World Race - January 2020

Expedition - Australia to Morocco

World Race - January 2020 Expedition
DURATION 11 Months
FUNDRAISING REQUIREMENT $20,500 How does fundraising work?
TRAINING CAMP October 17-26, 2019
Countries Australia, Indonesia, India, Nepal, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Spain, Morocco

Route Description

This route is for the adventurous spirit wanting to journey to the most unreached parts of the earth!

Your primary focus on Expedition will be the 10/40 window, where you will work almost exclusively amongst people groups unreached by the Gospel. What sets this route apart from route 2? The focus in China and Central Asia. Central Asia is a region characterized by nomadism and a wild ruggedness unlike any other!

After Western China and Central Asia, you will enter predominantly Muslim countries, like Turkey and Morocco - two of the most unreached countries on earth.

This route will require you to be flexible, take high-personal ownership and discipline and will have a heavy focus on relational evangelism. You will also spend time walking the Camino De Santiago in Spain, for a brief period of reflection and activation.

You will work in sensitive parts of the world where the Gospel isn’t known, and established ministry is slim or largely non-existent. If you’re willing to be open and show up ready to work hard each day, then this life-changing route is for you!

Are you a good fit for the World Race?



To kick off this incredible mission journey your squad will travel to the other side of the world and begin your first month of ministry in Australia. We have not taken many squads to Australia in the past so this is a very special opportunity for the Expedition squad. Our main partner in Australia is Youth for a Mission. Racers typically join them to do evangelism and outreach in Byron Bay, a famous beach town halfway up the eastern coast. They believe in very relational ministry and focus on reaching out to the tourists and backpackers passing through. This will be a special month to start off your Race.


Next your Race will take you to Indonesia, the biggest island nation on Earth and home to the largest Muslim population in the world. Most Racers are asked to build trust through relationships in order to share their faith, and many will have the opportunity to disciple new believers by leading Bible studies and discovery groups. This is still relatively a new country for the World Race, but whether you’re in the densely packed cities, the thick jungles, or the long rural stretches, you’ll have the opportunity to find local Christians and continue to build on the relationships we’ve already established.


Next, you will continue on to a nation like no other, India. Most Racers live and serve in Southern India, where the villages are bustling with activity and the streets are filled with horns blaring and tuk-tuks whizzing by. You’ll experience India with all your senses as you walk through the sea of colors and take in the the myriad spices wafting through the air. Most of our activity in India is partnering with a local movement to plant 100,000 churches. You’ll become a part of the local culture as you travel from village to village while preaching and praying for families.


Your journey will take you next to Nepal, home to Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world! Nepal is a very spiritual, breathtaking and mountainous country. Most of our work in Nepal is about sharing the Gospel with marginalized people, especially those in rural areas. Whether you’re in the cities outlined by the Himalayas or trekking through the hills yourself, you’ll most likely find yourself walking long distances to share your faith over a cup of milk tea.


Month four will take you to China, home to the Great Wall and a sixth of the world’s population. China is one of the most exciting and strategic places to be a missionary. Depending on where you travel, you may meet Buddhists, Muslims, and Taoists - but very few Christians. However, the underground church is extensive and continues growing (and even thriving!) amidst persecution. This month you will work alongside our partners and encourage them to continue sharing the love of Jesus in a country where His name is not known.


You will journey next to Kyrgyzstan! The government in Kyrgyzstan does not invest very much into the next generation and younger people often feel forgotten. One of our main ministry partners here is focused on investing in university students. This ministry loves to ask Racers to make friends with one or two people and spend the whole month investing in them. You could spend your month sharing your faith and listening to the stories of students over a picnic or on long hikes – two favorite activities for Kyrgyz.


Next, your journey will take you to Kazakhstan. They are very hardworking, dependable and focused on the family. Most teams will spend their month working with local churches. Our partners work to transform their nation through focusing on their communities. The believers in Kazakhstan are not naturally mission-minded, so as a Racer you will have the opportunity to encourage and train them to share their faith with their communities.


Next, you will journey to Azerbaijan, an exciting highlight of this part of the journey. We have sent squads here for a week or so at a time, but this will be the first time a World Race squad spends an entire month doing ministry in this nation. We are excited to continue building and expanding ministry relationships in this country, so you will get to be a part of pioneering new opportunities for us.


Next, you'll head to the intersection of Europe and Asia – Turkey! At some point in the month, you will surely pass through Istanbul, a stunning city with palm tree lined, cobblestone streets alongside towering pristine buildings. Many Race teams will serve the Syrian refugee community – helping with job training and teaching English. Other teams will get the opportunity to work with local churches and train locals spread the Gospel. In Turkey, locals love to meet visitors.


Spain sits on the Western edge of the only post-Christian continent on the planet. One of history’s first global empires, its language is the 3rd most spoken in the world. The birthplace of bullfights, the Inquisition, and tapas, this land of deep passion needs new life breathed into their faith. Though 94% of Spaniards would declare themselves Roman Catholic, only 25% of the nation attends a religious service once a month. Whether you are hiking the Camino de Santiago with other pilgrims or sitting at a cafe, will you share your life-changing faith in a land of tradition and religion?


Your final month on the Race will take you to Morocco, a traditional Arabian country with great French influence, cobblestone streets, and iconic architecture. Long-term missionaries have to be careful about their identities, but Racers can feel free to boldly share their faith. Because of this, Racers are highly valuable to the successful work of our partners here. Racers will build relationships with locals and invite them to study God’s Word - often discussing the Koran and the Bible over a cup of mint tea in town.


Step 1: Apply

The application includes creating a profile and completing a questionnaire. It should take a little under an hour to complete.

Step 2: Interview

After you complete and submit your application you will get the opportunity to schedule a phone interview with our team.

Step 3: Accepted

Once you are accepted, a $200 deposit will confirm your spot on the trip.

Step 4: Fundraising

Once you are committed, you’ll be paired with an Admissions Advisor who will help you with planning, fundraising ideas and all the logistical information you need to prepare.

Step 5: Training

Four-six weeks before your Race begins, you will spend 10 days at our campus in Georgia. This time will include missional and cultural training, discipleship, worship, and bonding with your teammates before you leave.

Step 6: Launch

After several days of additional training in Atlanta, you will fly out together as a squad and begin your ministry on the World Race.

How We Support You



A large part of this journey is growing in your walk with Christ. We desire to model the way Jesus discipled his followers, mentors, coaches, and fellow Racers will disciple you, while you serve, love, and disciple others.



Six to eight weeks before your launch date, you’ll attend a 10-day intensive training at our headquarters here in North Georgia.



You’ll get to experience raw Christian community as you travel, serve, and encourage each other. Once you officially join the Race, you will be invited to a private Facebook group to begin getting to know your squad.



We’ll provide coaching, video tutorials, scripts, and ideas for fundraising plus a free fundraising course and a blog so you can tell your story and accept donations. We also have structured deadlines to help you reach your goal.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Our commitment to risk management includes internal and external teams who constantly monitor and manage risk and create contingency plans as needed.

Parent Connect

Parent Connect

Our amazing Parent Ministry provides resources and communication so your parents feel supported and informed while you’re on the field.

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