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Feed the hungry

by Madison Muniz on 9/23/2014
Team nephesh

My Life in Manila

by Maddy Andrzejewski on 9/23/2014
Team mizizi

Your Presence is Enough

by Joshua Beebe on 9/23/2014
Team fearlesslove

I Must Be Crazy (Pt. 1)

by Austin Demny on 9/22/2014
Team dartagnen

I Must Be Crazy (Pt. 2)

by Austin Demny on 9/22/2014
Team dartagnen

The wait of glory

by Jen Goeking on 9/22/2014
Team thejanes

Walking in Desire

by Chaney Poston on 9/22/2014
Team awakenedezekiels

can you see ME now?

by Tiffany Blount on 9/22/2014
Team free

So, How Was It? World Race FAQ

by Sha'terika Perkins on 9/22/2014
Team ...dropsmic

My Adoption Story

by Jena Bea Haney on 9/22/2014
Team uncaged

Stinkin' Thinkin'

by Rae Deese on 9/22/2014
Team renown

So it begins!

by Jamie Carlson on 9/22/2014
Team mizizi

The Father's Heart

by Drew Stamey on 9/22/2014
Team mizizi

The Journey Begings

by Cami LaShelle on 9/22/2014
Team selah

A Different Kind Of Culture Shock

by Angela Brown on 9/22/2014
Team aletheia


by Kylie Bowen on 9/22/2014
Team riverbound

It's more fun in the Philippines!!

by Andrew Brunette on 9/22/2014
Team mizizi

It's more fun in the Philippines!!

by Andrew Brunette on 9/22/2014
Team mizizi

Gringo Alley

by Kay Barton on 9/22/2014
Team mosaic

Face to Face with Jesus

by Brianna Lomas on 9/22/2014
Team thepursuit


by Kayla Schmidt on 9/22/2014
Team mosaic

Pray Outside the Box

by Allie Mitchell on 9/22/2014
Team r&r

You Do You

by Lindsey Schlingman on 9/22/2014
Team edun

PVT Pilippines

by Anna Cheek on 9/22/2014
Team refinedelegance

Everyday Heroes

by Stephanie Stutzman on 9/22/2014
Team leonard*

Everyday Heroes

by Cody Stutzman on 9/22/2014
Team leonard*

Losing Moments

by Jessica Fouch on 9/22/2014
Team safehaven

What A Man

by Jacob Stewart on 9/22/2014
Team (fe)males


by Miranda Parnell on 9/22/2014
Team fishersofmen

Who I Am > What I Can Do

by Andrew Parkin on 9/22/2014
Team 3d

I was admitted into a clinic in Haiti!

by Darron Chamlee on 9/22/2014
Team enfuego

Do it like Jesus

by Kristin Brewster on 9/22/2014
Team bellator

Breaking the Silence

by Taylor Scott on 9/22/2014
Team ru-ah

Reaping the Harvest

by Lara Crawford on 9/22/2014
Team bellator

Calloused Hands

by Amber Gallaway on 9/22/2014
Team apotolmao

Breaking to Multiply (Part Two)

by Ash Owens on 9/22/2014
Team sozo

Friends Are Like Bras

by Danielle Anchondo on 9/22/2014
Team boldradiance

Going to Prison in Peru

by Mary Chandler Pruette on 9/22/2014
Team rakchazak

The Secret of Contentment.

by Alyssa Keene on 9/22/2014
Team fearlesslove

Speak Ngobe to Me.

by Thomas Cole on 9/22/2014
Team warrior

Taking Walking for Granted

by Katie Jacobson on 9/22/2014
Team deeppursuit

I swear I didn't drink the water

by Megan O'Connor on 9/22/2014
Team warriorbride

Night of Worship pt. 2

by Ethan Wadsworth on 9/22/2014
Team magneticlight

A World of Romance: Part One

by Hannah Adkison on 9/22/2014
Team warriorbride

Man Vs. Wild: Rat Attack

by Katie Allen on 9/22/2014
Team hungryyoungsters

Coffee, Cupcakes, and Hope

by Becky Houston on 9/22/2014
Team theconquerors

Georgia on my mind.

by Charis Duenas on 9/22/2014

Wild Things

by Mary Auger on 9/22/2014

World Race Tanks

by Josiah Clagett on 9/22/2014

World Race Video Challenge

by Josiah Clagett on 9/22/2014

The Good and the Really Good.

by Sean McCloskey on 9/22/2014

Hope vs Hope

by Kels Tosca on 9/22/2014


by Elizabeth Snyder on 9/22/2014

More like yoga.

by Elizabeth Snyder on 9/22/2014

A Call for Support

by Paige Spiegelberg on 9/22/2014

T-Shirts are in!!!

by Andrew Hancock on 9/22/2014

I'm Challenging YOU! (Updates!)

by Beth Crenshaw on 9/22/2014

Rest and Preparation

by Rebecca Stephens on 9/22/2014

So why the World Race?

by Pamela Christian on 9/22/2014

How Will You Respond?

by Peyton Rector on 9/22/2014

Where We'll Go and What We'll Do

by Kathleen Forrest on 9/22/2014

God and String Theory

by Keighty Patton on 9/22/2014

Freedom From Sin

by Amber Waller on 9/22/2014

Honduras Update!

by Donald Hamilton on 9/21/2014

We've Been Robbed! PART 1

by Bethany Staton on 9/21/2014
Team awaken

We've Been Robbed! PART 2

by Bethany Staton on 9/21/2014
Team awaken

I Got Married!

by Laura Schaefer on 9/21/2014
Team radiance

New Beginnings

by Erin Costello on 9/21/2014
Team royals

What We're Doing

by Joshua Hofmeister on 9/21/2014
Team geronimo

And So It Begins

by Aaron Braun on 9/21/2014
Team renown

First Bump in the Road

by Taylor Mueller on 9/21/2014
Team nephesh

Typhoon in Manila

by Lindsay Lucas on 9/21/2014
Team nephesh

A Beautiful Adventure

by Lyndsay Schroeder on 9/21/2014
Team nephesh

Honduras Recap Video

by Isaiah Alvarado on 9/21/2014
Team thegoodtimers

Bars, Girls, and... Dad?

by Jackie Bakalarski on 9/21/2014
Team goldengirls

Free Wisdom: Happiness

by Jan Carlo Del Valle on 9/21/2014
Team halas

A Family of Gems

by Julie Haag on 9/21/2014
Team refinedelegance

The Pendulum

by Gloriel Taylor on 9/21/2014
Team ateam

My Romanian Love

by Anthea Kruik on 9/21/2014
Team safehaven

B R O K E N Identity

by Lauren Nitzschke on 9/21/2014
Team safehaven

Gypsies And A Macedonian Bus Stop

by Rebecca Neff on 9/21/2014
Team ironlife

Closing a chapter

by Dani Piva Prado Piva de Albuquerque on 9/21/2014
Team unity31


by Emily Arzani on 9/21/2014
Team apotolmao

mmm... Worship

by Amy Hirabayashi on 9/21/2014
Team unity31

I fell in love

by Courtney Tuttle on 9/21/2014
Team boldradiance

Love needs no translation!

by Jordan Vernon on 9/21/2014
Team tonka

An Unexpected Farewell

by Summer Kinser on 9/21/2014
Team goldenarrows