World Race - June 2019

Route 1 - Nicaragua to Indonesia

World Race - June 2019 Route 1
DURATION 11 Months
FUNDRAISING REQUIREMENT $19,900 How does fundraising work?
Countries Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Moroco, Ethiopia, Djibouti, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia

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You’ll spend your first month on the World Race in Nicaragua. Nicaragua has a large number of people who know the Gospel, though there is great poverty and political unrest. Racers typically focus on relationship building with abandoned children over sports, English and arts and crafts. The children are wounded but still have childlike joy and just crave the opportunity to be kids.

Costa Rica

Your second month on the Race will continue to the peaceful paradise of Costa Rica – where you’ll quickly grow to love the slow, “pura vida” lifestyle. The main focus of ministry for Racers will be partnering with local churches to share the Gospel with rural communities, especially in impoverished border towns. Some Racers even get the opportunity to grab surfboards, head to the sandy beaches, and minister to the surfer community while leading camps for kids on the beach.


Your final month in Central America will take you to the home of the Panama Canal and the largest rainforest outside of the Amazon. The country of Panama connects Central and South America. And thanks to the Canal, which connects the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, Panama is one of the leading economies in Central America. But the Panama Canal is a two-edged sword, because it also allows for increased drug trafficking. You will come alongside indigenous people groups of Panama through children's ministry, teaching, and outreach. You may also have the opportunity to partner with a local coffee farm that grows and roasts coffee beans as a way to support sending out local missionaries.


After three months in Central America, you’ll travel to Morocco, a traditional Arabian country with great French influence, cobblestone streets, and iconic architecture. Long-term missionaries have to be careful about their identities, but Racers can feel free to boldly share their faith. Because of this, Racers are highly valuable to the successful work of our partners here. Racers will build relationships with locals and invite them to study God’s Word - often discussing the Koran and the Bible over a cup of mint tea in town.


Continuing on through Africa, your next stop is Ethiopia, a nation that has never been colonized and has one of oldest cultures in the world. Many World Racers spend their time helping our partners share their faith in Jesus with at risk children while helping provide them an education. Many of our partners also work to care for senior citizens and teach youth to honor and respect them. As a Racer, you may likely find yourself spending long hours drinking coffee and listening to the incredible stories this population has to tell.


Your last stop in Africa will be a brand NEW county for the World Race – Djibouti. Most Racers will work alongside the large population of refugees from war-torn Somalia and Yemen. Our partners are some of the only aid organizations sharing the love of Christ alongside their care for these displaced people. As the first squad to visit this country, you will also have the unique and exciting task of helping pioneer this nation -- following God to find local men and women of Christ to partner with future teams.


Next, you will make your way to India, a country like no other. Most Racers live and serve in Southern India, where the villages and cities are equally bustling with activity, blaring horns and whizzing tuk-tuks. Most of our activity in India is partnering with a local movement to plant 100,000 churches. You’ll become a part of the local culture as you travel from village to village while preaching and praying for families. Expect to be invited into someone’s home and offered a cup of chai often as people love to invite you to simply sit and talk!


After your time in India, you’ll travel north to the very spiritual and breathtaking, mountainous country of Nepal. Home to Mount Everest, the world's tallest mountain, Nepal literally sits on top of the world. Most of our work in this country is about sharing the Gospel with marginalized people, especially those in rural areas. Whether you’re in the cities outlined by the Himalayas or trekking through the hills yourself, you’ll most likely find yourself walking long distances to share your faith over a cup of milk tea.


Your journey will head next to Southeast Asia – first stopping in exotic and mysterious Myanmar. In recent years this nation was under violent military rule and highly isolated from the rest of the world. They opened their doors to the public less than 10 years ago and are eager to meet foreigners. Most people have not heard the Gospel and are very open to hearing more about Jesus. The work has to be subtle, but there is a great need for church planting and evangelism and short-term teams can be highly effective to our long-term partners.


After your month in Myanmar, you’ll journey next door to Thailand -- known for its stunning beaches, friendly people and bustling outdoor food markets. You will feel welcomed here, but you’ll quickly take note of darkness that plagues this region: human trafficking. In Thailand, you might find yourself under neon flashing lights, sharing a Coke with women in between their dances in night clubs. You might find yourself having difficult conversations with the tourists partaking in the industry or spending hours covering your teammates and the streets in prayer.


Your final month on the Race wraps up in Indonesia, the biggest island nation on Earth and home to the largest Muslim population in the world. Most Racers are asked to build trust through relationships in order to share their faith, and many will have the opportunity to disciple new believers by leading Bible studies and discovery groups. This is still relatively a new country for the World Race, but whether you’re in the densely packed cities, the thick jungles, or the long rural stretches, you’ll have the opportunity to find local Christians and continue to build on the relationships we’ve already established.


Step 1: Apply

The application includes creating a profile and completing a questionnaire. It should take a little under an hour to complete.

Step 2: Interview

After you complete and submit your application you will get the opportunity to schedule a phone interview with our team.

Step 3: Accepted

Once you are accepted, a $200 deposit will confirm your spot on the trip.

Step 4: Fundraising

Once you are committed, you’ll be paired with an Admissions Advisor who will help you with planning, fundraising ideas and all the logistical information you need to prepare.

Step 5: Training

Four-six weeks before your Race begins, you will spend 10 days at our campus in Georgia. This time will include missional and cultural training, discipleship, worship, and bonding with your teammates before you leave.

Step 6: Launch

After several days of additional training in Atlanta, you will fly out together as a squad and begin your ministry on the World Race.

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