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World Race Expedition | 11 months

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime.
Application Deadline: January 13, 2024
World Race Expedition | 11 months
6 countries
Duration: 11 Months Age Range: 21-30 Fundraising Amount: $21715 Training Camp: January 13 - 29, 2024

Where You’ll Go - What You’ll Do

Central America

Guatemala Hub



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Location: Antigua
Ministry: Adventures in Missions Guatemala Base
Focus: Community Outreach & Development, Children's Ministry, Sports Ministry

Land of Eternal Spring,” a country where we have an established base and some of our longest-standing partnerships. Guatemala, which is often called the “New Jerusalem,” is one of the most evangelical countries in the world. You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside local believers who are working to bring the Word of Christ to a new generation. You might spend your days building relationships with youth who are at risk for falling into gang violence, but you could also teach English or kick a soccer ball around in the lush rainforest terrain with volcanoes dotting the skyline. Life in Guatemala is slow and focused around hospitality, and it’s a truly stunning place where God is raising up a generation to serve His Kingdom.
As a long-standing Adventures in Missions base, the staff in Guatemala places a focus on these three principles: serve, disciple, send. They seek to empower locals through community development by meeting physical needs with water filters and stove installation, creating discipleship opportunities, and ultimately, having the goal of sending Guatemalans to the nations.
In a country with a high rate of malnutrition, meeting physical needs remains an important part of the ministry. Join the base staff in their efforts to see locals empowered.

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South Africa Hub

South Africa

South Africa

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Location: Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa
Ministry: Global Leadership Academy
Focus: Community Outreach, Discipleship

Known for soccer, safaris, and beautiful scenery and coast lines, South Africa is the southernmost country in Africa. The country is among the most diverse on the continent, with people from many ethnic groups and nationalities living in the same communities. Workers often come from other countries to support their families at home. Challenges linger following the country’s history with aparthied and the nation is still in the process of healing and reconciliation. Though one of the most prosperous countries in Africa, millions of people live in poverty.

Global Leadership Academy, our partner in South Africa, provides a first-class education for their students while serving their community through a variety of outreaches. GLA trains and sends missionaries to serve in other regions of South Africa, Africa, and around the world. You will serve with after-school programs, like Beats & Books, which helps students grow in their reading abilities and allows them to discover music and other forms of art. You can come alongside this partner in practical projects around the school that will create a safe and welcoming environment for their continued ministry. Jeffrey’s Bay is also a haven for surfers and beach tourism! Working with GLA, you will connect with people from all over the world through ministry in coffee shops and beach evangelism during the busy tourist season.

A typical day in South Africa could look like:

In the morning you may help with some practical projects on the GLA campus so it will be ready for when students return from their holiday. In the afternoons, you may be part of an after school program called Beats and Books, where you will help students improve their reading skills and explore various types of music and art. The beach is nearby, so during your downtime you can enjoy the ocean and even try surfing!

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South Africa

Eswatini Hub



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Location: Manzini / Nsoko, eSwatini
Ministry: AIM eSwatini Base
Focus: Children’s Ministry, Sports Ministry, Community Development

The Kingdom of eSwatini (formerly known as Swaziland) is a small country neighboring South Africa & Mozambique. Ravaged by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, Swaziland has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world, leaving thousands of children — 12% of the population — without parents. In addition, 40% of all Swazis live on less than $1.25 per day, which is below the international poverty line. But we believe God has a redemptive plan for Swaziland. The key to a nation’s future is its children — in the care for their physical well being, the fulfillment of basic needs like food, clean water, and shelter, and in their education.

Adventures in Missions has made a long term commitment in eSwatini. With our base celebrating 20+ years of ministry, we are thankful for what the Lord has done here and excited for what the future holds. The base in eSwatini has a vision to see a generation of children raised up to take leadership of their country, spread the Gospel to the world, and create an abundant and healthy future for their nation. Come alongside our Swazi staff as they reach their communities through initiatives to strengthen families and develop communities, like feeding programs, agriculture projects, and leadership programs to raise the next generation of Swazi leaders.

A typical day in eSwatini could look like:

In the morning, you might eat breakfast with your team. Then walk or take a short ride to one of our 40 carepoints serving families throughout eSwatini. Your team will assist with children's ministry and education programs. You will also help with the food distribution projects. In the afternoon, you might help with one of our agricultural projects. As the sun sets, your team will prepare supper together and have time to worship and have fun as a team.

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Southeast Asia

Vietnam Hub



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Location: Vietnam

After nearly a century of French rule, Vietnam split into the communist (north) and non-communist (south) in the 1950s. Conflict between the two sides led to the Vietnam War. However, by 1975, Vietnam was restored as a completely communist country.

Even with the economic reforms and restoration of diplomatic ties, human rights are limited in Vietnam—especially freedom of religion.

Over 80% of Vietnamese don’t claim any religion, and about 8% are Buddhist.

Vietnam’s story is one of searching and fighting for freedom.

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Southeast Asia

Cambodia Hub



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Location: Siem Reap
Ministry: Adventures in Missions Cambodia Base
Focus: Church Planting, Local Church Ministry, Evangelism

Cambodia boasts the famous Angkor Wat, a Hindu temple that later became a Buddhist monastery. Hidden for centuries under dense jungle, today Angkor Wat is one of most photographed places in the world. Cambodia itself is struggling to heal from one of the worst genocides in modern history. In the 1970s, the Khmer Rouge killed over 1.5 million men, women, and children. Faced with inconceivable poverty and desperation, Cambodia became a source, transit point, and destination for human trafficking. The people of Cambodia are hungry for hope and healing. Will you share it with them?
With the aftermath of the genocide of a generation and 98 percent of the population unreached by the Gospel, you’ll serve alongside and support the Adventures in Missions base staff through church planting efforts, ministries of local churches, and evangelism in order to reach people with the Gospel and empower locals through the process. The staff works hard to build long-term relationships, and you’ll be able to connect locals you meet with them to help those connections continue to grow, even after you’ve returned home.

Based out of Siem Reap, you’ll be strategically placed in an area brimming with both locals and tourists, as the local economy is driven by tourism. With sights like Angkor Wat paired with villages surrounded by rice paddies, you’ll experience a myriad of landscapes while investing in a sustainable Kingdom movement.

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Southeast Asia

Thailand Hub



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Location: Chiang Mai
Focus: Supporting Adventures in Missions partners in the Chiang Mai area

With a noteworthy reputation of sex trafficking and nearly 90 percent of the population unreached by the Gospel, you’ll have the opportunity to serve with one of the many ministry partners in Adventures in Missions’ network in Thailand who are working tirelessly to plant churches, provide opportunities, and meet needs within the community. You’ll have the chance to encourage local believers, and support them in their effort to share the Gospel with their neighbors. With so many impacted by the sex trade, there are chances to help rescue and restore those who have been caught in the cycle.

Surrounded by a backdrop of beauty, the hope is to create a church planting movement that is sustainable and powered by local believers who are able to continue relationships as they’re built. Intercession through prayer walks is an invaluable means of serving the ministries who remain, particularly in Chiang Mai, which provides a heartbeat of culture with a blend of tourism.

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The average cost of living per month in the United States is around $2300 for a single person. On the World Race, we work hard to steward the funds God provides so you can experience a deeper life with Jesus, live in authentic community, serve others and share the love of Jesus around the world.

Training for sustainable international and domestic missions
Discipleship through our experienced coaches
Leadership from high-quality mentors
Debriefing throughout World Race and transition coaching
International flights across 3+ continents
Local transportation within 11+ countries
Budget for all meals for 11 months
Arranged lodging within 11+ countries
Health insurance through a comprehensive plan
Logistical set-up for travel, finances, and accommodations
Ministry support, supplies, and set-up with strategic partners
International travel and adventure all over the world

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