Jan 2022 — Nov 2022

Global South | 2022

While on the World Race mission trip, you will join the Church of the Global South as they rise up to reach their own people as well as unreached people in South Africa, South Asia and South America.
Global South | 2022
16 countries
Hub Countries Hub Marker Opportunity Countries
Duration: 11 Months Age Range: 21-35 Fundraising Amount: $18,700 Training Camp: October 22 - 29, 2021

A Hub Model of International Engagement:

We are passionate about partnering with ministries that we know and trust, and who continue to minister sustainably in their communities with or without us. Our new hub model will enable us to serve our partners more effectively while also giving Racers great opportunities to engage in a variety of ministries!

Each region will have a hub country (HUB Country) with a host that we have a deep relationship with. Racers will receive cultural and ministry training from hub leaders that will prepare them to effectively engage in their region. Then hub leaders will work with the squad leadership and will mobilize them to meet needs and engage in ministry opportunities () in surrounding countries.

Thus, your squad will go to the hub countries listed on your route, and you may go to any number of the surrounding countries in which we have ministry opportunities, depending on the current needs and opportunities available. And it is going to be AMAZING!

*This is, of course, dependant on the availability of ministry and openness of the country to international visitors.

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Beka Hardy
Beka Hardy
Program Exec
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Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a missionary. It was my dream to travel the world and tell people about Jesus. I loved the stories of adventure and exploration, while helping people along the way. Little did I know, the journey would unlock something so much deeper for me. In 2013, I launched on the World Race and everything started to change. I learned that I was so loved by the Father. He loved me, not because of what I could do for Him, but because of who I was, His beloved daughter. I began to see His deep love, not only for me, but also for His bride and His world. I saw that nothing could possibly make Him happier than having His kids back together with Him. This transformed me and I know that I will spend the rest of my life telling people about His extravagant love for them.
Austin Ulsh
Austin Ulsh
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Hey. My name is Austin. My father is a big Dallas Cowboys fan and wanted to name me Dallas, but my mom was definitely not naming her child Dallas(thanks mom!). Since Austin is a city in Texas, it was negotiated to be my name. I love the Fall and spring. They are my favorite times of the year, also the best times of the year to go for a run(or motorcycle ride), which I love as well. I also love ultimate frisbee, tennis, volleyball, football and other sports activities. Also I have no shame and fully comfortable in saying that I love Channing Tatum. He's a good looking man who can dance. Just sayin'

Where You’ll Go - What You’ll Do

East Africa

Ethiopia Hub

SVG Marker Ethiopia

East Africa

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Location: Addis Ababa
Ministry: HOPEthiopia
Focus: Community Development, Agriculture, Children's Ministry

Located in the Horn of Africa, Middle Eastern and African tribal influences touch every corner of Ethiopia. The birthplace of coffee, literary and archaeological discoveries date back to Bible times. The Orthodox Church even claims to have the Ark of the Covenant. It’s also a nation well acquainted with pain. In the last century, civil wars and famine devastated the land. Those in rural villages remain isolated, without clean water or access to markets, and the country’s ability to provide basic services is strained.

HOPEthiopia is committed to the restoration of both the people and the land of Ethiopia. Through a wide network of connections with people around the world, including the Ethiopian government, the organization is able to help meet a variety of physical and spiritual needs in the country.

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Continent: Central Africa
Focus: Community Development, Agriculture, Children's Ministry
Rwanda is perhaps best known for the genocide in 1994. Since then, the country has been in the process of healing. Rwanda is now one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The most marginalized youth and young adults are still at risk of poverty. Our ministry partner, HOPEthiopia also serves in Rwanda. HOPE’s mission is to foster the educational, physical, social, emotional, economic and spiritual growth of the most marginalized youth/young adults of Rwanda, i.e. the orphaned and homeless young men and women, most of whom were street children, and including those with acute or chronic, mental and physical illnesses.


Continent: East Africa
Focus: Community Development, Refugee Ministry, Children's Ministry
Because of its location in the Nile River Basin, Uganda’s lush jungle, flowing rivers, and diverse wildlife have earned the country the nickname the “Pearl of Africa”. Much of Northern Uganda was hurt by Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army, which heavily recruited child soldiers. Today, the country is home to refugees from surrounding nations. Will you partner with the local church and ministries who are raising up the next generation of leaders through community development and education?
South Africa

Eswatini Hub

SVG Marker Eswatini

South Africa

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Location: Manzini, eSwatini
Ministry: Adventures in Missions eSwatini Base
Focus: Leadership Development, Children's Ministry, Feeding Program, Community Development, Agriculture

The Kingdom of eSwatini (formerly known as Swaziland) is a small country neighboring South Africa & Mozambique. Ravaged by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, Swaziland has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world, leaving thousands of children — 12% of the population — without parents. In addition, 40% of all Swazis live on less than $1.25 per day, which is below the international poverty line.
But we believe God has a redemptive plan for Swaziland.
The key to a nation’s future is its children — in the care for their physical well being, the fulfillment of basic needs like food, clean water, and shelter, and in their education.
Adventures in Missions has made a long term commitment in eSwatini. With our base celebrating 20+ years of ministry, we are thankful for what the Lord has done here and excited for what the future holds. Come alongside our Swazi staff as they reach their communities through feeding programs, agriculture projects, and leadership programs to raise the next generation of Swazi leaders.

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South Africa

South Africa

Continent: Africa
Focus: Community Development, Community Outreach, School Ministry, Children's Ministry
Known for soccer, safaris, and beautiful scenery and coast lines, South Africa is the southernmost country in Africa. The country is among the most diverse on the continent, with people from many ethnic groups and nationalities living in the same communities. Workers often come from other countries to support their families at home. Challenges linger following the country’s history with aparthied and the nation is still in the process of healing and reconciliation. Though one of the most prosperous countries in Africa, millions of people live in poverty. Serve alongside local ministries and churches as they meet the needs of their neighbors through feeding programs, sports ministry, and school programs. As you serve together, you will help disciple local believers to share the Gospel with their neighbors and elsewhere in Africa.


Continent: South Africa
Focus: Church Planting, Church Ministry, Children's Ministry, Trekking Ministry
Lesotho is a beautiful country landlocked by South Africa. Known as the “Kingdom in the Sky”, Lesotho is one of the most mountainous countries in the world. In these mountains and valleys you will find small agricultural communities and nomadic shepherds raising sheep. Many have heard the name of Jesus, but have yet to experience what it means to live out their faith. Join local ministries as they reach the younger generation through job skills and ministry training. Minister to nomadic shepherds in the rural mountain regions. Partner with local churches as they plant new churches that are multiplying across the country.


Continent: South Africa
Focus: Church Planting, Discipleship, Local Church Ministry
Zimbabwe shares the majestic Victoria Falls with their neighbor to the north, Zambia. Formerly known as Rhodesia, Zimbabwe was a British colony until 1965. In recent years, the country has struggled with political and economic turmoil. Many Zimbabweans have heard the name of Jesus, but also practice traditional religions. Our ministry partners in Zimbabwe are focused on discipling young believers to share the Gospel and equipping them to plant Bible-based churches throughout the country. Through these local churches, they are providing food and housing for those in need.


Continent: South Africa
Focus: Camp Ministry, Children's Ministry, Community Development
Zambia boasts one of the seven natural wonders of the world: Victoria Falls. This entirely landlocked nation touches eight countries and is home to 72 tribes who speak several different languages. Since becoming an independent nation after years of British colonial rule, Zambia’s economy has grown, but its people still suffer from poverty, short life expectancy, malnourishment, lack of clean water, and the AIDS crisis. Local ministries are focused on the younger generation by providing Christian kids camps, providing ministry training for adults, and helping provide clean water in rural areas.
South Asia

South Asia Hub

SVG Marker South Asia

South Asia

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Ministry: Adventures in Missions Base
Focus: Church Planting, Unreached People Groups, Special Needs Ministry

This is one of the most populated areas of the world, with over 1 Billion people calling the region home. People mainly practice Hinduism and over 95% of people are still unreached with the Gospel.

We are seeing the Lord move in powerful ways in this part of the world through several new church plants. Partner with the local church by training and encouraging pastors as they reach their neighbors and plant churches that multiply into more churches. As you minister with local believers, you may also assist with programs for children and adults with special needs.

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Continent: Central Asia
Focus: Children's Ministry, Anti-Trafficking Ministry, Trekking Ministry, Unreached People Groups
The small mountainous country of Nepal is one of the most breathtaking places on earth. Home to Mount Everest, the world's tallest mountain, Nepal literally sits on top of the world. It’s a backpacker’s paradise. Though Nepal is primarily Hindu and Buddhist, Christianity is on the rise. However, most of the population is still unreached with the Gospel. Women and children are still at risk of poverty and human-trafficking. Join Nepali churches as they reach their neighbors with the Gospel, invest in kids through school and sports ministries, and provide skills training for women at risk of human trafficking.
South America

Ecuador Hub

SVG Marker Ecuador

South America

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Location: Quito
Ministry: Inca Link / Adventures in Missions base
Focus: Special Needs Ministry, Sex Trafficking Ministry, Refugee Ministry

Ecuador is a small country in South America but it is big on culture, hospitality and adventure. Its active volcanoes and lush jungles as well as the Galapagos Islands attract thousands of tourists every year. Known for its relatively stable economy, it has recently become a large hub for refugees from Venezuela. God is doing amazing things in Ecuador as the local church is being strengthened to reach their neighbors with the Gospel.

Serve alongside our ministry partner and Adventures in Missions Ecuador base, Inca Link! Inca Link is focused on resourcing, enabling and empowering their national Inca Link organizations to reach the 300 million youth in Latin America with Christ’s irresistible love.

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Continent: Northern South America
Focus: Community Development, Church Ministry, Drug Rehab
In the past Medellin, Colombia has been a center of violence, drug trafficking, and gangs. In the past 30 years the city has been making a turnaround, but there is still so much need here. Many families have been affected by poverty, violence, drug addiction, and homelessness. Most recently, coronavirus has caused a huge wave of unemployment, leaving many families in poverty and hunger. Our ministry partner Ciudad Refugio has become a city on a hill focused on serving the city and meeting tangible needs. Serving as a drug rehab center, a homeless shelter, a job training center, a church, and many more, Ciudad Refugio is showing the love of Jesus and reversing brokenness in this city.


Continent: Western South America
Focus: Church Ministry, Children's Ministry, College Ministry
From the breathtaking Andes mountains and vast coastal deserts to the lush, tropical rainforests of the Amazon Jungle, Peru is one of the most biodiverse countries on Earth. The birthplace of several proud, ancient civilizations, present day Peru is home to multiple indigenous groups who blend into a unique and beautiful culture. Sadly, the people of Peru struggle with extreme poverty and class inequality. Government corruption hinders economic development, and many people face problems like teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, and crime. Will you share God’s love with people hungry for hope? There are literally hundreds of churches across the city of Lima, each with a vision to see the city transformed by the Gospel. The vision for ministry partner, RAMAS (which means “branches” in Spanish) is to create a deeply connected network of ministries and churches that serve together for the sake of the Kingdom. The vision is to connect churches across Lima, Peru to empower and build up the Kingdom of God. Serve alongside local churches as they serve their communities. Help the local church evangelize children, families, college students. Watch the Gospel transform the largest city in South America.


Continent: Southern South America
Focus: Children's Ministry, Community Development
Known as a Crisol de Razas, or “a crucible of races,” Argentina is the largest Spanish-speaking country in South America and the 8th largest country in the world. It is a nation of immigrants, where the mix of languages and cultures have created something all its own. It is also a nation of tradition. And while 92% declare Roman Catholicism as their religion, only 20% actively practice it. The people of Argentina long for a relationship with Christ. Will you share your faith in Argentina? Come alongside the local church as they reach their neighbors with the good news of Jesus.


Continent: Southern South America
Focus: Children's Ministry, Community Development
Because Chile stretches two-thirds the length of South America, it is home to an impressively varied climate: from the world’s driest desert in the north to Patagonia in the south. It is a country rich in history, culture, and the arts, and is a popular tourist destination in South America. Chile is also one of the most prosperous and successful countries on the continent, with a high standard of living and continual economic growth. About 85% of its people live in major cities, with the rest of the population in more rural areas. There is so much this beautiful country has to offer the world. Will you serve God and join where He is at work in Chile?


Continent: Eastern South America
Focus: Children's Ministry, Community Development
The fifth largest country in size and sixth in population, Brazil is a rising superpower in the world’s economy. From the Amazon jungle to the shores of Rio, this geographically diverse nation is also home to a significant evangelical population and many missionaries. However, while across the nation large-scale events celebrate Christ, crime, homelessness, and poverty are serious issues in Brazil. Those trapped in poverty and feeling forgotten need to know God sees and cherishes them. Jesus is on the move in Brazil. Join local ministries as they meet physical and spiritual needs in Brazil. Will you be His hands and feet in this beautiful country?

*Routes may change if unforeseen issues arise.

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Squad is the term we use at the World Race to describe the 30-45 people traveling with you on your route this year!


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Route Details

11 Months


January 7, 2022—November 30, 2022

*Dates are approximate and subject to change
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Age Range

September 2, 2021

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Fundraising Requirement

October 22, 2021—October 29, 2021

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Training Camp

Stories From the Field

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Price Breakdown

$1,700 per month will cover:

The average cost of living per month in the United States is around $2300 for a single person. On the World Race, we work hard to steward the funds God provides so you can experience a deeper life with Jesus, live in authentic community, serve others and share the love of Jesus around the world.

Training for sustainable international and domestic missions
Discipleship through our experienced coaches
Leadership from high-quality mentors
Debriefing throughout World Race and transition coaching
International flights across 3+ continents
Local transportation within 11+ countries
Budget for all meals for 11 months
Arranged lodging within 11+ countries
Health insurance through a comprehensive plan
Logistical set-up for travel, finances, and accommodations
Ministry support, supplies, and set-up with strategic partners
International travel and adventure all over the world

Hub Route FAQs

What is a hub country?

A hub is an Adventures in Missions Base or Strategic Ministry Partner that will function as the gateway into a region. In these hub locations, you will dive into cultural and ministry training for the context of that region.

Why was the change to the route structure made?

The hub model allows us to build a template of our intentions, to build strength into the experience through continued cultural and ministry training and quality partnerships. It also allows the World Race to operate with creativity and flexibility that allows us to navigate an ever-changing world.

Routes are built and available for application over a year (12-18 months) in advance of the launch date. It is impossible to predict exactly what the world will look like (i.e. global pandemic, international affairs, visa/travel restrictions) and what opportunities may be most timely, relevant, effective, and in the best interest of our partners.

Why are some countries labeled as opportunities?

Countries listed as opportunities for each region represent places where we have relationships with ministry partners. From the hub country, you will have an opportunity to serve in some of these countries, depending on the availability and needs of these partners. Countries from this list will be added to the hub countries to make up your route.

Is the World Race still 11 countries in 11 months?

The World Race is still intended to be 11 countries in 11 months. The new hub routes feature 3-4 hubs and other various countries where we have strategic ministry partners in those regions. Depending on our partners’ needs and availability of ministry as well as international travel and geopolitical issues, however, the specific number of countries could change for each squad.

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic presents obvious challenges with international travel. Because of these limits, the routes currently on the field will be unable to reach 11 countries, and our team continues to work diligently to create the best opportunities for our participants and partners.

Which of the countries listed will I be going to?

For each route, there are countries listed as hubs and countries listed as opportunities. Your squad will begin in the hub country in each region and have the opportunity to travel to the other countries in the region where we have strategic ministry partners.

These opportunity countries and specific ministry placements will be determined based on availability, opportunity, and need. The Program Manager and Field Ministry Manager work closely together to identify each placement to ensure the opportunity is timely, relevant, effective, and in the best interest of our partners. At your Training Camp, we will have a much better view of the current realities and a more precise path forward.

How long will I spend in each country?

In general, you will spend 4 weeks in a country. You could spend more or less than 4 weeks in any particular country depending on needs and availability with our strategic ministry partners or challenges with international travel.

Could this route change?

All routes are subject to change. Our team is constantly monitoring political, health, weather, and other risks in the regions where we serve. We work with our network of strategic ministry partners to make any necessary adjustments to current or future routes.

Using the new hub route model gives us greater flexibility to plan and address problems with creativity and safety.

If you still have questions about The World Race Mission Trip Hub Route, please contact us via our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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