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Squad story. My story.

by Aly Badinger on 5/28/2015
Team rohiweebles

Thank Yous and Email Updates

by Maggie McDonald on 5/28/2015
Team horizon

And in January Im.... Squad Leading

by Mikala Wiegand on 5/27/2015
Team gonewild

A Lesson In Fearlessness

by Shannon Pere on 5/27/2015
Team endzone

home again, home again

by Mary Brinen on 5/27/2015
Team relentless

My World Race journey by numbers...

by Amanda Patchin on 5/27/2015
Team relentless

Serving The Least Of These

by Heidi Streicher on 5/27/2015
Team a~ca

Living Before an Audience of One

by Julie Sliwinski on 5/27/2015
Team roguewave


by Julie Sliwinski on 5/27/2015
Team roguewave

Forever a Foreigner

by Brad Henke on 5/27/2015
Team dropthemic

Whats going on in Swaziland?

by Brad Henke on 5/27/2015
Team dropthemic

Hold On

by Kaycie O'Neil on 5/27/2015
Team s.n.l.

Embrace the Question Mark

by Christina Bautista on 5/27/2015
Team uncommon

Same Same But Different

by Seth O'Neill on 5/27/2015
Team seventhheaven

Jesus Is A Matchmaker

by Vashti Wills on 5/27/2015
Team s.n.l.

Mom's Perspective of PVT!

by Kai Taniguchi on 5/27/2015
Team seventhheaven

Parent Vision Trip - Thailand

by Ellen Scott on 5/27/2015
Team squadleaders

I'm in Another's Arms

by Vashti Wills on 5/27/2015
Team s.n.l.

Hitchhiking in Honduras

by Nick Thomas on 5/27/2015
Team enfuego

Ready or Not

by Claudia Fitzpatrick on 5/27/2015

Oh, Caisan... <3

by Ashley Thaggard on 5/27/2015
Team libertadoras

Coffee & Bagels

by Katrina Palazuelos Rico on 5/27/2015
Team echaleganas

Down on the farm

by Kelly Harrison on 5/27/2015
Team echaleganas

Update on A Little Help Needed

by Bradon Williams on 5/27/2015
Team unveiled

All you need is Love

by Ana Maria Soto on 5/27/2015
Team engarde

The Fairy Tale is REAL

by Tori Thompson on 5/27/2015
Team rohiweebles

9 Things I Now Know

by Shelby Fowler on 5/27/2015

A Call To Love

by Faith Craver on 5/27/2015

Ride on!!

by Louise Burns on 5/27/2015


by Kristen Ozmon on 5/27/2015

11 Day Challenge

by Kim Rietveld on 5/27/2015

My Friends Wedding

by Will Miller on 5/27/2015

The Question

by Taylor Slagh on 5/27/2015

A Change In Plans

by Marissa MacLurg on 5/27/2015

Important Donation Information

by Laura Padula on 5/27/2015

Learning How to Build.

by Shannon Monaghan on 5/27/2015

While I'm Waiting

by Tabitha Bissonnette on 5/27/2015

Teach Me To Die

by Pat Stiller on 5/26/2015
Team kingdomjourneys

My blog has MOVED!

by Beka Hull on 5/26/2015
Team waitforit

did we change the world?

by Brooke McIntosh on 5/26/2015
Team cypress

No words.

by Ali Geisler on 5/26/2015
Team goshen


by Jamie Carlson on 5/26/2015
Team newage

Month 10- Vietnam

by Kim Grady on 5/26/2015
Team 27one

Don't phunk with my heart

by Courtney Thompson on 5/26/2015
Team seventhheaven

Tani, Part 1

by Allison Huang on 5/26/2015
Team seventhheaven

9 months, 9 snapshots

by Andrea Mast on 5/26/2015
Team swerve

Longing and Desire

by David Sands on 5/26/2015

Ever Be

by Emily Voss on 5/26/2015

Words of Encouragement

by Jarrad Ellis on 5/26/2015
Team echaleganas

Poverty and Business

by laura Baumback on 5/26/2015
Team avengers

What Is Your Life?

by Alicia Wrigley on 5/26/2015
Team avengers

Guatemala: Meaningful Moment #1

by Monica Payne on 5/26/2015
Team alabanza

To See or Not to See

by Rick Thomas on 5/26/2015
Team breakthrough

To See or Not to See

by Sarah Thomas on 5/26/2015
Team breakthrough

11 Photos in Honduras

by David Hamilton on 5/26/2015
Team breakthrough

Their Lives Depend On It...

by Taylor Duggan on 5/26/2015
Team fresh

The Earthquake

by Laura Spence on 5/26/2015
Team teamtime

The Day The Earth Shook (Part 1)

by Kristy Ramsey on 5/26/2015
Team braveheart


by Brandi Brock on 5/26/2015
Team thetribe


by Maggie McDonald on 5/26/2015
Team horizon


by Hallie Canada on 5/26/2015

FAQ time!

by Katy Wade on 5/26/2015

Yellow Jurassic Stone Park

by Derik Chaney on 5/26/2015

Give more & tell no one

by Cassidy Cook on 5/26/2015

The First Line of a Book...

by Jenna Comontofski on 5/26/2015

Check This Out!!!!!

by Lindsey Irvine on 5/25/2015
Team barefoot

Where in the World am I ?

by Sarah Jang on 5/25/2015
Team lighthouse

Time flies- 5 month catch up!

by Lisa Tobiczyk on 5/25/2015
Team squadleaders

Life in the Village

by Caroline Ritchey on 5/25/2015
Team s.n.l.

India wrecked me.

by Megan O'Connor on 5/25/2015
Team summerbreeze

A Night Without Gun Shots

by Courtney Huffman on 5/25/2015
Team hieloyfuego

Helping People is Hard

by Marin MacIver on 5/25/2015
Team letsbehonest

Helping People is Hard

by Brady MacIver on 5/25/2015
Team letsbehonest


by Alysse Feldman on 5/25/2015
Team swerve

Building a House

by Jess Hines on 5/25/2015
Team uniteddifference

Tribute to my Grandfather (Papa)

by daniel Pedron on 5/25/2015
Team fresh

Frozen By Fear

by Katie Ringelspaugh on 5/25/2015
Team fresh

Frozen By Fear

by Steve Ringelspaugh on 5/25/2015
Team fresh

Broken Nepal

by Brandon Perry on 5/25/2015
Team victory

Video of My Baptism!

by Kate Moore on 5/25/2015
Team thetribe

Trusting God in his silence (month 4&5)

by Sareece Heitmann on 5/25/2015
Team felicia