp is a Wonderful Place

by Jessica Johnson on 7/24/2014
Team unity31

The First of Many

by Shelby Weier on 7/24/2014
Team openarms

The day my tears turned to peace

by Courtney Knoff on 7/24/2014
Team boldradiance

Elephants, Rice and Jesus

by Jonathan Sander on 7/24/2014
Team boundless

Nepal Trekking Video

by Amanda Patchin on 7/24/2014
Team gladiators

Ministry isn't always glamorous

by Amanda Patchin on 7/24/2014
Team gladiators

See The World (Race) in Three Minutes

by Tina Sakers on 7/24/2014

Pre-Gaming in Georgia with the Girls

by Tina Sakers on 7/24/2014


by Julia Goll on 7/24/2014

The Week That Broke Me

by Ashley Davis on 7/24/2014

Change of Plans

by Ada Kessler on 7/24/2014

Be the Light Shirts

by Katie Kurschner on 7/24/2014

Holy Smokes!

by Becca Grove on 7/24/2014

Here am I. Send Me!

by Bailey Balenti on 7/24/2014

To Be Honest

by Alyssa Nobles on 7/24/2014

Poverty Exposed

by Kelsey Chancellor on 7/23/2014
Team unveiled

Grabbin' my passport for Passport!

by Stephanie Bittick on 7/23/2014
Team daythree

Our wedding!

by Bethany Bernard on 7/23/2014
Team ironmaidens

Staggering on the Brink of Sobriety

by Justin Marshall on 7/23/2014
Team theforce

Becoming a ministry Pro!

by Steven Buffington on 7/23/2014
Team pepparainjahs

The World Race Changed Me

by Allison Braun on 7/23/2014
Team cool

11 Memeories From 11 Countires

by Alyssa Sharp on 7/23/2014
Team cool

Paradigm Shift

by Brad Lindsey on 7/23/2014
Team thisisit

She's Such A Crybaby

by Rachelle Bull on 7/23/2014
Team lastbattle

Stoke The Fire

by Seth Powell on 7/23/2014
Team wildfire

Was Jesus Just a Good Man?

by Hanna Taylor on 7/23/2014
Team squadleaders

The struggle pretty

by Hanna Reeves on 7/23/2014
Team lol

Everything's on the Altar Now

by Allie Mitchell on 7/23/2014
Team f.l.a.m.e.

A special servant of God

by Megan Cherry on 7/23/2014
Team squadleaders

Unsung Hero - Manuel Garcia

by Elaine Seibert on 7/23/2014
Team onedirection

Beautiful Arrows: A Poem

by Isa Caszatt on 7/23/2014
Team themovement

Guys are ruining my life!

by Kimberly Webb on 7/23/2014
Team change

Singing His Praises

by April Claybaugh on 7/23/2014
Team goldengirls


by Erica Brandich on 7/23/2014
Team squadleader

I hit a low point two weeks ago

by Meredith Hunton on 7/23/2014
Team lovewell

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

by Michelle Lockett on 7/23/2014
Team w.e.r.k.

The Voice of God

by Kelly Griffin on 7/23/2014
Team w.e.r.k.

English Class

by Katherine McClard on 7/23/2014
Team forerunners

This is for you!

by Darron Chamlee on 7/23/2014
Team enfuego

Gloria Adios

by Matt Carlson on 7/23/2014
Team forerunners

broken cisterns

by Rachel Snowden on 7/23/2014
Team steadfastpursuit

More of you, less of me

by Serena Snyder on 7/23/2014
Team alvah

Skittles from Heaven

by Dani Tripp on 7/23/2014
Team bellator

My Blagodarya Blog

by Katie McGuire on 7/23/2014
Team apotolmao

Ways to Donate

by Danielle Anchondo on 7/23/2014
Team boldradiance

Bolivia: Learning to Choose Joy

by Christina Smith on 7/23/2014
Team fearlesslaughter

The Start of my Story and Others

by Christina Reid on 7/23/2014
Team lutroo

About Time...

by Danica Cotov on 7/23/2014
Team boundless

Chitwan Mountains, Nepal / 7 Day Trek

by Jackelyn (Jack) Mead on 7/23/2014
Team gladiators

I Hope You Dance

by Allie Spain on 7/23/2014

A journal from camp...

by Julia Goll on 7/23/2014

His Sunflower

by Amy Hollenbeck on 7/23/2014

Training Camp...Take 2!

by Tera White on 7/23/2014
Team livingwater

Training Camp Part 1: The Overview

by Amber Hershberger on 7/23/2014

I'm in the local news!

by Whitney Vines on 7/23/2014

training camp recap.

by Janet Castaneda on 7/23/2014

Packs, Buses, and Raw Chicken

by Katie Kroeger on 7/23/2014


by Haleigh Moore on 7/23/2014
Team worthit

A WR Vocab Lesson

by Sydney Roberts on 7/23/2014

Is this real life...Training Camp pt.1

by Ada Kessler on 7/23/2014

#LiveTheAdventure: A World Race Bucket List

by Christina Bautista on 7/23/2014

When I Stopped Talking and Started Listening - A Leap Of...

by Francis Faucher-Gosselin on 7/23/2014

Give me a song to sing...

by Casey Wilson on 7/23/2014

The week God Awakened my Soul

by holly McCarley on 7/23/2014

Is this supposed to be a blessing?

by leah Nestor on 7/23/2014

Worship Wednesday, Vol. 10

by Monica Payne on 7/23/2014

Support Letter

by Nicky Keeno on 7/23/2014

The Beauty of Transparency

by Andie Pointer on 7/23/2014

Right Here, Right Now

by Lauryn Gondek on 7/23/2014

Just Start Walking!

by Katelyn James on 7/23/2014

Are Your Prayers as Big as God Is?

by Meg Brooks on 7/23/2014