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Runs Aug 1st, 2024
through Nov 1st, 2024

Italy | Study Abroad | Fall 2024

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime.
Application Deadline: Jun 14th, 2024

Are you a young leader who’s all about personal and spiritual growth? Get ready for an epic journey! We’ve got an awesome semester abroad program in southern Italy that combines ministry and academic learning. Picture yourself following in the footsteps of one of the most influential Christian leaders ever, the apostle Paul. We’ll be contrasting Paul and Nero, two early christian church figures. See more on Paul and Nero.

Our mission project gives you one-of-a-kind chance to explore the roots of your faith in a super cool historical and cultural setting. We’re on the lookout for a special group of young leaders to join us on this mind-blowing adventure. You’ll dive into ministry work while also having an enriching academic experience in the captivating backdrop of Italy.

Come with us as we dive into the history of this country, where the foundations of our Christian faith were laid. As you stroll along the enchanting cobblestone streets and soak up the local culture, you’ll even get to study alongside coaches who will help you develop a life plan.

Don’t even think about missing out on this life-changing adventure! It’s the perfect blend of history, culture, education and fun right in the heart of Italy. Get ready to broaden your horizons, deepen you faith, and cultivate a foundation in leadership. Join us on this incredible semeter abroad that will equip you to make a real impact in the world.

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southern Italy
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  • Self-awareness (through feedback)
  • Self-discipline (through plans & accountability)
  • Responsibility (through projects and team roles)
  • Character (through coaching)
  • Mentorship (bringing content, encouragement and challenge)
  • Discipleship (focuses on spiritual growth and includes modeling)
  • Learning (about leadership & storytelling in the Italian context)

Base Cost for Italy

Each trip program comes with one year of ACE accredited college course access where you can choose among 60 courses. See classes here.

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Italy Intensive

$6000 per person

Don’t miss out on this life-changing adventure that combines faith, history, culture, and education in the heart of Italy. Expand your horizons, deepen your faith, and become a more effective leader. Join us on this incredible semester abroad that will equip you to impact in the world.

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Classic Route Cost Breakdown

Study Abroad in Italy

  • 3 Months
  • 17-23
    Age Range
  • $6000
    Fundraising Requirement
  • June 14, 2024
    Application Deadline
  • August 1st, 2024
    Start Date
  • November 1st, 2024
    End Date
  • Open for Application
    Application Status
  • Not Yet Launched
    Route Status
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Important Trip Dates


August 3rd
Fly to Rome

August 4th-6th   
Training Camp near Rome (details here)

August 7th-15th

August 16th-19th   
Hike from Bologna to Florence

August 20th-31st
Sorrento, staying in host homes

September 1st-26th
Leadership practicum in multiple towns

September 27th-October 30th

Where You’ll Go – What You’ll Do

  • christian history

    Exploring Christian History

    Fresh Perspective
    Step back in time as you wander down the cobblestone streets of Italy, where much of our Christian faith was shaped. You’ll have the chance to engage with Italian students, witness the architectural marvels of ancient Rome, and delve into the historical and spiritual significance of this beautiful country.
  • rome and beyond

    Rome and Beyond

    Explore iconic sites
    Your adventure begins in Rome, where you’ll explore iconic sites such as the Vatican, the Pantheon, and the Colosseum, immersing yourself in a world more than 2,000 years old. From there, a scenic train ride takes you to the charming beach town of Rocella Ionica.
  • Christian community

    Community and Ministry

    Home Away from Home

    For four weeks, you’ll call Chiesa Apostolica your home. Here, you’ll become a part of a vibrant community of fellow followers of Jesus. You’ll have the incredible opportunity to connect with the locals, listen to their stories, and join hands with them in sharing the love of Christ with the community.

  • explore ruins

    Sorrento Adventure

    Explore Ruins
    In July, our team will set sail for Sicily, where your learning journey continues. You’ll partner with a local church plant, explore the historic ruins of Syracuse, and further immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Italian culture.
  • academic

    Academic Enrichment

    Earn Credits

    Academics-Driven by your curiosity and passion
    Focus on Leadership & Storytelling

    For those wanting college credit, the following courses are offered
    See classes here.

    Mornings: Classwork

    We begin each day by focusing on God’s great story of redemption and how it has played out in Italy’s stories. What leaders impacted this part of Italy and how did they lead? What can we learn from them that we can apply to our lives?

    Afternoon: Teamwork

    We focus on your story and how you tell it through the work you care about.

    Who are you? What problems have you faced and how are you leading yourself to address them? What problems do you care about? What will you do?

    Evenings: Community

    We focus on our stories – the ones we make together. We do this in a hundred ways.

  • Seth Barnes b7d4cbf8

    Startup Exploration

    Optional – Request Info About this
    For those seeking an extra challenge, we offer an optional one-month add-on focused on pioneering and startups led by the founder of the World Race, Seth Barnes. This extension program will begin in Milan before the main class starts and conclude in Malta. It’s an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills and explore innovative ideas.

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