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Question Icon 90% of students who took a gap year returned to college the following year.

Question Icon Studies show taking an intentional year off from school can propel students into making the most of their college experience or whatever they decide is next.

Question Icon 60% said a year out of the classroom helped them decide their major and realize their future career.

Question Icon Gap year students reported feeling much more satisfied once in their careers.

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The World Race Christian gap year program is for students who want to grow with God, serve others, and travel while making a difference and building meaningful relationships.

Meet Your Host

Hope Mendola-Wong


You’re at a pivotal point in your life. You want to be who God created you to be and make the right steps that will impact the rest of your life. You’re not alone!

That's why we created our Christian mission trip programs Including our Christian gap year program, World Race Gap Year has sent over 115,000 people on mission trips all over the world. This includes the World Race, which has helped them begin to live in their calling God has for them.


Jordan Field - World Racer

Jordan Field

The World Race changed my life, it has singlehandedly been the most impactful thing I've ever done. I witnessed God do incredible things around the world, and grew so much in my identity in Christ. I highly recommend the race to anyone wanting to grow and experience missions!
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Brooks Driver - World Racer

Brooks Driver

Absolutely life-changing! My eyes were opened to see God's love for his people. The World Race will stretch your faith and put you under amazing leadership to mentor you along the way.
Brittany Stoll - World Racer

Brittany Stoll

The Lord showed me what it’s like to have my heartbreak for others who are hurting and how I can love them. My confidence in the Lord has also grown a lot. My identity has been rooted in Christ for a while, but I still let fear have a hold on my life. The Lord helped me to overcome fears, like preaching, evangelizing, and saying hard things in love to teammates. It’s awesome to see how much God worked in me and transformed me this year!
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Whitney Rogers - World Racer

Whitney Rogers

The World Race Gap Year was the most challenging and life-changing endeavor that I have ever experienced. I built life-long relationships with people all over the world and encountered God in ways that I never thought possible. I learned what it truly means to dream big with the Lord every day. It was by far the most meaningful 9 months of my entire life.
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Drew Dahlsten - World Racer

Drew Dahlsten

I was challenged and stretched in my faith while on the World Race in a way that has produced lasting change. It has opened my mind to what a life of discipleship looks like. God could have done this work in any number of ways but, for me at least, he used Adventures In Missions and the World Race.
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Celeste Lombardo - World Racer

Celeste Lombardo

I don't even know where to begin. But all I can say is go. Don't worry about finances, raise money and trust God. This type of education is better than any education I could find in a classroom. God. Travel. And the people you spend it with will become your "forever friends" and family.
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