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College of Athens

CoA is an accredited Christian college that partners with Adventures In Missions to offer World Race U. Take a look at its offerings here.

Your Customized Learning Experience

  1. You will be assigned a mentor team who helps you design your learning plan.
  2. Together, you’ll work on a Life Map.

Passion Projects

1. We recruit highly motivated Christ-followers.

2. Students research needs and opportunities.

3. Teams of students start enterprises to meet needs.

4. Our mentors give them hard coaching and connect them to resources.

5. Students learn skills that help them in their startup process.

6. We iterate, continually improving till we launch.

launchu Academics - Image 05
launchu Academics - Image 04


LU students stand out in a crowd. They are activists who believe that Jesus came to set the captives free and use us to do it. They are dreamers who want to learn more about dreaming and building dreams that change the world. Our students see a planet that for all its issues, is chalk full of opportunity for go-getters.

Next Steps

Our next class starts Aug 15, 2023

Step 1

Watch the video, check out the World Race U experience

Step 2

Take our quiz to see if you fit or take 15 minutes to talk to a life coach about your life.

Step 3

Chat with us. Learn why World Race U may be the best higher ed experience on the planet.

Step 4

Apply and see within the week if you qualify.

No Risk

Want to check it out further?

Connect with graduates to hear more about the experience
Come visit us
Talk to financial counselors about your situation


We believe that our society does young people no favors with its short-term focus. We continually share stories of world changers that help build faith and show students that change takes time and commitment. Think more in terms of finding a problem that is worth committing 10 years to.

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