World Race Unscripted

Step into a Lifestyle of Following the Voice of God

AGE RANGE: 21 — 35




World Race: Unscripted is a missions travel experience designed to help you discover how to hear the voice of God and minister to others as He leads.

This route will require a high level of dependency on the Lord's voice and teach what it means to truly walk in the Kingdom. It's not always about the big moments, but the small things, looking out for the person right in front of you everyday.

Where Will Unscripted Take You?

January 2020 World Race: Unscripted

Where Will Unscripted Take You?

Led by the Spirit

What would it be like to be led by the Spirit?

When Jesus sent out His disciples, He didn’t tell them the exact people they would be encountering, or what would take place in those encounters. Rather, Jesus told them the Holy Spirit would guide, and in World Race: Unscripted, you’ll find the same call in your daily ministry.

In each country you’ll find and identify local men and women of God we’ve identified and named “people of peace.” Then, you’ll spend your days becoming sensitive to the leading of God’s Spirit. You’ll make disciples, see miracles, and grow an unshakeable faith. It’s a wide-open adventure into the heart of God.

Do you have what it takes to be a World Racer?

A New Testament Journey

A New Testament Journey in Today’s World

Unscripted Living

Imagine leaving behind your plans and the expectations of others for one entire year, and waking up each morning with three simple things to do: pray, listen for God’s voice, and do what He says. That’s it. No scripts, no pre-planned course of events. It’s just you leaving your days open to the present moment and to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Along the way, you’ll awaken to the gifts that come only by becoming completely dependent on God.

Unscripted Listening

We at Adventures in Missions like to call the Unscripted route the “Matthew 10 Journey,” when Jesus sent His 12 disciples out with the authority to do works in His name. This route will be like others in the World Race, except you will listen to the voice of God for His guidance and follow only that to lead you in ministry each day. You will not be required to minister to specific people in a specific way. Cultivating a lifestyle of living on mission, this unique opportunity to spend your days listening to God will transform your relationship with Jesus. And as prior participants can tell you -- once you learn how to listen, it’s something you don’t forget.

Unscripted Learning

Just in case it all sounds a little vague, let us reassure you that Unscripted follows the outline of the World Race: it goes to some of our favorite World Race countries. You’ll see some of the world’s most incredible places and cultures as you travel across continents with your squad. You’ll also have Training Camp, but you’ll train overseas right before launching into the first month of ministry, instead of six weeks before in Gainesville, Georgia. There, you will learn from seasoned missionaries about how they developed a daily practice of listening to God and ministering on their own Unscripted routes.

When you’re on your way, you’ll discover how to let His guidance determine your daily activities days will be free of a set schedule so that you can freely give what you have received.

It’s a New Testament journey literally at your footsteps. When you return, you’ll have increased confidence to make and act on decisions, boldness to speak truth and love into the lives of others, and find constant comfort as you sense the presence of God every day.


CHUN LEE's review
CHUN LEE World Racer

Before the Race, I thought my ministry only happens at homeless shelter and church. But God took me to places I would never have expected and His creativity amazed me.

LIZ BACON's review
LIZ BACON World Racer

Whether we’re in the States or overseas, at a café catching up on emails and we pray over a waiter, showing respect to our bus driver, walking around a village, talking to a child and lavishing them with the love that overflows from Christ alone, or we are working at a non-profit, we always live ON mission. This is more than a missions trip; it’s a missional life. Being a follower of Christ means to constantly look for Kingdom opportunities. The Lord said leap. So here I am. Flying mid-air. Reliant on Him.


It has been an incredible journey that will carry and propel me into the rest of my life and all that God holds for me.


It equips us for life to always take the time to listen to God and learn to obey as a choice made out of love for God (not for people).


How are Unscripted Routes different than other World Race Routes?

While travel accommodations will be provided for you, the Unscripted Route differs from others in the World Race in that your day-to-day ministry is fully dependent on listening to God’s direction and following it. This means instead of pre-planned ministry alongside our ministry partners, your day-to-day ministry is largely unstructured. You will occasionally intersect with our ministry partners and local pastors who will give your team a cultural briefing as you enter new continents, but they will not specify your daily ministry activities as is done on the World Race.

What does the experience include?

  • A 3-week training camp experience overseas at the start of your mission trip. (You will not have the state-side training camp like other routes).
  • Pre-arranged travel accommodations along the route.
  • No set day-to-day ministry – your team will be fully dependent on listening to the voice of God and responding to it.
  • Advisement from People of Peace along your journey - local men and women of God.
  • The opportunity to invite people onto your Race as you go, calling people to be discipled and join you in your mission to make disciples (just as the 12 disciples did in Matthew 10).
  • Access to on-field leadership prepared to help you learn to follow God’s voice.

Who is Unscripted for?

Unscripted Racers must be between 21-35 years old at the time of launch.

You’ll be asked to demonstrate a high level of spiritual maturity, adaptability, and leadership capacity.

Those ready to take initiative, start conversations, and build relationships with people you meet will have the most success on this journey.

Since training camp happens overseas just before launch, the staff at Adventures in Missions won’t have an opportunity to meet you in person before the launch. Because of this, your interview will be more intensive to ensure you’re the right fit for this Route.

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